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PPP property franchise information

If you’re interested in the property industry and are searching for a franchise that boasts an outlook that reflects your ambition, look no further than Platinum Property Partners. A unique investment opportunity, the franchise aims to help franchisees achieve financial security and self-sufficiency through the creation of a robust property portfolio. While it differs from the vast majority of other property franchises, it has a proven track record and utilises an innovative business model to achieve its objectives. Now one of the leading premium property franchises in the country, it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.


Platinum Property Partners have been operating for over ten years, and their franchise network now extends to 327 franchise partners and a total of 5,838 tenants, spread over 1,016 properties. As the world’s first property investment franchise, they’ve managed to position themselves as a unique proposition in the franchise market.

Founded in 2007, by Steve Bolton, Platinum Property Partners quickly became the fastest growing property franchise in the country and developed a reputation for five-star franchisee satisfaction. It is a member of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and is currently looking to expand its network to encompass an ever-growing number of franchise partners.

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Platinum Property Partners franchise basics

If you were considering the idea of owning a franchise in the property industry, it is highly likely that you were considering buying into an online estate agents franchise. Platinum Property Partners is an entirely different prospect to this type of franchise, as it focuses primarily on building a franchisee property portfolio that guarantees financial security for the foreseeable future. Unlike many other property-based franchises, all assets accumulated by the franchisee during their arrangement with Platinum Property Partners are retained once the franchise term is up. This means that franchisees can work with the franchise for seven or ten years, before just walking away with all of their assets - if they so wish.

Platinum Property Partners centre their efforts on providing franchisees with the information they need to prosper as a property investor. This includes passing on expertise relating to what properties to buy, where to buy them, how to efficiently re-furbish, how to obtain planning permission, and how to establish a cost-cutting tax structure. Their in-depth knowledge has resulted in incredible franchisee and tenant satisfaction, with an astounding 99% of Platinum Property Partners tenants reporting that they would recommend their property and landlord.

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Initial investment

An initial investment of at least £300,000 to £700,000 is required, though the exact amount will depend on how large a portfolio you want to develop and the geographical area in which you’re operating. It is possible to raise this investment in a variety of ways, including cash, equity in any property you already own, or a range of other investments. In some cases, it may be possible to finance a part of this investment through an arrangement with an established lender or franchise finance specialist. It’s also possible to invest with a partner, splitting the cost and allowing two to benefit for the price of one.

Not all of this investment will be required immediately, though the vast majority of it will be invested within two years. Many franchisees choose to expand their portfolio through the use of mortgages, ensuring their initial investment goes further and that they receive a higher return on investment (ROI). Franchisee’s initial investment commits them to at least seven years of partnership with Platinum Property Partners, after which they choose to renew the franchise package or walk away.

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What you get in return for your investment

In return for your investment in Platinum Property Partners, franchisees receive access to the Platinum Property Partners operations manual, the trading licence, and a variety of support systems, training programmes, and mentoring services. Because Platinum Property Partners is a one-of-a-kind property investment franchise, it’s franchise package does differ fairly drastically from more traditional packages. While other startup packages may include PoS systems or marketing materials, Platinum Property Partners focus heavily on providing excellent mentoring and educational opportunities.

New franchisees will attend a two-day boot camp and Foundation Letting Course to be taught the basics of business management and property investment. You’ll also be assigned a personal mentor, who has experience of starting a Platinum Property Partners franchise and can guide you through the difficult early stages. As you progress, you’ll also have access to a whole range of training courses, conferences, and workshops, as well plenty of opportunities to network and meet other like-minded individuals.

Key to Platinum Property Partners' business model is the ability to tailor the services to meet the expectations and ambitions of their franchisees. Their management staff spend a considerable amount of time trying to understand what you want from the franchise arrangement. That’s one of the reasons why 94% of Platinum Property Partners franchise partners have met or exceeded their financial expectations after two years.

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What type of franchisee are Platinum Property Partners looking for?

As with most successful franchises, Platinum Property Partners are not necessarily looking for franchisees with previous experience in the property industry. While an understanding of how property markets operate will no doubt prove useful, the franchise is far more interested in attracting individuals who can demonstrate a commitment to growing their business and the personal drive required to succeed in an extremely competitive industry.


Though the initial investment may be slightly higher than some other franchises, Platinum Property Partners promises a great deal more than its competition. Instead of helping franchisees develop a new business that will provide an income for as long as the franchisee fee is paid, Platinum Property Partners aim to help franchisees build a property portfolio that guarantees them an income for life. With unparalleled industry expertise, an incredible business model, and experience of working with a wide variety of people, this franchise is an opportunity that can't be ignored. If you'd like to request further information, get in touch or visit the Platinum Property Partners Point Franchise page.

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