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According to Micro Creative, the average person’s attention span when visiting a new website lasts 6.8 seconds. As businesses compete for customers, an eye-catching brand identity can make all the difference. With 67 percent of small businesses prepared to pay $500 on the development of a new logo, and 18 percent willing to invest up to $1,000, the value of descriptive and original graphics is clear to see, be that on the company website, in their store or in their signage. Thanks to the competitive nature of the business world, graphic designers are in constant demand, and belong to an industry worth a staggering $11 billion.

Graphic designers take on projects from various clients, and as a result must become adept at meeting with art directors or other businesspeople to establish their requirements for a project. Graphic designers perform a number of different tasks, including but not limited to creating content for signs and banners, email campaigns, websites, logos, product artwork, and generating pictures or graphics for anything that helps to establish a company’s image and ethos.

Because we as humans are swayed by attractive and colourful images and graphics, businesses who have spent time developing an eye-catching brand identity are much more likely to win the attention of customers than businesses who present themselves with dull or unimaginative graphics.

Benefits of a Graphic Design Company

With graphic designers in constant demand, there is never a bad time to join the industry. Given the broad range of methods used by businesses to promote their brand, graphic designers can find themselves working on a number of different projects, from online, to print, mail and signage.

A job in the graphic design industry also allows high levels of creativity and is relatively affordable, enabling a designer to work from wherever they are, with just a computer installed with design software. This also means that graphic designers have the option to go freelance with minimal expenses.

Like any job, a career in graphic design has its downsides too. The dependence on computer programs means that users should stay abreast of any changes to software, which tends to be updated regularly. What’s more, while the business does call for creative individuals, most graphic designers do not get final say on their projects and must repeatedly adapt their proposed design according to their client’s feedback. Also, competition is often tough in the world of graphic design, and creatives must ensure that they have a strong portfolio that demonstrates their edge in the industry.

How to Start a Graphic Design Business

Starting your own graphic design business can be very lucrative and holds a lot of benefits, as highlighted above. Able to work at home from their own computers, entrepreneurs do not need to secure an office or headquarters for their workforce, or invest in costly equipment, meaning that overheads are relatively low.

Prospective business owners should spend time carrying out research into the industry, and find out as much as they can about their potential competitors. There are also a range of courses available to budding graphic designers who want to broaden their knowledge and take their first steps into the industry.

Graphic Design Business Cards

Business cards have a major influence on how a company is perceived and are often the first point of contact for potential clients or customers. As a result, businesses are often on the search for a talented graphic designer to create or update their business card and ensure that their first impression is as powerful and enduring as it can be.

Graphic designers must ensure that their client’s business card ticks a number of boxes. Cards should enable a business to stand out from the crowd, and be original and creative. Business cards should be an extension of the company’s current branding, and aim to capture the recipient’s imagination without being gimmicky.

Creative touches such as foil blocking, spot UV and metallic inks can enhance the card, which could also be adapted within the company for different clients or target markets. Most importantly, however, graphic designers should ensure that business cards present the company’s contact details in a clear and legible way.

Graphic Design Franchises

Point Franchise does not currently offer any franchising opportunities within graphic design businesses, but those interested in becoming a graphic designer have many options outside of opening a franchise. Working freelance or for an established graphic design company are viable options, but here are some franchising opportunities in related fields:

Established in 2003 and with 30 franchises across the country, is a digital marketing company that offers web design for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland. An initial investment of £14,000 provides franchisees with a five-day training program and the support of an established franchisee, as well as access to an online support centre. Franchisees can also set their own hours and work from the comfort of their own home.


Operating under the motto “More than fast. More than signs.”, Fastsigns creates a variety of products, including print and digital graphics, promotional products and exhibitions. Fastsigns are involved from the very start of a project all the way through to production and installation. Franchisees do not need any industry experience or knowledge of the business, and after a total investment of £120,000, will benefit from a comprehensive training scheme to equip them with all the necessary tools to launch their own successful franchise.

Activ Net Marketing

With a minimum investment of £,995, franchisees can open their own branch of Activ Net Marketing, after attending a three-day training program which provides an introduction to the products offered, and strategies and software used. Franchisees have the option to work from home either part or full-time. Those interested only need basic digital skills, but must be comfortable and confident approaching and collaborating with local companies to gain business. Having taken advantage of this franchising opportunity, business owners can expect to make between £1,000 and £5,000 every month.

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