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German Doner Kebab franchise uk

Originally posted on 05/09/2018. Updated on 22/04/2019.

Franchising lends itself well to fast food, as it’s the perfect business model to expand tasty treat restaurants quickly across a country (or even the world). However, in the past, fast food franchising was heavily associated with restaurants that sold the unhealthy ‘junk food’ that we all love but that isn’t the best choice for our health. German Doner Kebab was one of the first franchises to flip this image on its head by offering its brand-new take on the classic takeaway dish that’s got a reputation for being anything but healthy.

Most of us know the doner kebab as a greasy treat that’s best reserved for post-night out snacking, but it was first served as a healthy meal made of lean meat and fresh, crisp salad packed into a soft pitta. Taking the doner kebab back to its healthy roots by focusing on quality ingredients, mouth-watering flavours and an unforgettable culinary experience, German Doner Kebab has changed the game. Let’s take a look at how the innovative franchise has made its mark on the UK so far.

German Doner Kebab Cost

Although you’ll need a fair bit of cash to become a German Doner Kebab franchisee, the franchise has developed a cult following on social media thanks to its unique marketing strategies. By using influencers to glam up the image of the kebab, GDK has whipped up plenty of attention for its tasty offerings. The franchise has already secured lots of new franchisees to take its concept all across the UK, but it’s still looking for talented business people to come on board in a select few territories.

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German Doner Kebab in London

German Doner Kebab has established an impressive presence in and around London already. Its sites include West Ealing, Kilburn, Ilford, Islington, Fulham Broadway, Croydon, Finsbury Park, and Mile End, amongst others.

London is the perfect market for healthy, quick food options, but it can be tricky to crack due to the incredible amount of choice diners have when it comes to delicious dining opportunities. However, GDK’s success in London is testament to the franchise’s excellent marketing strategy and the quality of its product. Even with all of the fierce competition surrounding it, it’s managed to establish itself as one of the most exciting franchise prospects in the capital.

German Doner Kebab in Birmingham

The franchise has managed to make its mark on the UK’s second largest city as well, as it currently has two branches. The city centre location has welcomed customers since July 2015 and was voted the Best Takeaway in England at the 2016 Food Awards England.

Birmingham’s second location opened in early 2018 due to the incredible demand the franchise was experiencing and both branches now have plenty of loyal, regular customers who can’t get enough of their products.

German Doner Kebab in Swansea

GDK opened its first Welsh branch in Swansea in 2016 and was received incredibly well by customers all across the city. The reception was so positive that the franchise accelerated plans to open a location in the Welsh capital Cardiff, which is now welcoming customers keen to try its tempting treats.

German Doner Kebab in Leicester

Situated on Granby Street in the bustling city centre, the franchise’s Leicester branch is a popular one that welcomes hundreds of customers every week. Its stylish and comfortable dine-in facilities offer diners a chance to enjoy a relaxing evening meal, while those who want a quick bite on the go can still pick up the franchise’s signature fast healthy food.

German Doner Kebab in Coventry

Coventry’s German Doner Kebab is one of the largest in the franchise network, with seating for a whopping 118 customers at a time. It’s been well received by customers in the area and picked up some fantastic reviews in the press, showing that people in the area are clearly big fans of the healthy doner kebab experience.

German Doner Kebab in Ipswich

The Ipswich location of GDK got the star treatment when it first launched, as reality TV star and national treasure Joey Essex declared the branch officially open in a glittering ceremony. It’s situated on Westgate Street and faces intense competition from the plethora of other fast food outlets surrounding it. However, German Doner Kebab has managed to stand out thanks to its healthy fast-food approach and has been essential in driving new people to Ipswich town centre as it undergoes regeneration work.

German Doner Kebab International

German Doner Kebab isn't just a UK franchise. The business opened its first branch in Berlin, Germany, in 1989 and spent more than 10 years perfecting its business model. From there, it expanded into new territories and countries including Pakistan, where there are currently restaurants in both Lahore and Islamabad and the UAE.

The franchise is also popular with customers all across the Middle East as the franchise has successful restaurants in Bahrain and Oman. However, German Doner Kebab has also expanded into both Europe and North America. Restaurants in Sweden, the USA, and Canada demonstrate the franchise's global appeal and showcase just how popular its product is.

German Doner Kebab restaurants have flourished wherever they’ve launched. This is a reassuring sign for any prospective franchisee as it demonstrates that there's demand for the product wherever you go. The franchise's successful marketing campaign has managed to subvert the negative associations most customers held about doner kebabs and generated a buzz around each new unit's opening. The franchise's success across the country certainly makes it one of the most exciting investment opportunities on the market.

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