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German Doner Kebab franchise uk

Franchising has always been associated with fast food. In some ways, it's the perfect model to facilitate this particular type of business' expansion. However, in the past, fast food franchising typically focused on restaurants that sold unhealthy "junk" food. German Doner Kebab has changed all that with their revolutionary take on a classic takeaway dish.

While the doner kebab is often thought of as being unhealthy, the traditional doner was, in fact, a nutritious meal made from lean meat, packed full of salad, and sandwiched in fresh pitta. German Doner Kebab has taken the doner back to its roots and focuses on quality ingredients, fantastic flavours, and creating an appetising mealtime experience in the process. Here, we take a look at how the franchise has fared across the UK so far.

German Doner Kebab Cost

If you’re considering opening a German Doner Kebab restaurant, you'll be reassured to know that demand for the franchise's products is high wherever you go. The franchise has already taken a large number of deposits for future franchise units and is currently looking for new franchisees to expand the network into as many suitable territories as possible.

The amount of interest demonstrated by potential franchisees means that those looking to open a unit in their favoured territory need to move fast to secure it. While there's still plenty of areas across the UK that are crying out for a German Doner Kebab restaurant, many of the major markets are quickly being snapped up.

German Doner Kebab in London

German Doner Kebab operates many franchises in and around London. These include West Ealing, Kilburn, Ilford, Islington, Fulham Broadway, Croydon, Finsbury Park, and Mile End, amongst others. London boasts a large market for healthy, fast food products and residents of the capital are known for being spoilt for choice when it comes to excellent dining opportunities.

The success of German Doner Kebab in London demonstrates how well the franchise has been marketed and the quality of its product. Surrounded by a wealth of competition, the franchise has managed to capitalise on an opportunity and establish itself as one of the most exciting franchise prospects in the city.

German Doner Kebab in Birmingham

The franchise also boasts two branches in the UK’s second city, Birmingham. The first is situated in the city centre on Bull Street, while the other can be found in Balsall Heath, on Moseley Road.

While the city centre branch opened in July 2015, the Moseley Road branch opened earlier this year. The original Birmingham restaurant was voted the Best Takeaway in England at the 2016 Food Awards England. It has built a strong, loyal customer base and can count itself amongst the most successful franchises in the network.

German Doner Kebab in Swansea

Though the franchise now also has a branch in Cardiff, it’s first Welsh restaurant was founded in the port city of Swansea. It launched in 2016 and proved so successful that plans to expand to the Welsh capital were accelerated.

The Swansea branch has been lauded for its high-quality food and has quickly become a firm favourite amongst residents looking for a healthy, hearty, and tasty meal.

German Doner Kebab in Leicester

The Leicester branch of the franchise is situated on Granby Street in the city centre. Opening in 2017, it surprised customers with its stylish and comfortable fittings, emphasis on the dine-in experience, and excellent facilities.

As with most German Doner Kebab restaurants, diners can choose to eat at booths, smaller tables, or on bar stools, meaning there’s a space for everyone. Whether you’re picking up a quick lunchtime bite to eat or settling in for a serious evening meal, there’s a style of seating for everyone.

German Doner Kebab in Coventry

The Coventry German Doner Kebab branch is one of the newest additions to the franchise network. Having opened towards the end of July 2018, it's already demonstrating how high the demand for healthy doner meals is across the entire UK.

One of the key features of the new Coventry restaurant is its size. As a 118 capacity property, it's one of the largest in the entire network. It's also received a great deal of good press in the short period it's been open and quickly become a firm favourite on the Coventry culinary scene.

German Doner Kebab in Ipswich

The Ipswich branch of German Doner Kebab opened on the 14th April, with a visit by The Only Way Is Essex star, Joey Essex. Located on Westgate Street, the restaurant faces fierce competition from a wide range of fast food outlets, but its healthy, ‘better than a takeaway approach' has paid off so far.

Though it's only been open for a relatively short period, the restaurant has breathed fresh life into Ipswich town centre and become a firm favourite amongst those who appreciate excellent food. As the town centre continues to revitalise itself, it seems as though German Doner Kebab will play an essential role in generating increased foot traffic.

German Doner Kebab International

German Doner Kebab isn't just a UK franchise. The business originated in Dubai before it began to expand and move into new international markets. These included countries such as Pakistan, where there are currently restaurants in both Lahore and Islamabad and the UAE.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, the franchise has restaurants in Bahrain and Oman. However, German Doner Kebab has also expanded into both Europe and North America. Restaurants in Sweden, the USA, and Canada demonstrate the franchise's global appeal and showcase just how popular its product is.

German Doner Kebab restaurants have flourished wherever they’ve launched. This is a reassuring sign for any prospective franchisee as it demonstrates that there's demand for the product wherever you go. The franchise's successful marketing campaign has managed to subvert the negative associations most customers held about doner kebabs and generated a buzz around each new unit's opening. The franchise's success across the country certainly makes it one of the most exciting investment opportunities on the market.

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