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gardening business

Most people would love to work outside and hold down a job that involves gardening. While it’s a pipe-dream for many, a small number of dedicated business owners have made their dream a reality by starting a gardening franchise. Here, we take a look at why franchising in this sector is such an enticing prospect.

Starting a gardening business

If you’ve got a passion for gardening and have always wanted to step away from the 9 to 5 routine of a traditional desk job and get your hands dirty, franchising may offer the best chance to do so. With plenty of opportunities within the industry, would-be franchisees can afford to take their time and find the ideal business to invest in.

Gardening is a quintessentially British pastime and consumers can support a relatively large garden industry. In 2016, UK consumers spent approximately £1.7 billion on garden care, another £1 billion on garden leisure items, and £1.4 billion on plants for their gardens. These spending figures demonstrate that the market is of sufficient size to support extensive franchise networks and a diverse array of businesses.

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Gardening business for sale

If you’re in the market for a gardening business, it’s a good idea to start your search by taking a look at those popular garden franchises that are currently recruiting new franchisees. Within the franchising sector, gardening businesses tend to specialise in one of a select few areas of expertise.

For instance, lawn maintenance is by far and away the most popular type of gardening business. This trend can be attributed to the fact that lawn maintenance requires relatively little expertise and is a high demand service based upon an easily replicated business model. However, there are also a variety of other types of gardening franchise, including tree surgeon services, landscapers, and garden equipment retailers.

Finding the right franchise requires that you understand exactly what’s available. Here, we take a look at five of the most popular garden franchise in an attempt to give you a bit of a head start on the competition.

1. LawnKeeper

LawnKeeper have been accumulating experience and developing their expertise over more than 20 years of business. Utilising the latest lawn technology and modern maintenance methods, the franchise specialises in caring for customer lawns and keeping them greener for longer. The company uses fully trained and certified technicians, all of whom have worked hard to ensure that their product knowledge and technical expertise is second to none.

The LawnKeeper franchise fee is set at a reasonable £25,000 and provides you with access to a comprehensive franchise package. Franchisees are enrolled on a two-week training course, provided with specialist equipment and materials, and offered guidance and assistance on an on-going basis.

2. TruGreen

TruGreen provides their clients with bespoke lawn care treatments that keep gardens looking their best all year round. The business offers various services – including scarification, weeding, feeding, aeration, path and driveway clearing, and general tidy-up services – ensuring that franchisees aren't reliant on a single revenue stream. There are also great opportunities for expansion and many franchisees go from owning a single TruGreen van to managing a fleet of vans and technicians.

To provide franchisees with greater choice and to appeal to those who may already be in the lawn maintenance business, TruGreen offers two separate levels of investment. For those who already have all the equipment and don't feel the need to invest in all the supplemental materials (e.g. marketing supplies, branded clothing, and stationary), there's the basic franchise licence package. This costs approximately £10,000 and includes the rights to operate under the TruGreen brand name, as well as enrolment on the franchise training programme and industry-recognised certification.

For those who want to go that little bit further, the standard starter package costs around £18,000 and includes all of the extras listed above. Of considerable benefit to franchisees are the marketing launch services, which ensure your business gets off the ground and receives the support it needs in its early stages.

3. StumpBusters

Stumpbusters market themselves as the UK’s number one tree stump removal experts. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they’re able to handle stumps of any size, weight, and shape and utilise the latest machinery and techniques to guarantee a full removal. The company assures customers that no landscape scars will be left and that all stumps will be removed to a substantial depth.

A StumpBusters franchise will set you back about £27,500 in total. In return, franchisees will receive considerable training and support, while also being provided with all the necessary machinery. The franchise's training includes lessons relating to both practical stump removal and business management, ensuring you’re fully equipped to run your own franchise unit.

4. Clean Cut

Unlike many of the other franchises in this list, Clean Cut offers a full range of gardening services. Whether it's trimming, weeding, mowing, or watering, the company has the equipment and expertise necessary to get the job done. Having grown from a small one-person gardening business to a national franchise, they understand how important it is to get the right franchisees on board and are looking to partner with individuals who demonstrate an evident passion for the job. A Clean Cut franchise costs approximately £19,950 +VAT.

5. Lawnscience

As the name suggests, Lawnscience distinguishes itself from the competition by taking a more rigorously scientific approach to lawn maintenance. All callouts begin with a comprehensive survey that establishes the exact state of the lawn and it how it can be best maintained in the future. All franchisees are fully trained to carry out the survey and provide the necessary recommendations.

For a Lawnscience franchise, investors will need to raise a minimum of £12,474 +VAT. This gives you right to operate under the Lawnscience name, in an exclusive territory containing at least 100,000 households. Training, marketing materials, and a sophisticated support system are also available to all franchisees.

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