Franchises fit for a royal wedding

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Franchises fit for a royal wedding

The wedding of the year has taken place. On Saturday 19th May at 12 pm, Ms Meghan Markle married Prince Harry at St George's Chapel in Windsor. Opting for a much more intimate venue than his big brother Prince William, the chapel is significantly smaller than Westminster Abbey. When William married Kate Middleton, 2,000 people were invited, whereas only 600 were in attendance to watch Harry and Meghan say, I do.

Although Windsor Castle is usually closed to the public, the couple invited 1,200 deserving members of society to the grounds to watch them tie the knot. The lucky recipients of the hottest invites in town were asked to bring a picnic lunch that they could enjoy while soaking up the atmosphere.

The royal family havent disclosed how much the wedding cost but if previous royal weddings are anything to go by, its likely to have been more than £32 million. This is just slightly higher than the cost of an average wedding in the UK which is currently at an all-time high, coming in at a little over £27,000.

The substantial amount of money that is spent on these special occasions is what makes a wedding franchise so appealing. Franchise business opportunities come in all different shapes and sizes when it comes to preparing for a wedding, so there's bound to be one that is the perfect match for you.

Pre-wedding preparations

Allegedly, Ms Markle put Prince Harry on a pre-wedding diet of quinoa and vegetables before they tied the knot. And it appears to have done the trick. Along with cutting out carbohydrates, Harry endured gruelling workouts in the gym which has resulted in him losing half a stone.

Even though the average bride and groom dont have millions of people watching them get married all around the world, couples still want to look their best for their big day. With 90% of brides hoping to lose a few pounds before their wedding, its unsurprising that buying a gym membership is top of their to-do list.

TruGym is a fitness centre fit for a prince. The gym offers a quality experience and high-class security for its clients. With unlimited access to a wide range of cardio equipment, free weights, free group classes, sauna and relaxation rooms, its the ideal place to burn calories and tone up.

Established in 2010, TruGym has quickly become one of the most popular franchises due to the impressive annual profits that franchisees are experiencing and the rate at which the brand is growing. If you're passionate about health and fitness, have the determination to make your business a success, and you have the funds to cover the £650,000 to £850,000 total investment, then this could be the franchise opportunity for you.

Hair and makeup

Every bride wants to be camera ready when they walk down the aisle and having flawless hair, and makeup is a must. Hairdressers and makeup artists can charge more for their services for a wedding and also benefit from numerous trials that take place before the main event.

If youre looking for franchise business opportunities within the beauty industry, investing in Rush Hair could right for you. You wont need to have any previous hairdressing experience as your role as a franchisee would be to oversee the salon. Youll benefit from joining one of the most popular franchises with a globally recognisable brand name and over 70 other franchisees across the UK.


Friends and family of Harry and Meghan enjoyed served bowls of food and canaps at the wedding of the year. All prepared with classic seasonal produce from Queen Elizabeths royal estates. Unfortunately, most bride and grooms dont have the luxury of royal chefs preparing their wedding menu which is where the need for caters comes in.

If you think a wedding franchise is definitely for you, then you should consider lucrative franchise business opportunities within catering, such as Jaspers. This exciting brand provides mouth-watering food for weddings, meetings, corporate functions and other events, and is always on the lookout for ambitious individuals with an interest in hospitality to join the franchise.

One of the key benefits of becoming a franchisee with Jaspers is that the business model has low overheads. Because its not a retail brand you wont need to pay high rents and rates and so the opportunity is there to become highly profitable for relatively little cost. The total investment required is just over £30,000. With the average Jasper's franchisee turning over in the region of £250,000 a year, it's an investment worth making.


The wedding pictures for the royal couple were taken by the same photographer who captured their engagement portraits. Alexi Lubomirski said he was honoured to have the opportunity to photograph the next chapter in the couple's 'wonderful love story'. Alexi is also the protg of Mario Testino who famously photographed Harrys mother, Princess Diana.

Most couples are a bit more restricted budget wise when it comes to capturing the happiness of their wedding day and Venture Studios can offer the perfect package. Venture is one of the most popular franchises and is well-known as the UKs leading family photographer.

And its not just brand name that youll benefit from if you choose to join this growing franchise. Youll also receive six to eight weeks of intensive training to teach you everything you need to know about photography and how to run a successful studio.


The happy couple has chosen not to rush off on honeymoon straight away, preferring to stay in the UK to undertake a series of engagements instead. However, when work is done, they'll relax by flying to their special place Namibia.

If you're interested in helping clients find their perfect holiday destination, then there are plenty of franchise business opportunities in the travel industry. Perhaps a cruise franchise is worth considering. GoCruise is one of UK's largest cruise agencies with a network of more than 60 franchisees all over the UK.

GoCruise is a low-cost franchise with an investment of just £13,000 needed to become a franchisee. If youve got a background in sales, have good business judgement, a professional approach to business, and are passionate about tailoring holidays to meet the needs of your clients, then GoCruise could be right for you.

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