Food Trailer Food on the Go: Are There Franchises Available?

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In recent years, new food trucks and trailers have established themselves as an alternative to traditional takeaway offerings. Whereas choice was previously limited to burgers and chips, there's now a whole world of international cuisines available. Many of them are sold from the windows of beautifully branded food trailers that travel the length and breadth of the country. Here, we take a look at a range of popular franchised food trailers and examine what makes them an attractive investment opportunity.

Food truck and trailer sector

Though food trucks and trailers have become an increasingly popular form of income for business-minded individuals in other international markets, the UK sector has been relatively slow on the uptake. However, things are changing, and a higher number of entrepreneurs are deciding to open up a food truck or trailer.

This makes it the ideal time to look for gaps in the market and to start a specialist food trailer that's capable of cooking up a storm. Whether you opt for a traditional fast food trailer or attempt to open up something a little more exotic, theres plenty of opportunity for someone with a bit of business expertise and experience in the restaurant industry.

Food trailer for sale

If youre looking to open a food trailer business, you do have the option to buy a simple food trailer and start from scratch. For some people, this is the best way to go. It allows you to build a business from the ground up, develop a unique brand identity, and take your company in any direction you want.

However, if you do go it alone, youre going to miss out on all of the support an expert franchisor provides. From advising you on marketing campaigns to helping you select the best pitches, a food trailer franchisor can make the difference when it comes to building your business in the right way.

To illustrate just how much a difference a good franchisor can make, we're going to take a look at three different businesses offering three very different types of product.

Street food trailer

Street food trailers typically specialise in on-the-go foods found in international cuisines. Theyll often serve up snacks and dishes that you wont find anywhere else in the country and, consequently, can draw an interested and inquisitive crowd wherever they pull up. Though customers may have never tasted the product, the exotic nature of the food is likely to increase sales drastically. This is particularly true of street food trailers that set up at temporary events, such as music festivals, where the crowds are more adventurous and willing to try something novel.

The Chapati Man food trailer is the perfect example of a street food franchise that has made the most of its mobility. Specialising in spicy Indian wraps, the food trailer brings ever-popular Indian cuisine from the sub-continent to various locations around the UK. With a history of success at festivals (the food truck has been voted best caterer and an Essential Eat at Glastonbury), the business recently partnered up with supermarkets to provide a takeaway sandwich and took their trucks to several premium pitches in London.

To become a franchisee, youll need to raise approximately £66,000. This entitles you to trade under the Chapati Man name and brand, as well as providing access to the franchises full training programme. Franchisees will receive ongoing guidance in the form of marketing, web and product support and will sign for a five-year franchise term.

Health food trailer

A different type of food trailer are those orientated towards health goods. A significant percentage of health food trucks have evolved from being coffee specialists to selling a variety of health goods. What started out as a simple mobile coffee operation, soon grows and begins to offer shakes, pastries, muesli, porridge, or other types of food-to-go. This has proven particularly popular in metropolitan markets where there is more disposable income, and recent food trends are more apparent.

Oatopia specialises in organic porridge, high-quality coffee, and a wide range of other health food goods. Established in 2011, the business initially operated under the Oat Hut brand and aimed to bring healthy food options to events around the UK. Believing there to be far too few options for the healthy eater, Oat Hut took their business to festivals, triathlons, endurance races, and community events in an attempt to rectify this shortage. It proved a resounding success and, after rebranding to Oatopia in 2014, adopted the franchise model.

Oatopia offers three types of food trailer, each of which provides the franchisee with a different kind of opportunity. While the small truck is ideally suited to permanent pitches where there's not much space, the large truck is better suited to large-scale events that take place over a number of days. The medium-sized trailer is the perfect compromise between the two.

To become an Oatopia franchisee, you'll need to raise an investment of around £13,000. This is incredible value for money and makes Oatopia one of the most affordable business opportunities around. The franchisee will receive ongoing support throughout the setup process and far into the future. With seven years of experience, the franchisor understands what it takes to succeed in the health food industry and how to ensure a food truck thrives in a competitive market.

Fast food trailer

It's also necessary to consider more traditional fast food trailers. Because the fast food sector has historically been dominated by independent trailers and that the market is saturated with mobile businesses, there are far few opportunities than with other cuisines and types of food. However, companies like JAQK's fried chicken franchise can be a fantastic investment opportunity, and some franchisees may find it better suited to their business skills and personal preferences.

When considering a franchised fast food trailer, its important to think about the fact that there are many food trailers offering burgers, hot dogs, jacket potatoes, and chips. They're something of an institution. Consequently, contemporary food trailers have experienced a lot more success selling new and exciting cuisines that bring fresh flavours to the UK market.

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