Fit4Less in the UK – do they franchise?

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Fit4Less in the UK – do they franchise?

The gym can prove to be a costly love affair for many of us. We’ll sign up, full of optimism and enthusiasm that this will be the time that we whip our bodies into the shape we’ve always dreamed of. But a few days, weeks or even months down the line, many of us will realise that it’s tough to sustain enthusiasm for gruelling workouts day after day. By this time though, we’ll have found ourselves saddled with an expensive membership that we’re locked in to for much longer than we’d like to be and we’ll have no choice but to watch sadly as we literally throw our money away each month.

Fit4Less UK

Fit4Less is one of the UK’s fastest growing fitness franchises that’s good for the health of your mind, body and wallet. It was voted the ‘best budget fitness chain’ in 2014 and has more than 100 locations across the UK, meaning there’s likely to be a branch in your area.

But what about if you’re interested in joining the Fit4Less franchise? Well, you’re in luck! The fitness franchise is on the lookout for new franchisees who share its passion for low cost fitness and has plenty of locations all across the UK just waiting to be conquered.

Fit4Less Gym

Fit4Less is part of the energie Fitness group and lets people reach their fitness goals without putting unnecessary strain on their wallets. Although many of us enjoy keeping fit in the gym, whether we’re into weightlifting, long-distance running or aerobics, a membership can be seen as a luxury that few of us can afford. While many high-end fitness clubs (and even those that claim to be affordable) charge upwards of £50 for a single month of membership, many people are seeking a cheaper alternative that still offers a well-equipped and friendly environment, as well as the advice of knowledgeable and approachable staff. Fit4Less ticks all of those boxes. With memberships starting from just £14.99 and with no contract tying you in for a set period of time, a membership at Fit4Less will only make your muscles sore, not your bank balance.

Although luxuries such as steam rooms, saunas and spa facilities can be nice, many gym users simply don’t use these facilities and end up paying lots of money for things they don’t care about. By removing these extras, Fit4Less is able to make its low-cost franchising model work by focusing on providing fantastic core equipment, meaning members can have effective and enjoyable workouts without all of the costly add-ons bumping up the price of their membership. It’s also able to cut costs by utilising digital systems to replace expensive members of staff, like its biometric readers that scan fingerprints upon entry to improve security and reduce the number of non-paying guests.

Fit4Less Franchise

If you’re looking to become part of the £4.7billion health and fitness industry, Fit4Less could be the right fit for you. You’ll benefit from energie Fitness’ 15 years of experience and its head office team will help you with everything from site selection, business planning and finance to impressive pre-sales and launch tactics that often see more than 1,000 people attending a club’s launch. You’ll also receive comprehensive training at the energie Training Academy along with your dedicated staff to make sure that business will run smoothly from the moment you open. And, for those moments when you just need a little bit of extra support, you’ll be able to contact energie’s dedicated helpdesk and speak to one of its friendly and experienced staff – there’s nothing they haven’t seen when it comes to owning a gym.

Other Fitness Franchise Opportunities

If you’re looking for a fitness or gym franchise to join, there are lots of options on the market.

At the opposite end of the market sits Fitness Space, a boutique fitness franchise that utilises technology, dedicated staff and top-of-the-range facilities to help its members reach their goals. Founded in 2010 by former Olympian Tim Benjamin, Fitness Space offers its members a place to work on their health and fitness that’s different from most traditional, and often cold and clinical, gym environments. Members are able to access 24/7 assistance through the Fitness Space app and will work with a knowledgeable trainer to reach their goals, in a friendly, supportive and extremely well-equipped environment.

Due to the smaller size of the franchise’s locations, an initial investment of just £75,000 is all you’ll need to get started. Each franchisee will receive intensive training at Fitness Space’s HQ for one week and will be fully supported in the run up to their grand opening with everything from site selection, lease negotiation, marketing and a programme to help get your franchise off to the best possible start.

If working up a sweat away from the confines of a gym is more your cup of tea, One Element could be the right franchise for you. Founder Tom saw what a positive effect the camaraderie and tough training of pre-season rugby training sessions had on those who attended and knew that he wanted to capture this and share it with others. He set up One Element in 2007, which brings groups of people together in local parks for a challenging yet enjoyable high intensity workout in a supportive and sociable environment. What’s more, the company’s locations have become social hubs for the local community, allowing fitness fans in the area to connect with like-minded people and engage in social activities beyond their workouts.

As you won’t need to invest in costly premises or equipment, your initial investment could be as low as £20,000 and you’ll learn everything you need to know by attending One Element’s comprehensive training programme in South West London. By equipping its franchisees with all of the scientific knowledge that’s influenced its challenging workout programmes, they’ll be able to consistently provide members with a fantastic workout that’s proven to be effective.

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