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In recent years, the fitness industry has experienced unprecedented growth. This has resulted in a wealth of clubs, gyms and fitness centres being established. It’s also resulted in the fitness industry developing a large number of niche markets. Fit4Less are a relatively new franchise that’s set to conquer the low-cost end of the industry.

Fit4less franchise cost

Whereas many businesses choose to focus on providing high-end services that are defined by luxurious facilities (and a ludicrously high membership fee!), Fit4Less want to ensure that cost is no longer a barrier to entry. Here, we take a look at how the franchise makes this particular model work and what sets it apart from the competition.

Gym membership on a budget

Fit4Less provides affordable, high-quality fitness opportunities to customers around the country. While it’s primary focus is offering members access to top of the range gym facilities, it also organises and operates popular fitness classes, including Zumba and BodyPump sessions. Essentially, it's the low-cost alternative to monthly gym memberships that cost a considerable amount but don't guarantee results.

Members can join from as little as £14.99 a month, though prices do vary from region to region and gym to gym. However, the low-cost doesn’t mean that members will be exercising and training with poor quality equipment. All Fit4Less gyms are fitted with modern Precor fitness equipment, ensuring members get the most for their money.

Fastest growing fitness sector

The low-cost end of the fitness industry is one of the fastest growing health and wellbeing sectors in the UK. The fitness industry as a whole is posting record figures, with more people signing up to gym memberships than ever before. It is estimated that one in every seven people is now a member of a fitness club.

As an increasing number of people join gyms, there has also been a growth in the number of members realising that they can't justify a sizeable monthly membership fee. It’s a regular occurrence for members join an expensive gym and find that they can’t fit enough sessions into their busy daily schedules to make it worth the investment. Fit4Less gives them the benefit of a full gym membership at a reasonable cost.

A gym without the expensive extras

Fit4Less can make this low-cost model work by eliminating all the unnecessary extras associated with traditional fitness clubs. Whereas most gym memberships provide access to swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, and spa facilities, Fit4Less does away with these little-used services.

Because most gym members rarely utilise and don't necessarily value these extra facilities, Fit4Less can attract large numbers of customers without them. This allows them to save considerable amounts of money and lower the cost of membership, while still making a healthy profit.

Utilise innovative tech to drive efficiencies

Fit4Less also employs innovative technologies throughout the business to drive greater efficiencies and lower costs. For instance, members gain entrance to the gym via biometric readers. By using fingerprint technology, rather than a membership card system, Fit4Less improves security, reduces the number of non-paying guests, and eliminates the need for a staffed reception area.

Likewise, the franchise utilises powerful digital systems to reduce the amount of admin that has to be performed. Every aspect of the Fit4Less digital system has been designed to reduce the amount of time, money, and resources franchisees need to invest in the business.

‘No contract’ membership

The franchise also operates a ‘no contract' membership scheme that ensures customers can cancel their membership at any time, without any repercussions. One of the biggest factors dictating whether potential customers take out a membership or not is the financial commitment. Consumers don't like the thought of being locked into an expensive contract for a long period – especially when they're not sure that they'll make full use of the services.

Fit4Less gets around this by ensuring that members pay a low monthly fee and can cancel their membership at any time. This allows them to reach a much larger market than the franchise would otherwise.

Management franchise

For many franchisees, Fit4Less is the ideal franchise because it doesn't require any previous experience of the fitness sector. As a management franchise, franchisees are responsible for ensuring the business runs smoothly – not for running classes or offering professional fitness guidance. In other words, to become a Fit4Less franchisee you do not need to have a history as a fitness instructor.

Instead, franchisees will depend on a wide range of management skills and personal attributes. These are typically transferable skills that are utilised in many different industries. For instance, franchisees will need to be able to communicate well with customers and staff. They’ll also need to possess motivational and team management skills, as well as a firm grasp of accounting and business management basics.

Proven business model

The Fit4Less franchise continues to thrive because it has managed to tweak and improve its proven business model and worked hard to ensure that it's implemented well across the country. This is the key to good franchising. Once a business hits upon a replicable business model, it needs to be rolled out as efficiently as possible and in as many suitable markets as it can reach.

Usually, this is only possible if the franchisor has a thorough support system in place. Fit4Less can provide both start-up and ongoing support to an exceptionally high standard. Franchisees benefit from the franchisor's years of experience in the industry and are guided through the setup process by knowledgeable franchising experts. This gives franchisees the best possible chance of success and ensures the network continues to expand.

Fit4Less is successful due to the way it has managed to market itself as the low-cost alternative, without compromising on quality. It has developed a reputation as an excellent gym that's affordable but doesn't cut corners. This ensures it appeals to a large market, many of whom wouldn't join a gym otherwise. It's also founded on a strong support system that ensures new franchisees benefit from a great deal of hard-earned experience and expertise.

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