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If you’ve had previous experience of the education sector and want to continue teaching in a more relaxed and flexible environment, a First Class Learning franchise may be the ideal opportunity. However, the business is also well suited to those who are passionate about working with kids and want to give something back. Here, we take a look at what the franchise does and how you can become their newest franchisee.

What is First Class Learning?

First Class Learning is a maths and English tuition business that works with children of all ages and abilities. It provides high quality, personalised lessons to students, ensuring that they’re able to fulfil their academic potential and that nothing holds them back. English and maths are core components of the UK national curriculum.

The First Class Learning franchise network was established in 2003 and has grown to encompass more than 250 education centres around the UK, as well as a number of others in overseas markets. These include countries like Spain, Ireland, and Australia.

A brief overview of the industry

The franchise’s rapid expansion demonstrates how much demand there is for bespoke tutoring services for children. This is particularly true for those subjects that have been determined to be “core” subjects. In an increasingly results-driven educational system, there is a great deal of pressure on both parents and children to achieve high grades from a very young age. First Class Learning removes this pressure by providing students with a little extra help where they need it most.

Today, the private tutoring market is valued at approximately £2 billion a year, and the number of those seeking tutoring services has increased dramatically. Whereas 18% of pupils required additional help in 2005, this had risen to approximately 25% by 2015. It’s also important to note that this growth shows no sign of slowing down.

Interestingly, the industry is geographically focused, with larger, wealthier cities boasting a larger percentage of privately tutored students. Compared to the national average of 25%, 44% of students in London receive some kind of private tuition . This makes some markets far more valuable to the industry than others – an issue potential franchisees need to be aware of if they’re to make an informed decision.

First Class Learning jobs

First Class Learning franchisees enjoy a considerable amount of flexibility when it comes to organising their business and arranging classes. This is one of the most appealing features of the franchise and one of the principal reasons many of the company’s existing franchisees decided to sign up. It’s quite common for franchisees to have had previous experience in the education sector but to want to step back from the stresses and strains of the public sector to set up their own business and re-assume control of their lives.

The franchise ensures that all of its franchisees have a good understanding of the national curriculum and that classes represent the fact that most customers will be seeking to supplement their children’s work at school. Franchisees will need to be able to assess students’ levels and adapt classes to their needs, as it’s highly likely that you’ll be working with a wide range of abilities and towards distinctly different goals.

What level of investment is required to become a franchisee?

To become a franchisee, you will need to raise an initial investment of approximately £10,000. However, this figure will vary according to your location and the size of the market in which you’re operating. In the past, franchise units have opened with as little as £8,000 +VAT or as much as £16,000 +VAT. A significant portion of this amount can be borrowed from a respected lender, though franchisees are required to commit some of their own assets, too.

Franchisees will also require a considerable amount of working capital to sustain the business through its early stages. While the First Class Learning franchisor does everything within their power to ensure that new franchise units get off to the best possible start, there will typically be an initial period in which the business doesn’t turn a profit. This is to be expected, and franchise owners will need to prepare for such an eventuality.

What does the franchise package include?

In return for your investment, franchisees receive a comprehensive franchise package that includes everything you need to launch your business. Franchisees are enrolled on an intensive two-day training programme, provided with all the necessary study materials to plan and execute lessons, and equipped with an extensive array of marketing materials.

Franchisees will also receive the franchise’s key operations manuals, which detail exactly how the business should be run and what you need to do to run your learning centre successfully. Finally, the franchisor provides a strong support network for all of its members and pairs each new franchisee with an experienced mentor who will help you through the initial stage of business ownership. On-going support is provided throughout the entire duration of the franchise agreement, and the franchisor ensures that teaching materials are always up to date and relevant.

What qualities does the franchisor look for in the franchisee?

While it’s not necessary to have previously worked in the education sector, some experience of working with children is likely to be useful. First Class Learning franchisees also need to be empathetic and able to communicate well with both students and parents. In many cases, parents will be utilising the franchise’s services because their child is struggling with a particular aspect of their studies. This means that patience and a slow, methodical approach are essential to the job.

Becoming a First Class learning franchisee is both challenging and remarkably rewarding. Tutors will play an important role in their students’ lives and have a big impact on their education and prospects. Consequently, it’s necessary to be motivated, dedicated and committed to both the role and your students.

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