Fancy A Cuppa? Here Are Our Top 3 Tea Franchise Opportunities

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UK tea franchises

Tea is one of the most popular hot drinks in the UK, and its popularity is so widespread that it now seems to form part of our national identity. This is no surprise, given that Brits consume around 165 million cups of tea every day (Express). Despite this being a staggering statistic, we arent actually the worlds biggest tea drinkers; we actually come third, behind Turkey and Ireland. The versatility of the drink ensures that it stays at the forefront of drinkers minds, and people turn to it, hot or cold; happy or sad; busy or bored.

Speciality Teas

In recent years, consumers have become more adventurous with their tea tendencies, as supermarkets have started to stock increasing numbers of varieties of herbal and fruit tea. In a study by Mintel in 2017, it was revealed that 37 percent of British consumers aged between 25 and 34 have, on average, indulged in 5 or 6 different types of tea at home or at work in a one-month period.

This can be put down to the surging interest in speciality teas as part of an ongoing wellness trend. Younger consumers are increasingly seeking out tea blends which have relaxing, restorative qualities and which are healthier than the typical white with one sugar brew. For businesses that offer alternative tea drinks, there is huge scope to expand into different flavours, as there are limitless plant and fruit combinations to experiment with.

This evolution in the tea sector is great news for entrepreneurs that want to combine their love of a brew with their ambition to start their own business. As caf and restaurant chains shake up their tea offerings to cater for customer demand for speciality beverages, it is a fantastic time to consider starting a franchise in the tea industry.

Tea Franchise Opportunities

If youre interested in starting a franchise in this constantly-evolving industry; here are some tea franchise opportunities for you to consider:

Esquires Coffee

Although this franchise prides itself on its coffee, it also has a good selection of teas including speciality blends. Established in Canada in 1993, Esquires Coffee is now an international beverage brand with high ethical standards. Voted as one of the UKs most ethical coffee companies, Esquires Coffee cares about its customers and has a strong community ethos. Having been launched in Europe in 2000, the brand now boasts over 50 branches in the UK and Ireland alone.

Esquires Coffee is on the lookout for business partners who can carry the brand even further afield. Applicants should have a proven track record, as well as an interest in the franchise model and the beverage sector. Training will be provided, however, and franchisees who make the cut can also seek support in site selection and procurement, store design, lease negotiation and marketing. To access this, franchisees must make a minimum investment of £85,000, which includes the franchise fee of £19,500. The total investment needed to make your Esquires dream a reality is £225,000.


If youre looking for something a little bit different, you could invest in the growing bubble tea trend that is sweeping the UK. Popular in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, bubble tea is made by infusing a tea base with milk and fruit juices and adding the characteristic bubbles tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom.

Mooboo was established in 2012 and is one of the UKs leading bubble tea retailers, boasting a menu of more than 70 different teas. Customers can choose from savoury teas, fruit teas, milk teas, fresh teas, mocktails and blended ice smoothies in exotic flavours such as lychee, matcha, coconut and taro. With a social media following of over 35,000, Mooboo represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who would like to break into the speciality tea sector.

The initial cost of a Mooboo franchise is £39,950, which includes the franchise fee, license fee, start-up costs, inventory and training. Franchisees must also pay regular royalty fees and annual rent of £30,000. The term of the franchise agreement is 15 years, which is renewable subject to approval. If the franchise is successful, franchisees could expect to make a yearly income of just under £80,000.

To stay ahead of the competition, Mooboo provides comprehensive training for new franchisees. The programme covers product knowledge, business operations, marketing and IT systems, and includes ongoing support and coaching to achieve maximum profit potential.


Bubbleology is another bubble tea franchise thats taking advantage of Brits tea drinking habits. This exciting brand was established in Londons bustling Soho district in April 2011. Since then, the franchise has expanded into eight countries across Europe, the Middle East and the US. It is set to continue this expansion and is looking for prospective franchisees who are self-motivated, business-minded and innovative. To be part of this ambitious brand, franchisees will also need retail or restaurant experience and some local market knowledge to help the franchise unit thrive in its territory.

Like Mooboo, Bubbleology specialises in hot and cold fruit and milk teas with chewy tapioca balls, but it has branched out into food too. With the help of its sister brand, Waffleology, the business offers bubble waffles light, fluffy waffles curled into a cone shape and stuffed with ice cream, fruit, sauces and other treats. Also, customers can feel good about their purchase because, rather than being solely driven by profit, Bubbleology is passionate about providing for less fortunate communities, regularly donating money to international programmes that build wells in Africa.

The costs involved will be £23,000 in franchise fees and a total investment of £120,000. A five percent royalty fee and a one percent marketing fee must also be paid. In exchange for the franchise fee, franchisees have the right to operate under the Bubbleology brand for five years. Theyll also receive initial training to make sure that they are confident with all aspects of the business, as well as ten days of pre-opening training in the store for valuable, hands-on experience. Franchisees can regularly visit the Bubbleology headquarters in London to boost their knowledge of the brand and benefit from established training schemes.

Dunkin Donuts

Although this franchises primary offering is fresh coffee and tasty donuts, you can still get a piping hot cup of tea to accompany your doughy treat.

Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg who realised that many of his customers would dunk their donuts in their cup of coffee. From this came the winning business idea and the memorable brand name thats catapulted it to international success.

Nearly 70 years on, the brand has established an incredible worldwide presence, with customers all over the world enjoying Dunkins delicious donuts. There are now over 11,000 restaurants in 33 countries, but Dunkin is an ambitious brand and is keen to expand its franchise network even further.

As well as donuts, the franchise puts a real emphasis on its coffee offering. It is eager to provide its customers with freshly brewed coffee when they need a pick me up, or simply if they love the taste.

When you invest in this franchise, you will receive invaluable guidance in terms of management, day-to-day operations, finding the perfect location, marketing your brand and much more. Before launch day the multinational company runs a 3-day training course which new franchisees need to attend.

Dunkin is looking for franchisees who are dedicated to the success and growth of the brand and aspire to open a minimum of 20 restaurants over the set time period. It is also important to have liquid assets of around £1,200,000 and a net worth of around £2,300,000. Interested candidates should also have previous experience in the Food and Beverage industry and be able to negotiate for prime restaurant locations. Make sure you fulfil these requirements before applying.

Auntie Annes

This franchise also specialises in baked goods, but instead of donuts its soft pretzels. It is in fact the largest soft pretzel chain in the world. It puts interesting spins on your classic pretzel, including the cheese pretzel dog and pepperoni pretzel nuggets.

The pretzels are hand-rolled and freshly baked every day, and this has helped it establish a loyal customer base both nationally and internationally. In the UK, the majority of Auntie Annes restaurants are in the Midlands and the South.

Joining this franchise opportunity will give franchisees access to a comprehensive training programme that will educate them on all aspects of the business model and the operational processes. Even after youve launched and been up, running and thriving for a good stretch of time, the brand wont cut its support network.

The ideal franchisee for Auntie Annes is someone who is committed to providing exceptional customer service at all times and is interested in baking. They should also be a caring manager to their staff, passionate about the growth of the brand, and open to launching more outlets in the future.

In order to invest, interested applicants need a minimum of £50,000, with the total cost being between £135,000 and £180,000.

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