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If you're looking to invest in an e-cigarette franchise, there's an increasing number of businesses to consider. As with all franchising decisions, new franchisees must take the time to perform extensive research, meet with franchisors, and consider exactly what they want from their franchisor. Each vaping franchise you look at will boast unique benefits and drawbacks. Consequently, youll need to look at a variety of factors if youre going to make an informed decision. Here, we take a look at our top 3 e-cigarette franchises and explore what makes them special.

The growth of e-cigarette franchises

There are several reasons why you may want to consider an e-cigarette franchise above all others. However, the most important may be the markets potential for growth. In the UK, public health officials and experts actively support e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking. This means an e-cigarette franchise benefits from the backing of health professionals and from new customers being pushed towards vaping by the medical establishment. It also means that franchisees can operate and grow their business in the knowledge that they are doing something advantageous and potentially lifesaving for their customer.

Around 3 million UK adults currently vape. This is an enormous uptake, considering e-cigarettes in their current form have only been widely commercially available since 2013. Such a drastic increase in vapers over a relatively short period is indicative of the considerable potential for growth in the sector. This potential is also demonstrated by the fact that the number of people smoking traditional cigarettes has been in steady decline over the last few years. The more people looking to give up smoking, the higher the number of potential customers. In other words, as more people attempt to give up smoking by searching for an alternative, the higher the potential for growth in a vape franchise.


As the largest retailer of e-cigarettes both online and offline in the UK, Ecigwizard are in a fantastic position to continue expanding their brand through further franchising. With over 45 outlets operating throughout the country and a well-respected professional image, joining the Ecigwizard family is a great way to begin building your own business with the help of an organisation that boasts years of experience. As well as stocking e-cigarette paraphernalia, they have their own dedicated laboratory for developing new e-juice flavours. This allows them to continually introduce new stock and manufacture e-juices to the highest safety standards.

Those who are considering owning a franchise will be required to invest a minimum of £40,000 personally. However, the typical total investment is around £60,000. Ecigwizard estimates that franchisees can earn an expected revenue of £290,000 after two years of business. In return for the investment, Ecigwizard franchisees receive training in all aspects of running an e-cigarette shop. This includes training relating to product knowledge, financial management, administration duties, and the day-to-day running of the business. Franchisees will also be taught to use the Ecigwizard EPOS system and be provided with the initial stock necessary for opening the store.


Part of the well-known Vapouriz Group, the Vapestore franchise is one of the leading e-cigarette businesses in the country and is actively looking for new franchisees to join its team. Launched in 2014, the company rolled out its flagship E-cigarette Franchise Programme in 2017 and hasnt looked back since. Initially operating as an online retailer, Vapestore has accrued extensive industry expertise and in-depth understanding of the critical technologies and products in the e-cigarette market. With the switch to a brick-and-mortar franchising system, they became one of the hottest properties in the e-cigarette sector.

Investment in a new Vapestore franchise requires an initial sum of £50,000. This goes towards £25,000 of stock and additional cost for shop preparation and fitting. Depending on the size, condition, and location of the shop, the price of refurbishment and fitting can be anywhere from £20,000 to £35,000. In return for this investment, new franchisees will also receive the invaluable assistance of Vapestores franchise experts. They'll help you set up the store, prepare for launch, provide training, and offer ongoing support throughout the early stages of development. Access to EPoS and iZettle systems are also available. Finally, all new franchises will be assisted in marketing their new venture through Vapestores regional and national advertising campaigns.

The London Vape Company

Starting out as a small, family-run business, The London Vape Company is now the UKs fastest growing vape company. Focusing on honest, open, and welcoming customer service, as well as an excellent product range and a thorough understanding of their stock, The London Vape Company prides itself on developing strong links with its customers and encouraging repeat business. With a popular try-before-you-buy customer experience and an enormous range of e-liquid flavours, the franchises excellent reputation is well-earned.

New franchisees will benefit from help selecting the ideal store location, a full store kit-out, access to marketing collateral, use of the London Vape Companys highly regarded brand image, and some of the industrys top products and e-juice flavours. All new franchisees will be fully trained and supported through the early stages of their business development. Youll also benefit from state-of-the-art business technologies, including EPoS and online systems. If youre looking to invest in a franchise that prides itself on customer service and has developed an extremely effective brand name and image, The London Vape Company might be the perfect opportunity for you.


Currently, e-cigarette franchises are one of the fastest growing retail franchise opportunities in the UK. While theres growing competition as more and more entrepreneurs recognise the potential for profit in a vape business, theres plenty of room in the market for well-branded franchises. One of the critical benefits shared by all of our top 3 e-cigarette franchises is the brand recognition theyve accumulated over the years. These are franchises with high levels of repeat business and customer loyalty. Though each offers potential franchisees something slightly different, Ecigwizard, Vapestore, and The London Vape Company are all well-regarded franchises with high potential for growth.

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