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domiciliary care

The UK has an ageing population, and this isn't going to change any time soon.

In 2017 there were more than half a million people aged 90 years and over living in the UK. Amazingly, this figure includes almost 15,000 people aged 100 years or more.

And as the population gets older, then the demand for services to provide for the elderly also increase. This makes now a great time to start your own franchise in the growing domiciliary care sector.

Domiciliary care meaning

As we get older, it can become difficult to perform what used to be the simplest of tasks. If elderly members of our communities find it tough to continue with their personal care routines, then domiciliary care can provide the additional support that they need to live life to the full.

Home help should be considered if an individual is:

Finding it tough to deal with daily routines, such as washing and dressing.
Against the idea of moving into a care home or sheltered housing.
Happy to stay living in their property that still meets their needs and is safe for them to live in.

Theres no set age when domiciliary care is recommended as needs vary massively from one individual to another. Help may be required as a result of a sudden illness or accident, or their condition may have been gradually deteriorating over time. Whatever the situation, there are plenty of businesses that can provide the support thats needed.

Domiciliary care jobs

There are many different investment opportunities available in the domiciliary care franchise sector to suit all ambitions and budgets.

So if youre compassionate and have a desire to help those who need it most, then here are four of the top domiciliary care franchises for you to consider:


A leading provider of home care and mobility products, Ableworld enables older people to maintain their independence and enjoy a better standard of living. Whether its a walking stick or stairlift thats needed, Ableworld has it all at affordable prices.

If youre interested in running an Ableworld franchise, then youll need to display the drive and determination to build an ethical business while providing exceptional customer service. Youll also need to invest at least £80,000, although the minimum personal contribution is only £25,000.

In return for your investment, youll attend an extensive seven-week training course to teach you everything you need to know to run a successful Ableworld franchise. This training will be made up of classroom-based sessions as well as time spent with key suppliers and at your own store for practical training.

Seniors Helping Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors is a domiciliary care franchise with a difference. The goal is to match elderly clients who need care and assistance with mature, compassionate women, who can help them with their daily routine.

All Seniors Helping Seniors services are carried out at the clients homes so that they can continue to live largely independent lives while staying in their own homes. Whether it's cleaning, shopping, cooking, or just some companionship, Seniors Helping Seniors brings clients and carers together enabling the lives of both to be enriched.

To start a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise, an initial investment of around £100,000 is required. The franchise fee is £30,000, but franchisees must also maintain liquid capital reserves amounting to £34,000. And if it's job security you're after this could be the franchise for you. The franchise term is ten years, rather than the standard five years, and can be renewed if you wish to continue offering this valuable and rewarding service.

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy has a distinctive franchise model that offers driving and companion services for anyone who is unable to drive and requires transportation. If youre genuinely interested in improving peoples lives and helping them to feel safe and secure, then you need to be trustworthy, honest and compassionate. Youll get all the training you need to teach you the rest.

The cost of purchasing a Driving Miss Daisy franchise is £20,000 plus VAT. Youll also be expected to buy a fully liveried suitable vehicle, pay the relevant local authority fees to register as a licensed operator and arrange the necessary insurance.

Investing in a Driving Miss Daisy franchise allows you to start small and grow as and when you're ready. You can begin your business with just one car to serve your local community and then expand to a fleet of cars and drivers to supply whole towns and cities. If you're ambitious and have the required drive and capital, you can even choose to oversee multiple franchises across a larger region. This flexibility gives you the potential for long-term growth and profitability.


Promedica24 is a senior care agency that offers its clients 24-hour care in a variety of ways. Whether its emergency care, short-term or long-term care, the franchise provides first-class medical services as well as help and companionship. This allows people to live at home for longer without feeling like they're a burden on their loved ones.

As the demand for live-in care is constantly on the rise, investing in a Promedica24 franchise enables you to create a financially stable future for you and your family while youre helping others. To become a franchisee, youll need around £25,000 which includes the franchise fee and working capital.

Theres no need to worry if youve never worked in this sector before. As a Promedica24 franchisee, you wont be responsible for delivering the care yourself. You wont even have to be concerned with recruiting carers as this is all done for you. Your role as a Promedica24 franchisee is to find and sign up new clients so that you can develop and grow your business.


Working in the domiciliary care sector is not for everyone. Neither is being a franchisee. It takes a certain person who can provide the compassion and empathy needed to run businesses such as the four above while possessing the drive and determination to make your franchise a success.

If you think you have what it takes though, you can choose to own and operate a franchise which is needed and appreciated by your whole community.

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