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does nike franchise

Founded in 1964, Nike is an American multinational corporation that is involved with the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of sports footwear, equipment, accessories, apparel and services. Based in Oregon, NIKE, Inc. includes the Nike, Hurley, Converse and Jordan brands. In today’s article, we’re going to explore whether you can buy a Nike franchise in the UK.

Due to it being the world’s largest supplier of sports shoes and apparel, it is no surprise that the Nike brand name, the slogan ‘Just Do It’ and the tick logo makes it one of the most recognised brands across the globe. The Greek goddess of victory, speed and strength is what inspired the name ‘Nike’, and due to the brand valuing $32 billion this year, the company really is acting true to its name.

Why is Nike an attractive brand to invest in?

As well as being the most valuable global apparel brand, what sets Nike apart as a brand is that it pioneers sport innovations. For example, it manufactures its products in a more sustainable way by developing a creative and diverse team of employees and by having a positive influence on the communities where it operates and retails its products. Nike believes that ‘a love of sport unites us’ and that diversity is the key to creativity and innovation.

Nike’s success comes down to the fact that it effectively adapts to changing consumer demands, has worldwide brand recognition and follows an excellent marketing strategy. It’s engaged in a number of sports sponsorships including the NFL, NBA and the Olympics. Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jorden and Tiger Woods are just a few of the sports celebrities that endorse the brand. This, again, makes it a popular choice for consumers who idolise these famous faces, and has boosted the brand’s popularity among young people, in particular.

Lastly, Nike has expanded its product offering to appeal more to female athletes, and is making it more fashion focused.

nike franchise

Does Nike franchise in the UK?

Put simply, no. While the multinational corporation has a franchised base set-up in many countries, it is not possible for individual franchisees to invest at present.

Does it operate a franchise model overseas?

  • Nike signs franchise agreements with large retail groups, which operate numerous Nike chains on its behalf. For example, Nike operates a franchise model in India and works alongside retailers and property owners who want to sell their products through their retail outlets.
  • Nike additionally licenses retailers to sell its products. Nike is an incredibly popular global brand; therefore, if you are a sports shoe or clothing retailer, selling Nike products is likely to boost sales and generate higher profits.
  • Anyone who wants to retail Nike products must submit an application form to the company. Nike reviews each application but there is no indication of how long this process may take. Also, Nike only encourages you to apply if you have an established business or a concrete business plan and secure funding. To register your interest, get started by clicking here.

The sports shoe and apparel market in the UK

Whether it’s professional sports leagues, gambling, stadiums, supplements or memorabilia, the lucrative sports market provides great investment opportunities. And, inevitably, when people are playing sport, there is the need for sports shoes and apparel to wear. Therefore, there are many retailers, both online and in-store, that offer a plethora of sports products.

However, athletic shoes and apparel have become staple fashion items and are no longer reserved for sports and fitness. Trainers have been named the UK’s most popular shoe, topping brogues, sandals and boots (The Independent). Therefore, it’s not surprising that the UK sportswear market is predicted to grow by 20.9 percent by 2023 to reach a huge £6.7 billion (globaldata).

It’s also been found that 58.2 percent of sports shoe shoppers say that brand is an important factor when choosing what to buy, and the figure increases even further with young customers. This is clearly why brands like Nike and Adidas are so popular.

Top three sports retail franchises

While it isn’t currently possible to buy a Nike franchise in the UK, you may be interested in another sports retail franchise opportunity. Unfortunately, they aren’t prevalent in the UK. However, you can take a look below at some of the best franchise opportunities overseas to get an idea of what to expect when becoming a sports retail business owner.

1. Pro Image Sports

Pro Image Sports is an American sports franchise founded in 1985. The franchisor licenses and trains franchisees to operate stores that retail professional sportswear and sports-oriented products under the trademark ‘Pro Image Sports’.

How big is Pro Image Sports?

The franchise became one of the fasted growing franchises in the US. There are over 130 Pro Image Sports franchises today.

Operating as a leading sports franchise for over 30 years, it has a dedicated customer base who are on the hunt for authentic, on-trend, licensed sports apparel and products. Local franchisees set themselves apart from the competition by matching their product selection to the demand of the market.

Why invest?

This franchise is a safe option for entrepreneurs looking to make a low-risk investment, with a relatively low initial investment. Getting involved with Pro Image Sports is a great idea because of its 30-year track record and franchise team support plan, which includes locating the right store and help with leasing, marketing and sales.

What is the investment?

In order to invest, an initial investment of $155,500 (approximately £119,000) and an initial franchise fee of $30,000 (approximately £23,000) is required. At the moment, Pro Image Sports is only franchising in the US, but watch this space for UK opportunities. Find out more about the franchise here.

2. Smith’s Sports Shoes

Founded in 1949, this franchise is one of the most successful sports shoe retailers in New Zealand. It caters for the whole family, with it offering shoes suited to the majority of sports and also more casual shoes, all at affordable prices.

How did it start?

During the late eighties, branded sports shoes were considered to be an expensive, luxury item in New Zealand. Smith’s noticed a business opportunity here and knew that, in order for its business to develop, it needed to price its sports shoes competitively.

How many locations are there?

There are now 15 stores in New Zealand and, over the past 25 years, the Smith’s group has really taken off and developed into the successful business it is today.

How is it different?

Smith’s Sports Shoes offers extraordinary technical advice when it comes to purchasing the perfect pair of shoes. This includes video gait analysis, which is when the walking or running gait is analysed through video, so the highly skilled team can find the right shoes for feet of all shapes and sizes.

This specialist support is especially relevant with the huge recent technical advancements in the athletic footwear industry.

Franchise with Smith’s

The Smith’s franchise model has proven the test of time, and the company is searching for hard-working entrepreneurs with great communication skills to get on board.

In order to start a franchise, potential franchisees must contact the franchisor directly to find out about investment costs. At the moment, however, Smith’s is only looking for franchisees in New Zealand.

3. The Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete’s Foot prides itself on being the first franchisor of athletic-inspired footwear stores in the world. Born in Pennsylvania, it has its sights set on becoming a worldwide network of franchises. There are currently 530 stores across the globe, and this figure is growing steadily.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, you can view its website here and email your enquiry.

Starting a Nike franchise - not possible just yet

If you’d rather buy into a franchise that has already established a presence in the UK, you can view our full list of sports franchises. While none of them are sports shoe or apparel retailers, they do offer plenty of opportunities to capitalise on the lucrative sports industry. Have a one-track mind for retail franchises? You can learn more about how much it costs to start your own here, and also see our retail franchise opportunities.

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