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does costcutter franchise

Convenience stores are part of our day-to-day lives. Whether we have run out of milk, need to grab some bread or want to buy a newspaper, they are on hand to provide our essentials. Their primary offering is groceries, snacks, soft drinks, alcohol, confectionary, tobacco, toiletries, magazines and newspapers. A household name in this sector is Costcutter.


Costcutter Supermarkets Group is one of the leading symbol groups in the UK. A symbol group is a form of franchise in the retail industry. Rather than owning or operating shops, they act as the suppliers to independent convenience stores that operate under their brand name. Dissimilar to our standard perception of a franchise, symbol groups expand by selling their services to pre-existing stores, instead of actively developing new shops. There are currently around 2,000 Costcutter shops in the UK, Ireland and Poland. Many of the UK locations were originally Spars but they changed to Costcutters because of the better value fees. The brand is a mix of convenience shops and supermarkets. Costcutter is keen to expand its award-winning portfolio, as it has a brand for every type of retailer and type of outlet.

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Costcutters Aim

Costcutter strives to help independent retailers thrive. Its business model allows retailers to remain independent whilst supporting them in a competitive market. The package includes support with buying, marketing, retail and technology. Costscutter aims to deliver a sense of fun, freedom and function. This is made possible by having a large range of quality products, core product lines, excellent promotional deals and great pricing every day, and supporting its retailers.

Costcutters Portfolio

Its award-winning portfolio means there is a range of modern convenience store brands to choose from, based on their suitability to location, customer profile, business goals and size of store. You can benefit from a varied product range, promotions and the choice of five well-known brands that will make it possible to deliver a cost-effective alternative to the discounters. Becoming a retailer will give you access to comprehensive support from the Costcutter Supermarkets Group. The other four brands are Mace, Simply Fresh, SuperShop and kwiksave.


The large symbol group was founded in the UK in 1986 as a small family-owned business. In just 30 years it has grown massively, and the number of stores keeps on rising. It was bought by the family business, Bibby Line Group in 2011, as they share the same forward-thinking mentality and values. The headquarters are in York.

Costcutter Franchise UK

As previously mentioned, Costcutter operates as a symbol group, which is form of franchising. If you want to gain more information about joining the symbol group and how it will maximise your business performance, head to its website, where you can fill in an enquiry form or call the number.

Becoming a Retailer

The benefits of becoming a Costcutter retailer are extensive. To name a few: there is no joining fee, no membership fee, no surcharges and great rebates, not to mention the dedicated partnership, which will become instrumental in the growth of your business. The packages are flexible, so they can suit business owners individual needs and being part of a big company will provide greater insight into customer shopping habits, which should help drive new footfall and increase how much people spend. Finally, there is market leading technology you can take advantage of.

Costcutter and the Co-op

In spring last year, Co-op became the exclusive wholesale supplier for the supermarket chain. Costcutter states that it decided to work with the retail giant because it is experienced and successful and has the range and delivery service that is perfect to support convenience retailing. Costcutter does keep its independence through the deal but benefits from the expertise of a larger company. Technically speaking, Co-op has made a franchise programme available to independent retailers, so long as they have a store of at least 2,800 square feet and weekly sales of £20,000. A number of independent Costcutter and Nisa retailers are set to become Co-op franchisees. This deal allows Costcutter to have access to the Co-ops entire range and they can work with the brand to add to its own offering. It is predicted that the fact that Costcutter can offer Co-op products will entice more customers to the store.

In sum, joining this partnership will increase Costcutters buying power, and it can benefit from a carefully selected range, have access to great promotional deals, have access to Co-ops award-winning own brand and have the opportunity to become a Co-op franchise.

Costcutter Franchise Cost

There is no information on the Costcutter website about the franchise cost. However, it is suggested that to invest in this type of franchise would cost between £70,000 and £200,000.

Similar Opportunities

Unfortunately, Point Franchise is not currently listing any franchises in this category. However, we are always adding new opportunities, so watch this space and check back soon. Take a look below at one of our most exciting opportunities at the moment.

Auntie Annes

Auntie Annes is a food franchise that specialises in soft pretzels, but its offering extends much further than that. There is a diverse range of pretzels, including interesting spins on classics. The UK has recently launched a breakfast bun range and it is currently developing a pretzel sandwich. The brand supports its franchisees from the get-go with a comprehensive training package that will help teach the business model, operational processes and how to bake the perfect pretzel. In order to invest, interested applicants need to make a minimum investment of £50,000 and a total investment of £135,000. Franchise fees are £18,000.


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