Does Asda franchise?

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does asda franchise

Asda is considered to be one of the ‘big four’ supermarket chains, along with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. The big, green logo can be seen all over the UK and the stores come in the forms of Supercentres, Superstores, Supermarkets, Asda Living, George stores, Asda Essentials and Asda Petrol. The retail giant is headquartered in Leeds.

The History of Asda - The Very Beginning

The very beginning of Asda’s story starts with the Asquith family in the 1920s. They lived in Knottingley, West Yorkshire and ran a butcher’s shop. Over time, with a lot of hard work, this turned into seven shops. W. R. Asquith’s two sons, Peter and Fred had an active role in the family business, and they later co-founded Asda.

In 1958, the two brothers opened their first shop and, to gain some insight into the industry, they flew to the US to visit the world’s first supermarket, Piggly Wiggly.

Then, five years later, the brothers made many innovative business decisions that enticed customers to visit their stores. For instance, they converted a theatre called The Queens into the first self-service supermarket in the UK. They also pioneered the idea of food discounting and offering customers deals through cans of soup. Lastly, they introduced later opening hours on a Friday night, which was an industry first.

In 1965, Peter started to build another supermarket next to a car park, as he realised that the increase in the automobile’s popularity would impact how people shop. Before long, Queens grew into a self-service supermarket chain.

At this time Peter decided he wanted another company to take over is butchery operation in Queens stores. This was when he formed a partnership with Noel Stockdale from Associated Dairies and the Asda brand as we know it today was born.

In 1999, Asda was acquired by Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, for £6.7 billion. Since April this year, it has been the second biggest supermarket chain in Britain, behind Tesco.

Who is the CEO of Asda?

The current president and CEO of Asda is Roger Burnley. Born in Yorkshire, he went on to receive a Geography degree from Bournemouth University. His retail career started when he got a graduate job at B&Q and went on to possess different managerial roles during his time there.

It was 1996 when his journey with Asda began. Three years later, Walmart acquired Asda and Roger had a big responsibility in the senior integration team. He spent time in both the UK and Arkansas, US.

He then got the job of Supply Chain Director at Matalan, and then the same title at Sainsbury’s in 2006. During his ten years at Sainsbury’s, he also held the positions of Retail and Logistics Director, Managing Director of General Merchandise, Clothing and Logistics, and Retail and Operations Director.

Although he has spent 30 years in many different roles, he has remained loyal to his Yorkshire roots and still lives there with his family.

In October 2016, he returned to Asda as the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive, and played an instrumental role in the brand’s turnaround. Not long after, in January 2018, his efforts were rewarded with a promotion to President and CEO.

Asda’s Big Achievements

In 2008, Asda opened its Eco Store in Bootle which was the eco-friendliest store it had ever built. 11 million cups of tea could be brewed from the energy saved from using natural light and the bricks were recycled from Liverpool docks.

In 2015, Asda celebrated its 50th Birthday, as well as opening its 600th store, and its profits exceeded £1 billion for the first time ever. This year also marked 25 years since the launch of George.

Asda is dedicated to delivering high-quality yet low priced products to its customers all over the UK. This was recognised once again in 2017, when the it was awarded with the title of the lowest priced supermarket at the Grocer Gold Awards for the 20th year in a row.

Asda and Sainsbury’s Merger

In April last year, Walmart and Sainsbury’s revealed plans to merge Asda and Sainsbury’s, creating the UK’s biggest supermarket chain. The plans suggested that Walmart would own 42 percent of the business and it would be led by Sainsbury’s current Chief Executive, Mike Coupe. The two retail giants also planned to open branches of Argos inside Asda stores.

The plan was under scrutiny by MPs of different parties and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), as there were fears that it could negatively impact smaller businesses and customers.

Then, in April this year, the merger was rejected by the CMA, which stated that it would increase prices for customers and put many UK retailers at an unfair disadvantage.

Asda’s Famous Marketing Campaigns

We’re all familiar with the ‘Asda price’ campaign, which involved customers tapping their pocket twice, and you could hear all the coins that Asda’s low prices had left in their pockets knocking against each other. Believe it or not, this ad was first introduced in the late 1970s and, since then, many celebrities have been involved with the signature tap, including, Paula Wilcox, Julie Walters and Michael Owen.

Does Asda franchise?

There is no information on Asda’s website to suggest that it offers franchise opportunities in the UK. However, back in 2011, it did confirm its first global franchise partners for its clothing brand, George. Azadea Group, which is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, is in control of the George franchise stores in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, we aren’t advertising any supermarket franchise opportunities in our UK franchise directory at the moment. However, check back soon for any updates or browse our vast selection of franchises in different sectors.

We do offer a range of retail franchises that you may be interested in, including Card Group, Tubz Vending, Noa Noa and Vapestore.

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