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The H&M group started in 1947 with the opening of the womenswear store Hennes in Västerås, Sweden. Today, the H&M group is global fashion company with 117,000 employees and more than 4,900 stores in 71 markets (as of 2018). The retail company owns a number of brands that specialise in ‘fast-fashion’ - the term used by retailers to describe how designs are snatched up from the catwalk to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Many different brands form the H&M group, including H&M and H&M Home, COS, & Other Stories, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday, ARKET and Afound.

H&M Expansion

The H&M group is continually working to ensure that all of its customers and potential new customers can shop online. In 2018 H&M’s online store opened in several new markets: India and - through franchises - Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Tmall in China. At present, the online expansion is continuing to develop, reaching into Mexico, and into Egypt as a franchise.

H&M Sustainability

As a company, H&M is passionate about avoiding the production of mass-scale waste when clothes and textiles are discarded and end up in landfills. In 2017 the store collected an impressive 17,771 tonnes of textiles, which is equal to the weight of 89 million T-shirts. H&M encourages its customers to “drop off clothes and textiles from ANY brand, in ANY condition.”. The company sorts the clothes into ‘rewear’ and ‘reuse’ categories, where the clothing that can be worn again will be retailed as second-hand clothing, and old clothes and textiles are transformed into new products, such as cleaning cloths. Recycling is the main method that the company focuses on to move towards a more sustainable future - anything that can’t be re-worn or reused will be turned into textile fibres and used for processes like insulation.

In the future, H&M aspires to keep investing in technological strategies to be able to reuse and recycle all its textile fibres. The company states: ‘Innovation is the key to achieving full circularity.’

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H&M Franchise Opportunities

According to the H&M group, franchising is not part of its ‘general expansion strategy’, as the majority of its stores are run directly by the company, with the exception of some markets, where it collaborates with franchising partners for ‘regulatory reasons’. In other words, the H&M group opts to own its stores itself, and only franchises in certain countries in order to follow local procedures.

In 2006, the first H&M franchise stores opened in the Middle East, and in 2008 H&M entered into a franchise agreement with Match Retail Ltd. for store openings in Israel. Rolf Eriksen, the H&M CEO said that the co-operation would allow them to work with their franchise partner’s sound franchise experience and business network in the Israeli market.

H&M Franchise Cost and H&M Franchise Fee

Unfortunately, H&M is not franchising at the moment, therefore it is difficult to acquire information regarding franchising costs and fees.

Benefits of a Fashion Franchise

The fashion industry is worth an eye-watering £66 billion and, according to The Green Hub, there are approximately 555,000 people around the world working in fashion and textiles, which is equivalent to roughly one in six people. Fashion trends vary and constantly develop all over the world. On top of the obvious practical purposes of clothing and accessories, many individuals use fashion as a means of expressing themselves. The fact that fashion makes people from a range of different cultures feel good only partly explains why it is such a lucrative industry - advanced marketing campaigns, changes in weight due to societal pressures and a surge in online shopping also contribute to the 80 billion clothing items purchased each year all over the globe (The Green Hub).

Therefore, why not invest in a creative industry with no sign of slowing down, where you can work alongside passionate, like-minded individuals. Also, despite the emergence of seasonal trends being more concrete, the fashion industry as a whole is always evolving, making the career exciting and unpredictable.

Fashion Franchise Opportunities

Point Franchise offers one fashion franchise that is currently franchising. Take a look below.

Noa Noa

Noa Noa franchise is known for being influenced by the ‘modern Bohemian woman’. The brand aspires to give women a more powerful voice, confidence and integrity, all through how they wear its clothing. The collections are designed in Denmark and manufactured across the globe.

Franchisees are treated as individuals, with the clothing brand valuing the importance of its franchisees being true to themselves and feeling like part of the family. Despite giving franchisees freedom to run stores how they like, they can still feel supported by guidance from the management team. Investing in Noa Noa allows you to be part of a business with an established brand and successful business model.

Being part of the Noa Noa family means there will always be training and support available. The store designer will visit your new store for three days to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Also, the visual merchandiser will help make sure the store is looking fresh for the grand opening.

In return for the investment, the fashion franchise will provide seasonal materials and packaging, training from the visual merchandising team, staff training, market planning, and purchasing analysis and planning.

Noa Noa has a large global presence, with over 180 concept stores across 20 countries. Therefore, this could be a very exciting and lucrative franchise to be part of.

How do you apply?

Noa Noa is on the hunt for new franchisees that share its ethos. It has put in place an initial franchising process that will support franchises as they become part of the team.

A total investment of between £50,000 and £100,000 is required by potential franchises, and there is a five-year contract, with scope to extend in the future.

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