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Metro Rod franchise
Metro Rod

We're the leaders in UK's drain cleaning and maintenance.

£25,000 Minimum investment
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If youre looking for an exciting franchise opportunity that is profitable and offers its franchisees the chance to expand operations quickly, Metro Rod may be the solution. Though its definitely not a franchise for those who dont like to get their hands dirty, over 30 years the franchise has demonstrated that its business model can succeed in a variety of settings and contexts. Here, we take a look at what a Metro Rod franchise unit ownership involves, what level of investment is required, and what youll get in return.

Franchise background

Metro Rod has existed, in one form or another, for more than 30 years. Founded in 1983, the business began life in Macclesfield under the name A1 Drains. The business' name was changed to Metro Rod in 1985 when it started to expand across the UK. It was acquired by Thames Water between 1990 and 2001, and during this period it provided infrastructure support to its parent company. In 2010, the business was bought by Franchise Brands plc. The Metro Rod franchise now encompasses 50 units spread across the UK and continues to search for suitable franchisees that will facilitate further expansion.

Industry Context

Several other drain cleaning businesses are competing against Metro Rod. However, few have achieved the brand recognition Metro Rod enjoys and most have yet to extend their reach to encompass the entire country. Metro Rod benefits from a far larger support structure than most competitors, and the central management team understand what it takes to differentiate the franchise from other business in the industry. Maintaining a number of large, nationwide business accounts, Metro Rod has snatched valuable market territory and are now one of the leading drain specialists in the cleaning industry.

Metro Rod basics

Metro Rod offers a range of services relating to drain cleaning and maintenance. Whether it's flushing out blocked drains, repairing damaged drains, performing inspections and surveys, or managing your septic tank disposal schedule, Metro Rod can help. With a busy call centre that's open 24/7, the franchise can deploy specialists at any time, day or night, to deal with drainage problems. All Metro Rod technicians are trained to a high standard and understand precisely what they need to do to ensure customer satisfaction. This emphasis on providing excellent customer service is reflected in the large amount of repeat custom the drainage franchise receives.

What level of investment is required?

To become a Metro Rod franchisee, it's necessary to raise at least £25,000. However, franchise territories can be sold for as much as £1,000,000. In most cases, £100,000 is a good figure to aim for. Metro Rod is accredited by the British Franchising Association (bfa) and, consequently, are well thought of by the majority of major lenders in the UK. This means that as much as 70% of the investment required could be borrowed from high street banks. The franchise will help point you in the right direction when it comes to applying for finance, and most lenders recognise the franchise as an excellent investment opportunity.

What do franchisees receive in return for their investment?

Metro Rod franchisees receive a turn-key solution for business development. It includes professional business development and marketing guidance from the experienced team at Franchise Brands plc. This management team is responsible for assisting a large number of franchise networks in a diverse array of industries. They have plenty of experience helping franchisees implement their business plan and grow their franchise units.

The franchise also operates a credit control team. Consisting of more than 20 individuals, the team works to manage your credit situation, communicate with debtors, and perform several critical administrative functions. Health and safety training is also provided, and all franchisees are offered IT support, as well.

Metro Rod franchises typically start out as one-van operations and can expect to grow to a multi-vehicle business by the third year. This means that there's plenty of room for expansion and turnover will increase steadily over the years. There are a number of Metro Rod franchisees taking six-figure salaries from their franchise units this is an indication that a well organised Metro Rod franchise can be incredibly profitable.

Everything you need to implement the franchise business plan successfully is included in the operations manual. The central management team are keen to encourage peer-to-peer learning opportunities, so networking plays a vital role in franchisee life. Contact information is also provided for key partners and suppliers, while Metro Rod has worked hard to develop relationships with large national brands and provide services to the education, construction, healthcare, and hospitality sectors, amongst others. Finally, Metro Rod's 24/7 call centre means that you'll never miss a job and always have a team of trained professionals to respond to clients' calls.

What kind of franchisees is Metro Rod looking for?

Metro Rod looks for franchisees with drive, determination, and a desire to succeed. No previous experience of the drainage industry is necessary, though applicants can't be afraid to get their hands dirty on the job. Excellent business, managerial, and communication skills are advantageous, and any candidate who can demonstrate ways in which they've historically applied these skills stands a good chance of being accepted. Generally, owning a franchise unit does not require formal qualifications, but individuals will need a healthy attitude and be able to commit to hard work and long hours.

Having gone from sole trader to a 50+ network of franchisees in just 30 years, it's clear that Metro Rod has struck on a successful business plan and understood how to implement it well. Franchisees can expect an enormous amount of support and guidance from the central management team, most of whom have experience of working with a diverse array of franchises and know what it takes to grow and expand a business. If you're looking for an exciting franchise investment opportunity, you can't go far wrong with Metro Rod.

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