Crepes London: What Franchises Are There?

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Brits love a crepe, and this is probably because of the similarities that they have with the humble pancake. Traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, pancakes offer a chance for people to use up all the rich food in the house before the fasting for Lent starts the next day.

Just like crepes though, pancakes can be enjoyed on any day of the year. They both can be served with sweet or savoury fillings and are perfect for a snack on the run. Perhaps this is why crepes are particularly popular in London. According to a recent poll performed by Instant Offices, Londoners have the longest commute in the country at 74 minutes.

Starting your own crepe business

If youd like to start your own crepe franchise in the capital to fuel the tired and frustrated commuters, you could do so by starting an independent business from scratch. Once youve decided on the all-important crepe recipe and have established what type of crepe restaurant you want to run, youll need to secure a selling venue.

Setting up an expensive bricks-and-mortar business isnt your only option. You could choose to run a lower cost mobile business travelling around farmers markets, festivals, and other events in your area. Reduced set up costs, and lower overheads mean that youll achieve profitability more quickly. Youll also have more flexibility and freedom than if youre tied down to fixed premises.

But if you do have your heart set on owning and operating a crepe business in London, you could always consider investing in a franchise. This way youll still get to be your own boss, but youll get help to find the perfect location for your franchise, and youll receive all the training and support you need to get your new venture off to the best possible start.

Here are just some of the franchises that are available for investment giving you the chance to run a lucrative and enjoyable business.

Best crepes in London

Crpeaffaire serves freshly baked crpes using organic flour and entirely natural ingredients. Their philosophy is to urge customers to enjoy their savoury and sweet crpes as a healthier alternative to other desserts. Founded in 2005, Crpeaffaire had limited competition in the early days and has since become the UKs market leader.

If youre interested in becoming a Crpeaffaire franchisee, you'll receive training and support to help you grow your new business. Youll get assistance with site selection and design; you'll be introduced to preferred suppliers and receive a full set of operations manuals. Youll also be supported to identify prospective customers and learn how to attract these using effective marketing techniques.

And as no kitchen is needed to run this crepe franchise, the location you choose for your new business can be very flexible. This means that the franchise fee starts from as little as £16,000 plus VAT for a smaller store; making this an affordable opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Quick Crpes are also offering franchise opportunities in London. There are more than 20 Quick Crpes stores in the UK and the Middle East serving up crpes and other delicious desserts. The success of Quick Crpes is as a result of the adaptable business model, which allows for optional additional income streams to be added such as catering for private events like weddings and corporate gatherings.

The franchise fee of only £14,950 plus VAT for a five-year agreement is affordable. After this one-off payment, youll need to pay an ongoing fee to cover the cost of management and marketing. This is calculated as 5% of your annual turnover. The rest of any profit you make is yours.

You dont need to have any previous experience of running a business or making crepes to become a franchisee. All thats required is enthusiasm and ambition topped off with a friendly smile. So, if youre passionate about providing excellent customer service, enjoy the retail environment, and you like good food, this could be the perfect franchise for you.

Crepes and waffles London

If you fancy offering your customers more than just crepes, you could start your own Wafflemeister franchise. As the name suggests, the aim when the business was founded in 1999, was to introduce its famous Belgian waffles to customers around the world.

To become a Wafflemeister franchisee, youll be required to fund the total investment cost of between £100,000 and £220,000, depending on the size and style of your franchise. You can choose to open either a kiosk or in-line store based on your budget and ambition. When youre up and running, youll also have to pay 5% management service fee and a 1.5% marketing fee on a monthly basis.

In return for your investment, youll receive help with shop construction and fitting, recruitment, and marketing. Youll also attend a four-week comprehensive training programme so that you have all the know-how to run a successful and profitable franchise.

Alternatively, you could join the popular Cinnabon franchise, which was established in 1985. Famous for producing the greatest cinnamon roll on the market, the waffles are pretty tasty too. The first store opened in Seattle, and the brand soon spread throughout shopping centres and retail spaces across the US. It has now expanded internationally and is looking for suitable franchisees to open new locations in the UK.

If youd like to become a Cinnabon franchisee, youll need to make a total investment of £139,200. Like the Wafflemeister franchise, you can then choose to operate an in-line store or the takeaway kiosk. In return for your investment, youll receive high-quality training and support throughout the setup process.

Youll benefit from the advice and guidance of the support team at Cinnabon, which are one of the most experienced in the baked goods industry.

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