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The UK fashion industry is one of the most creative and vibrant business sectors, contributing an astonishing £66 billion to the British Economy (Fashion United). In 2018, compared to 2002, the average person buys 60 percent more clothing items and keeps them for half as long (The Green Hub). This could be due to the overwhelming number of new trends and innovative clothing items, and emergence of new fashion retailers. Either way, on average we buy more and get bored of current items more easily.

Fashion Accessories

A fashion accessory is something that can be used to add some panache to an outfit - it can complete the look or serve a more practical function. Fashionistas can use fashion accessories as a means of expressing their identity, making them stand out from the crowd, as accessories come in various shapes, sizes and hues. The term only really started being used in the 20th century.

Fashion accessories can be separated loosely into two categories: those that are worn and those that are carried. Typical carried accessories include handbags, purses, hand fans, glasses, umbrellas purses. Worn accessories include shoes, boots, hats, gloves, ties, belts, rings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, socks and hair accessories.

The type of accessory that you opt to wear or carry to complement your look can depend on the context, i.e. where you are going and who youre going with.

Over time, fashion trends have become more bold, eccentric and daring. Celebrities such as A$AP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert have a distinct style and have redefined how you can incorporate accessories into your outfit. Designers are keen to bring freshness and innovation into the UK fashion industry. Some accessories that have become popular more recently are clout glasses, side bags and plaid items.

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Fashion Accessories Shop

Fashion accessories are sold in fashion retailers such as Topshop, River Island and Zara, in a certain section or on displays throughout the store.

Or you can buy them from a shop solely dedicated to retailing fashion accessories, or where fashion accessories are the stores main focus and source of income, such as Claires, Accessorize and Claud Frst.

Fashion Franchise

Having explored what the UK fashion industry has to offer, creating your own fashion accessories shop might sound like an exciting business venture. With more and more people purchasing clothes and a lot of us getting more experimental with fashion accessories, opting to incorporate them into our outfits, starting a fashion franchise would allow you to be part of a rewarding and lucrative industry.

The fact that feeling comfortable and confident in what we wear has the power to affect our mood when getting on with day-to-day life is only one of the reasons why there is so much money to be made in the fashion sector. Progressive marketing campaigns, changes in how we perceive our body image and an increase in online shopping have also contributed to the 80 billion clothes items being bought each year across the world (The Green Hub).

So, why not be bold and make an investment in a creative business sector with no sign of slowing down, where you can make your customers look and feel good, and work with passionate, artsy individuals. The fashion industry is always evolving so no month or year will be the same.

As there is so much potential in this industry, entrepreneurs must decide whether they wish to start a fashion accessories business from scratch or to take the franchise route. Investing in an established franchise has numerous advantages. One of these is that businesses with a well-known and respected brand name are often favoured by customers.

Additionally, it can be harder for independent start-ups to set themselves apart from other traders in such a cut-throat, competitive market. Retailing accessories under a tried and tested business model and as a brand with an established customer base can save a lot of time and money when it comes to business success.

On top of this, investing in a franchise means you can access support from a dedicated and established franchising team. For example, the store designer will come to the new store prior to launch day to ensure that everything is looking fab and ready to go.

Similar Opportunities

Take a look below at a fashion franchise available with Point Franchise:

Noa Noa

This international fashion franchise retails clothing inspired by the modern bohemian women. Noa Noa is proud to sell high-quality clothes and accessories with intricate detailing, such as hand-sewn hems and fabric-covered buttons.

In order to ensure that there is the highest quality of production at every stage of manufacturing, the products are usually made from natural elements, including 100 percent organic cotton, silk and wool.

Noa Noa avoids being part of fast-fashion and opts to retail garments produced in its own company workshops using slow craft, which is a movement which draws on a combination of traditional and modern techniques that guarantee a high-quality result.

Also, the franchise has upped its customer returns policy from eight days to month - always looking at ways to make things better for its customers. Whats more, this means that customers avoid being stuck with an item that doesnt feel like them, which, in turn, decreases the amount of clothes and accessories that end up in landfill.

Noa Noa has a presence in upwards of 60 concept stores and over 400 multi-brand stores in 20 countries. The brands efforts to be sustainable do not go unnoticed by its customers either. The brand is now on the hunt for business-minded entrepreneurs who share its philosophy.

Interested franchisees require a total investment of between £50,000 and £100,000 and sign up for a five-year contract, with scope to extend it in the future.

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