Could You Be a Caregiver? Become Your Own Boss with a Franchise

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If you believe yourself well suited to managing a caregiving business, the franchising sector is home to some exciting investment opportunities. Here, we take a look at what caregiving services consist of, what franchising has to offer, and how you can invest in three of the most reputable franchises in the industry.

Caregiver meaning

According to Merriam-Webster, a caregiver is a person who provides direct care. This care could be targeted at children, the elderly, or those with a debilitating illness or disability. Caregivers can specialise in providing a specific type of care or may offer general care services for a diverse range of customers.

For instance, some carers may train for a medical role, while others may opt to develop their skills so that they're better able to provide therapeutic care. The specific type of clients a caregiver works with will depend on how they've trained. For instance, someone with an art therapy specialism will be better suited to work with children or those with specific disabilities or illnesses.

Home care sector

Over the last few years, the home care sector has expanded rapidly, and franchising has played a significant role in this growth. UK demographics have also contributed enormously to the increase in demand for certain types of care service. With the average age of the population increasing steadily, the number of UK citizens who will require care services is also on the rise.

By 2024, the UKs over 65s are expected to constitute more than 20% of the total population. One consequence of this is that there will be a higher number of over 65s than there will be under 15s. The ageing population means that care services will experience a rise in demand, can expect to look after each customer for longer, and will need to provide regular, everyday services to a significant portion of the population.

Caregiver jobs

Caregiver jobs are incredibly varied, with different responsibilities and characteristics depending on who you work for, what type of care they provide, and what kind of schedule you're willing to work to. Some carers prefer to work in a care home, while others like to visit their customers in their homes. Some carers work with multiple customers, while others dedicate all of their time to working exclusively with one client.

Whether you're someone who likes to build a strong, unique relationship with a single individual or someone who wants to work within a team of carers delivering services to large groups of people, there's a caregiver job that suits your needs. It's even possible to work as a live-in carer, looking after someone's personal needs on a one-on-one, intimate basis.

Live in caregiver

Live-in caregiver services allow carers to develop incredibly strong relationships with those they look after. A live-in carer delivers bespoke and individual care to those who generally need help with the most basic, everyday tasks. They play an incredibly important role in their customers' lives and enable them to live in a way that they wouldnt be able to otherwise.

For many people, staying in their own homes is much more preferable to receiving care in an institutional setting. Live-in carers allow this to happen by performing tasks that include the preparation of meals, laundry, cleaning, administering medication, getting around the house, and support getting out of the house. However, it's often the case that live-in carers also come to offer companionship and much needed emotional support.

What can care franchises offer?

For those looking to open a business, a care franchise has a lot to offer. First and foremost, care franchises operate in a high-demand industry that's set to continue growing for the foreseeable future. This means that there's plenty of opportunities for a franchise owner who understands how to market their business, attract customers, and develop a reputation for high-quality care provision.

A care franchise also offers franchisees the chance to organise their own work schedule. As franchisees will typically occupy a management role, much of the work can be performed remotely in your own time. There's no need for an office, and you'll be better positioned to balance your personal and professional life.

To demonstrate exactly what a home care franchise has to offer, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at three different examples of successful care franchises.

Home Instead

Home Instead is a US import that was founded in 1994, by Paul and Lori Hogan. Having cared for Pauls grandmother, the partners decided to use their experience to benefit others and began franchising the business in 1995. The company made the leap to the UK in 2005 and has been hugely successful over the last decade. Worldwide, the business now encompasses a network of 190 franchisees with more than 10,000 clients.

To become a Home Instead franchisee, you'll need to invest around £100,000. The franchise fee is set at £39,500 +VAT, and an ongoing royalty fee of 6.5% must be paid on a monthly basis.


Founded in 1994, SureCare has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the care sector and are now considered one of the leading franchises in the industry. Covering all aspects of care, from live-in support to weekly visits, the business is renowned for providing high standards of care to all their customers.

A total investment of around £80,000 is required to become a SureCare franchisee. This includes the working capital necessary to set up the business, as well as the franchise fee.

Right at Home

Established in 2010, by Ken Deary, the UK branch of Right at Home has been able to rely on a successful US model for support and advice on how to deliver excellent care services. In the US, the franchise boasts 350 offices, while in the UK network is now growing at a rapid pace.

Becoming a Right at Home franchisee requires a total investment of approximately £110,000, of which £31,995 +VAT covers the franchise fee. In return, franchisees are granted access to an exclusive territory and a well-regarded franchise package.


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