How to Set Up a Care Agency Business with a Franchise

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If you’re looking to start a potentially very profitable franchise, the home care business is a good place to start. Here, we discuss the industry in more detail.

Consider your options

If you’re considering taking your first steps into the home care business, before beginning the process of investing capital, scouting out potential sites or screening employees, you should think about what you would like to achieve and what sort of service you intend to offer. There are many aspects of home care, ranging from occasional visits to live-in care.

Home care professionals carry out a number of duties, from making the odd cup of tea to constant supervision, and help with everyday tasks like getting out of bed and using the bathroom. Carers might find themselves cooking meals, washing up, doing laundry, running errands, and helping clients cope with the effects of mental or physical illness.

Of course, a home care agency can choose to provide occasional or live-in care and specialise in one or all of these services, depending on the time, effort and capital business owners are willing to dedicate to the business.

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Benefits of setting up a care agency business

Working in the home care industry is not just personally rewarding, but potentially financially rewarding too. Besides the obvious benefit - being able to help those in need - those that set up their own business or franchise branch should see enormous potential for financial gain.

With advances in medicine and parents choosing to have children later in life, an ageing population means that it is logical to assume that the increasing demand for home care will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. The earning potential will also grow as time goes on. Those that invest in a home care franchise could reap huge rewards as their business flourishes.

While the running of a company that provides care for vulnerable people holds huge responsibility for those in positions of authority, if managed well, a home care franchise can provide good job satisfaction and be extremely lucrative.

Main competitors

According to Leading Home Care, as of last year there were 65 different home care businesses offering franchising opportunities, managing 7,616 branches worldwide. The largest franchise is Home Instead Senior Care, which operates more than 1,000 locations worldwide. Other leading companies include Right At Home and Seniors Helping Seniors, and all three are in the Point Franchise directory.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

With so many successful businesses out there, how can you ensure that yours stays ahead of the game? One of the key elements of a successful care franchise is, of course, the preservation of quality care services, and all franchises that want to keep up with their competitors should be constantly considering their services and how to improve them.

Brand visibility also has a huge impact on the success of a franchise. A good marketing scheme and eye-catching branding can make all the difference when attracting clients. What’s more, home care is an industry based on daily interaction with its clientele. This direct contact provides the opportunity to hone a business with a truly personal touch. Strong relationships between carers and clients often lead to positive recommendations and the generation of more business leads.

If you can make sure that your brand is recognisable and reputable, you are in a good position.

Opportunities at Point Franchise

If setting up a business from scratch isn’t for you, we have a variety of different home care franchises that benefit from an established business model. Here are three to take a look at:

Kare Plus

Launched in 1989, this franchise has over 25 years of experience caring for vulnerable people. Providing care services to public and private institutions, including the NHS, a Kare Plus franchise requires an investment of £40,000, plus £40,000 capital. Franchisees will be given a starter pack which gives them access to the company logo, website and marketing materials, as well as guidance in many aspects of the business, including compliance, recruitment and accounts. Kare Plus represents a personally fulfilling franchise opportunity, as it enables investors to manage their franchise around their existing lifestyle, and offers training courses in neighbouring sectors, such as first aid, fire safety and food hygiene.

Promedica 24

This franchise specialises in 24-hour home care. Established in Poland in 2002, Promedica 24 has supported over 24,000 families to date. £25,000 will give franchisees access to a month-long training programme involving lectures and hands-on training. Previous industry experience is not necessary to succeed, and what’s more, Promedica 24’s partnered banks are willing to loan franchisees 50-70 percent of their fee. The franchise has high ambitions, working to become the UK’s leading live-in care provider by balancing genuine service with affordable pricing and competing with the residential care sector.

Seniors Helping Seniors

As one of the world’s leading home care franchises, this franchise provides a personal service and promotes strong relationships between its carers and clients. Seniors Helping Seniors only employs ‘senior’ carers over the age of 50, and works to match carers and clients with similar interests and personalities. The company provides non-medical services including companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation and dementia care.

With 20 years of experience and 30 franchises established worldwide, Seniors Helping Seniors offers five days of initial training to franchisees, after they have made an investment of between £66,000 and £108,000. Attendance at an annual convention will keep franchisees updated on business strategies, as well as regular meetings and newsletters. Franchisees who choose to do business with Seniors Helping Seniors will join a successful business with an established and proven business model.

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