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There are 38 million vehicles on the roads of the UK, all of which should be cleaned on a regular basis. The car washing industry generates a revenue of £1 billion in the UK, with many drivers opting to pay a car wash company rather than get their hands wet themselves. It is estimated that up to 110 million car washes are carried out every year, 65 million of which are done by hand.

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Because many hand car wash services do not have a fixed site, are an extra service offered as part of an existing business and usually paid for in cash, it is difficult to establish the exact number of hand car wash facilities that are in operation. However, it is thought that there are between 10,000 and 20,000 in the UK.

While mechanical car washes offer numerous advantages, investors looking to get involved in the hand car washing sector should ensure that they make ethical and responsible decisions in their management of the company. If the company uses a cash-in-hand model, owners should be highly organised in order to successfully manage their tax requirements. Employees should also be treated and paid fairly, and not overworked. Furthermore, businessowners should take care with the products used in the car washing process, as harmful chemicals can seep through porous tarmac to pose a threat to the environment.

Keeping these issues in mind, entrepreneurs can stand to benefit from a well-run car washing business.

Car Wash for Sale London

Hand Car Wash London is located on Abbey Road and has 20 years of experience in the car cleaning sector. The company is proud to clean its vehicles delicately and thoroughly in order to bring them back to showroom condition. Customers can opt for standard services such as wash and dry or mini valet, or choose any of the detailing services, which include machine polish, steam cleaning and extensive interior cleaning. Staff at Hand Car Wash London are trained by Autoglym, which also supplies many of their products and is available to franchisees through Point Franchise.

Hand Car Wash London is currently franchising and can offer business partners support in a number of areas, including site setup, staff training, product and machinery information, marketing, financing and day-to-day management.

Car Wash for Sale in Manchester

The Great American Car Wash offers customers in Manchester the great service associated with the US, alongside extensive car cleaning experience cultivated over 30 years in the business. Located on Back St. Georges Road in central Manchester, The Great American Car Wash offers everything from an exterior wash and interior windows clean at £5, to a full valet at £65, which includes a spare wheel and boot clean, an engine and bay clean, a full interior shampoo and the removal of all bodywork tar, glue and scuffs. Once this is completed, a top coat of polish completes the process.

It is unclear whether The Great American Car Wash is currently offering franchising vacancies, but there are plenty of similar alternatives for interested franchisees.

Hand Car Wash for Sale in the UK

Hand Car Wash London and The Great American Car Wash are just two of many profitable car washing businesses across the UK. Investors who would like to start their own car washing company will find many opportunities in most major towns and cities. Point Franchise works with variety of businesses in the car and automotive sector that are looking for potential business partners to open local branches across the country.

Here are a few examples:


For investors hoping to start their own car washing business, Waves is a great place to start. Waves is the UKs largest hand car wash franchise, providing vehicle cleaning services across the country. The company was launched in 2006 and has since built upon its business model to open more than 280 hand car washing facilities. Waves branches are mainly situated in the car parks of supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose & Partners. This means that they benefit from a high customer footfall. Because these car washing services are highly convenient, customers are more likely to pay for their car to be cleaned as an impulse before they start their shopping, taking custom away from stand-alone car wash companies. Waves truly cares about its customer base, striving to execute its vision of working together to make our customers smile.

A minimum investment of £25,000 is required to launch a Waves franchise, as well as £5,000 in franchise fees. In return, investors will benefit from a company start-up pack and intensive, hands-on franchisee and staff training that covers all aspects of the business. Further support in areas such as marketing and sponsorship can be accessed if needed, as well as enrolment onto valeter certification programmes.


This successful automotive franchise does not offer car washing services but instead sells valeting and car-care products to companies in the car washing and transport sectors. Autoglym is a member of the British Franchise Association and has been trading for more than 50 years and franchising for 23. Investors will be asked to contribute at least £50,000 to their new venture and will take part in an extensive training programme prior to the launch of their branch. This will include an introduction to product inventory, sales, marketing, customer support and the IT system.


Similarly, Autosmart provides automotive products for vehicle maintenance. These include deodorisers, hand cleaners and paint, which are sold to car dealerships, vehicle rental services and valet companies. Founded in 1979, this company has been successfully franchising since 1999 and now has a network of 150 franchises across the UK. Depending their allocated territory, franchisees can set up their branch for as little as £15,000. Franchisees will receive training in core areas such as sales and marketing, and can access ongoing support after the franchise launch date.

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