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British Franchise Association QFP qualification

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is a recognised qualification that demonstrates expertise and understanding of the franchising industry. Its validation that the qualified recipient appreciates the complexities of franchising and has invested time and effort into continuously developing this understanding.

What does the QFP involve?

Achievement of the QFP is connected to the learning thats available from the British Franchise Association (bfa) seminars and key events. This allows candidates to increase and expand their knowledge and experience, without it creating too much of a disruption to the day job.

A number of specific events and seminars will offer points that contribute towards the QFP if they are attended. Over a three-year period (or less), at least 3,000 points must be accumulated, with a minimum of 800 points being gained per year. For example, attending a full day bfa seminar will result in 250 points being awarded, whereas attending an annual bfa conference will add 500 points to the total.

The exhibitions, seminars and courses which can generate points are made up of core events and elective elements. All core events must be attended at some point. Once a candidate has attended all core events and are nearing 3,000 points, they will be asked to an interview. On successful completion of the interview and achieving 3,000 points, the qualification will be awarded.

To keep the QFP up to date, candidates will have to show a commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by attending more events to achieve a further 600 points per year, every year.

What are the benefits of a QFP?

Because the majority of the QFP qualification is based on attending bfa training events, workshops and exhibitions, a consequence of the accreditation is that elements of running a franchise business becomes easier and more efficient. If youre a franchisor, benefits include:

  • Access to the most current, up to date thinking and practices in the franchise world.

  • The ability to apply this knowledge into your business to improve results.
  • The knowledge to give your team the tools so that they are better equipped to do their jobs.
  • Make your team feel appreciated, engaged and more secure in their role.
  • Respect from your franchisees for effort made to develop yourself and your business.
  • Your franchisees businesses will benefit from improved support functions.
  • Having professional, qualified staff will attract more, better quality new franchisees.

Looking ahead, the QFP is also likely to be a prerequisite for those requesting bfa Affiliate Membership status.

Who can be awarded the QFP?

The QFP qualification incorporates the beliefs of the bfa, and for this reason only leaders or employees of bfa member companies can be awarded this prestigious accreditation. This makes the QFP even more valuable and reinforces the importance of ethical best practice within UK franchising.

The QFP has been developed exclusively for those involved in the franchising industry who have a desire to showcase their experience and understanding of franchising. From franchisors to professional advisers to the industry, the QFP is beneficial for all individuals working in a bfa member organisation, regardless of the role they play.

How to use the QFP

Once qualified, use of the QFP letters to follow a candidates name is proof of QFP status and a demonstration of commitment to continual development. To further promote this status, use of the QFP logo on marketing material is entitled, for as long as the qualification is retained.

So, if youre keen to demonstrate your professionalism, commitment and expertise in franchising then you should consider becoming a Qualified Franchise Professional. The combination of theoretical knowledge gained from the mandatory modules, in addition to the practical application at forums and exhibitions, provides an array of advantages for both your personal and your professional development.

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