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Whether you have experience of the auto repair sector or not, auto repair franchises are an excellent investment opportunity. As the vast majority of these business offer full training, you could soon be equipped with an entirely new skill set and be managing your very own repair business. Here, we take a look at why auto repair franchises are so popular and which make for the best investments.

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If you're wondering why the automotive sector is such an appealing investment opportunity, all you need to know is that British cars are among the best kept and cared for in the world. UK consumers spend approximately £21.1 billion every year on servicing and repairing their vehicles one of the highest totals of any nation on the planet.

This breaks down to approximately £695.39 a year per consumer, which is a remarkable 12% higher than the worldwide average. The fact that consumers spend such a considerable amount on their vehicles means that theres high demand for premium quality repair and renovation services. Currently, auto repair franchises meet a large percentage of this demand.

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The franchising system is well suited to the auto repair industry due to the way in which it facilitates rapid growth, provides an efficient framework through which training and equipment can be provided, and offers franchisees a ready-built supply chain. The support and guidance provided by the franchisor is also an important factor, as it allows those who do not have experience operating their own business to make the jump to management.

Because there are a large number of auto repair franchises to choose between, its a good idea to carry out thorough research before you begin contacting franchisors. Below, weve given you a head start by taking a brief look at four of the biggest names in auto repair franchising.


Headquartered in Kidderminster, ChipsAway is now the largest repair specialist in the UK, and has developed a network of more than 200 franchisees over the last two decades. Established in 1994, the business grew slowly and steadily throughout the first 10 years of its existence. In 2008, it was purchased by international franchising specialist Franchise Brands, sparking a more concerted effort to grow the franchise.

To start a ChipsAway franchise, youll need to invest approximately £29,995 +VAT. However, due to the franchises excellent pricing system, only £15,000 +VAT is required to get started. In return, franchisees attend the companys accredited technical training programme, which lasts for four weeks and will take you from zero to car repair hero in no time at all. Youll receive additional marketing and business management training, and ChipsAway also offers assistance with local and national marketing.

Revive! Auto Innovations

Revive! was also founded in 1994 and has grown into one of the most reputable repair franchises in the country. This is demonstrated by the considerable number of industry awards it has won over the years. Most recently, the franchisor received the Award for Franchise Support at the HSBC British Franchising Association (bfa) awards. Both the Franchise Director, Cathryn Hayes, and the Operations Director, Terry Mullen, have extensive experience of working with and in the bfa and have used their expertise to build a successful and popular franchise support system.

Would-be franchisees have to invest approximately £27,500 +VAT to join the Revive! franchise team. This grants you the rights to an exclusive territory, a dedicated local section on the business main website, access to leads generated by the Head Office Sales team, and the backing of talented head office support staff, who will ensure your business has the best chance of success. Youll also receive some of the highest quality technical training in the industry. Franchisees learn how to carry out all the smart repairs required to operate the business and will also receive management training.


DentWizard originated in the US and was founded in 1986, making it the oldest of the four franchises mentioned here. Established by Natalio Balderamma, the franchise is part of a larger franchise network that encompasses both WheelWizard and FlyingColours. The business specialises in mobile repairs that require no paint, which can be performed in almost any environment. With extensive coverage across the UK, theyre owners of one of the most highly respected repair networks in the country.

To become a franchisee, individuals will need to invest at least £25,000. However, up to 70% of this amount can be raised via a lending arrangement with the franchises financial partners, Natwest. On top of this initial investment, the franchise also requires franchisees to pay a 15% management services fee. In exchange for this investment, franchisees undergo eight weeks of training and get a full toolkit and all the specialised equipment required to carry out repairs. The franchise package also includes all the information and resources you'll need to successfully launch your business, as well as ample marketing materials. Finally, ongoing support and guidance are offered to all franchisees.


WheelWizard is a partner organisation to the aforementioned DentWizard and part of the same franchise network. It was established in 1993, and adopted the franchise model in 2005. It soon experienced rapid growth, breaking into markets across the UK. The franchise hopes to expand this network to encompass 150 franchisees over the next few years. The business specialises in alloy repair and renovation and aims to restore wheels to showroom condition through the use of state of the art tools and techniques.

Becoming a WheelWizard franchisee requires individuals to make a total investment of £20,000. This provides you with access to the franchises comprehensive eight-week training course, as well as additional business management training. The franchise is aware that it has to stay at the forefront of technological developments if its to maintain its position as an industry leader and conducts a considerable amount of R&D on behalf of its franchisees. Technical and business support is also readily available for all franchisees.

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