A Guide to Blogging for Franchisees

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Blogging for franchises

If youíre a franchisee, youíve probably heard of content marketing, but maybe you feel like you havenít got the time, experience or knowledge to start.

As a business owner, writing an exciting blog regularly is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools at your disposal. If youíre not blogging, then youíre missing out on generating sales and making money. Just a word of warning though, you shouldnít start a blog just to get more sales. The primary objective of blogging is to help you to identify your customers, to keep them informed, and to demonstrate your value.

Donít push; pull your customers instead.

Not every potential customer goes online to buy something. Very often they just want to research a product or find out information about a service. Even the most profitable franchises can deter a browser by trying to push their product or service without sharing the knowledge that they are seeking.

As an expert in your field, you should share information regularly. If your content is educational and informative, then readers will become aware of your product or service. Do it well and continue to share consistently, and youíll build trust as well as awareness. This may not lead to a sale today, or even next week, but you and your business will be front of mind when your audience is ready to purchase. If your blogs are entertaining too then, your readers may share your content which will then be noticed by individuals who are prepared to buy.

The more you blog, the more you'll be seen.

With the rise in small businesses using blogs to educate and engage their audience, how do you get your franchise information to stand out from the crowd?

Well, thankfully search engines will do most of the hard work for you. When you upload a blog to your website, search engines scan the content and apply their algorithms. If the content that you produce is of good quality and website visitors like, share or comment on your blogs, then search engines will recognise this.

Search engines also seek out keywords that internet searchers are looking for. Depending on the number of times these keywords are used on your website and in your blogs, will determine your site's relevancy. This is why it's essential to research the questions that your target audience want to know the answers to so that you can offer them this franchise information.

Is a blog right for your franchise?

The answer is yes for almost all franchise brands. There are too many benefits to blogging for it not to be the right decision for your business. The most profitable franchises are blogging regularly, appear higher in the search engine result pages, and are converting more readers into customers. So, why wouldnít you want to invest time and effort into developing useful content to help grow your franchise?

Well, the truth is, blogging can be tough for franchisees that have never attempted it before. If you do find the idea of producing regular content too daunting, you could choose to outsource your content marketing.

Just be mindful that blogs can often appear insincere if they donít accurately represent your brand. If you decide to hire a copywriter to blog on your behalf, ensure that they are well briefed on your tone and style so what is produced is consistent with your brand.

How often should you write blog articles?

Data from HubSpot confirms the impact that the frequency of blogging has on its effectiveness. Not only does consistent blogging drive traffic to your website, but itís also crucial to converting these visits into actual leads. The research shows that businesses that blog between six and eight times a week will generate double the amount of leads than if they blogged only three to five times a week.

The advantage of writing more often will have a positive effect on your business but will also make the process of writing the content much easier. However easy producing blogs may become, itís important to balance this aspect of your business with the other elements that are integral to making your franchise a success. Franchise brands such as yours will benefit from blogging, but make sure that the time spent creating content does not hurt your business as a whole.

What should your blogs be about?

Blogging can help your franchise compete with much bigger businesses in your area. If you have a lot of competition and youíre the only one providing helpful information to people in your community, then you will stand out from the rest. By sharing educational and informative content while asking for nothing in return will help you make a name for yourself. Youíll be known as one of the franchise brands that have a reputation for being trustworthy and an expert in your field.

Another angle that you can take is to capitalise on the fact that you are a small franchise, youíre simply part of a bigger brand. Share personal stories about your business journey, and how you decided to become a franchisee. This level of intimacy will help make your brand relatable.

Make sure that your content is original, informative, educational, of high quality, entertaining, and most importantly, relevant to what your target audience wants. Yes, that is a lot to balance, especially when youíre trying to run and grow your business as well. The key is to concentrate on writing relevant blogs that are engaging. You can worry about factors such as keywords at a later date, but if your content isn't right, it doesnít matter how attractive it is to search engines. Remember that the most profitable franchises donít just blog to appeal to robots, they blog for real people too.

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