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Does Deliveroo Franchise in the UK?

Deliveroo is a UK-based delivery business that aims to enable consumers to enjoy their favourite restaurant dishes in the comfort of their own home. Deliveroo customers can use the company website or app to discover the restaurants that are delivering in the [...]

Buying a Healthy Food Franchise Could Be Your Recipe For Success

Originally posted on 29/10/2017. Updated on 01/04/2019. Gone are the days when healthy eating was confined to the month of January, following a surge in new yearís resolutions to eat better, get fitter and, essentially, be happier. Although healthy foods ha [...]

Franchise Investment: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Originally uploaded on 13/12/2017. Updated on 01/04/2019. Buying a franchise can be a life-changing event. The opportunity to be your own boss and in control of your career progression is an attractive proposition. However, franchisees must ensure they unde [...]

The Best UK Clothing Franchises: Buy a Business off the Peg

Originally posted on 17/10/2017. Updated on 01/04/2019. The British public love to shop. Itís thought that we spend, on average, a colossal £1,042 a year on refreshing our wardrobes (Ariel). Research has also shown that the womenís clothing market is g [...]

d&t supports leading franchise conference

d&t has been announced as the platinum sponsor of this yearís British Franchise Association conference. B2B and accountancy franchise d&t has been announced as this yearís platinum sponsor at the British Franchise Associationís annual conference, whic [...]

How to Franchise Your Business

Originally uploaded on 06/09/2017. Updated on 31/03/2019. When youíre running a successful business, deciding whether to expand using the franchising model is a big decision. Itís difficult to know whether itís the right thing for you to do Ė for your emplo [...]

What Is The Marketing Fee And Why Should I Pay It?

Originally posed on 28/02/2018. Updated on 31/03/2019. Itís standard practice for franchisors to charge their franchisees a marketing or advertising fee - but what is this and why do you need to pay it? The marketing fee is separate from the franchise fee [...]

The History of Franchising

Originally uploaded 04/03/2018. Updated on31/03/2019. About to make the leap into the franchising world? Letís take a look at the history of the concept and find out how it has developed over the years. The Definition of Franchising Before we go into the [...]

The three types of franchise system

Originally posted on 29/05/2018. Updated on 30/03/2019. Franchising is the perfect solution for savvy entrepreneurs with a desire to own their own business under the support of a well-established and recognisable brand. With the current climate, the franchi [...]

How to Develop a Franchise Business Plan

Originally uploaded on 06/09/2017. Updated on 30/03/2019. A carefully crafted business plan is a key element of any successful business Ė including franchises. Business plans should outline the businessí strategies and the managerís intended method of achie [...]

A Killer Business: Why Not Start a Pest Control Franchise?

Originally uploaded on 31/10/2017. Updated on 29/03/2019. The global pest control industry is growing all the time, comprising 40,000 different companies worldwide that generate sales of around $18 (£13) billion every year. While 50 percent of the indu [...]

Who is the CEO of Hilton Hotels?

Hilton Hotels is one of the largest and most well-known names in the hospitality and tourism industries and this year the iconic company celebrates its 100th birthday. The global hotel and resort group has more than 5,200 locations across the world in more t [...]

Grow Your Business with a Gardening Franchise

Originally uploaded on 20/10/2017. Updated on 29/03/2019. Many Brits love gardening and take pride in a beautiful outdoor space. Whilst it is true that many people are settling down and investing in a home with a garden later in life, there has been a notic [...]

What are the Key Differences Between Brand Licensing and Franchising?

Originally uploaded on 17/08/2017. Updated on 28/03/2019. If your business is booming, then you may consider buying the rights to a brand that you think could make you even more money. But what if the licensorís performance targets arenít met? What if the b [...]

International Franchising: The Different Models

Originally posted on 25/11/2017. Updated on 28/03/2019. International franchising is when an existing domestic franchise chooses to expand into foreign countries and markets. It can be a complex process and there is a myriad of factors to consider. In part [...]

The Truth About Making Money As A Franchisee

Originally uploaded on 15/01/2018. Updated on 28/03/2019. Becoming a franchisee allows you to be your own boss without the inherent financial risk of starting an independent business. Itís an exciting prospect and there are countless franchise investment op [...]

F45 Franchise Opportunities in the UK

In recent years, more and more people are starting to incorporate the gym into their weekly routine - one in seven of us, in fact. According to the 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, there are over 7,000 gyms in the UK, with almost ten million of [...]

Does Wingstop Franchise in the UK?

Wingstop is an aviation-themed restaurant that specialises in buffalo-style chicken wings. It started out life in 1994 as a small restaurant in Garland, Texas. Since then, Wingstop has expanded to offer its delicious chicken wings to consumers across the wor [...]

Midas Franchise in the UK

Research has indicated that the automotive industry is a booming sector is the UK economy - accounting for a turnover of over £82 billion and £20.2 billion value added (SMMT). With approximately 186,000 people directly employed in manufacturing an [...]

REMAX Franchise Opportunities in the UK

REMAX is a global estate agency network of property professionals that spans six continents. Starting with humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado the agency now has franchisee-owned offices in over 110 different countries. The company enables local real-esta [...]

Does Wyndham franchise in the UK?

Wyndham is a chain of hotels and resorts operating worldwide in over 110 countries. The hotel industry giant holds a portfolio of 20 different brands that cater to a variety of different markets. These include Wyndham Grand, a network of premium hotels that [...]

Open a Bakery Franchise!

Originally uploaded on 28/09/2017. Updated on 25/03/2019. The ĎGreat British Bake Off effectí is actually a thing! Each series leads to a peak in baking activity among viewers, with fans of the show rushing out to buy the ingredients to replicate the cakes [...]

A Guide to Taxes for Franchisees

Originally posted on 21/03/2018. Updated on 25/03/2019. As the saying goes, the only certainties in life are death and taxes, and just like any other business owner, franchisees have to pay taxes. The franchise fee that you pay to the franchisor doesn't mak [...]

Top 5 Pet Franchises

Originally uploaded on 25/01/2018. Updated on 25/03/2019. Brits are known for being a nation of pet lovers, and the stats only confirm our reputation. As many as half of UK households have a pet; 26 percent of which are dogs, while 18 percent of people own [...]

Is Nandoís a Franchise?

Orignially posted on 15/10/2018. Updated on 24/03/2019. The Nandoís story began back in 1987 when Fernando Duarte invited his friend Robbie Brozin to a Portuguese restaurant in Rosettenville, South Africa. After sampling the peri-peri sauce marinated chick [...]

Top 5 Italian Food and Drink Franchises

Originally posted on 15/02/2018. Updated on 24/03/2019. Pizza, pasta, red wineÖ whatís not to love about Italian cuisine? The popular Mediterranean diet is characterised by five key elements that Brits appreciate in their food: simplicity, affordability, qu [...]

Top 5 Working From Home Franchise Business Ideas

Originally posted on 14/09/2017. Updated on 24/03/2019. Iím sure that at some stage or another many of us have fantasised about quitting our nine to five jobs. Whether itís avoiding the rush hour traffic or an arrogant boss, earning an income from the comfo [...]

How Investing in a Franchise is Worth it

Originally posted on 07/09/2017. Updated on 23/03/2019. Franchising has grown in popularity in recent years and this is partly because it is considered a much safer investment than setting up your own business. Naturally, thereís less risk involved; youíre [...]

Whoís the CEO of BT?

BT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and is based in the UK in the bustling capital. It provides services in an astounding 180 countries and currently holds the title of the largest provider of broadband, landline and mobile se [...]

The Real Cost Of Running a Franchise in the UK

Originally posted on 01/09/2017. Updated on 22/03/2019. When most people dream of becoming their own boss, they think about being in control, having flexible working hours and a sense of job satisfaction. But with the perks, come concerns. Starting a busine [...]