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Store Signs Industry Franchises

If you’re interested in signage and what role it plays in the retail environment, you may want to consider the opportunities afforded by the country’s top sign making franchises. Here, we take a look at how signs are used in the retail environment, what mak [...]

Car Industry Franchises: Start Your Own Business

The UK car industry is going through some seismic changes right now. Not only does the future of manufacturing hang in the balance as significant players examine the manufacturing landscape post-Brexit, but people are now starting to change the way they thi [...]

B2B Examples: Franchising?

In the world of franchising, the most common demographic to aim at is the general public. By choosing a franchise that appeals to everyone, you have a higher chance of expanding your customer base and spreading further out into the open market.However, [...]

Casual Dining Restaurants: Taste Success With a Franchise

Casual dining restaurants serve moderately-priced food in a relaxed atmosphere. Table service is generally offered with most restaurants having a separate bar available for purchasing beer, wine and soft drinks. Casual dining restaurants are typically highe [...]

Open a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Franchise: Have You Got What It Takes?

Everyone loves eating out. Food with friends with no washing up is the perfect evening for many Brits. Consumer spending in restaurants and cafes came close to £88 billion in 2017 with households splashing out an average of £19 a week, according t [...]

Ice Cream Parlour: Start Your Own

Brits love ice cream come rain or shine. Over the years new flavour combinations have been developed, yet the most popular flavours in the UK remain as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. With families turning to ice cream as an affordable family treat, the [...]

B2B Enterprise: Create a Franchise

B2B or business-to-business, enterprise franchises sell products or services to other business owners and companies to help them run smoothly and efficiently. As such B2B franchises tend to become a trusted expert for their clients, particularly for small t [...]

B2C – What Is It?

B2C, or business-to-consumer, is a type of e-commerce along with others such as B2B (business-to-business), C2B (customer-to-business) and C2C (customer-to-customer). But what does it all mean? B2C meaning B2C is the transaction which takes place when a [...]

Is Nando’s a Franchise?

The Nando’s story started in 1987 when Fernando Duarte invited his friend Robbie Brozin to a Portuguese restaurant in Rosettenville, South Africa. After sampling the chicken marinated in peri-peri sauce, they decided to buy the restaurant with the desire to [...]

B2B - What is it?

The term "B2B" is regularly used to describe a specific type of company that specialises in inter-business commerce. Here, we take an in-depth look at what the term means, how it is applied, and what you need to consider before making any investme [...]

Home Based Jobs: Work from Home with a Franchise

If you’ve always dreamed of working from home, you may want to consider the flexible working arrangements offered by many modern franchises. Here, we examine home-based roles in general, before taking a look at five things you need to think about before bec [...]

Starting a Food Business: How to do it with a Franchise

If you’re considering starting a food business, you may be thinking about opening a restaurant, launching a new type of takeaway kiosk, or investing in a food truck. It's unlikely that you will have considered an online food business. Here, we take a look a [...]

Is Caffe Nero a Franchise?

The franchising sector is bursting with coffee franchises, all of whom are competing for a share of the lucrative UK coffee market. Amongst them, are big names like Caffe Nero, Starbucks, and Costa Coffee. The corporate structures of these businesses are of [...]

Consulting Jobs: Be Your Own Boss with a Franchise

In the UK, consultancy services are very much in demand, with a growing number of individuals and businesses looking to develop their talents and improve their performance. Consultancy franchises have responded to this increasing demand by expanding rapidly [...]

Care Services: Create Your Own Business

If you're considering starting a franchise and have been exploring what the home-based care sector has to offer, you may have already discovered that it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. You may also have already formulated questions as [...]

B2B E-commerce: How Can You Do It Yourself?

As state-of-the-art apps and e-commerce websites are developed to offer robust sales platforms, consumers are increasingly confident to make purchases online. In fact, according to the Office of National Statistics, online sales have grown significantly ove [...]

Mobile Coffee Business: Start Your Own

Traditionally, us Brits are known for our love of tea, but coffee is now the beverage of choice for that all-important caffeine hit in the mornings. And there are plenty of places to meet our growing need for a cup of coffee. Research by Allegra Strategies [...]

Automotive Careers: Considered Franchising?

People are at the heart of the UK automotive industry. According to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), it employs 814,000 people across Britain, with 169,000 working directly in manufacturing. But the industry is so much more than just m [...]

Carpet Cleaning Services: Create Your Own Business

Have you ever considered starting your own carpet cleaning business? If not, you should give it some thought. There are plenty of compelling reasons why starting a company offering carpet cleaning services could be the ideal fit for your financial ambitions [...]

Domiciliary Care: Start Your Own Compassionate Business

The UK has an ageing population, and this isn't going to change any time soon. In 2017 there were more than half a million people aged 90 years and over living in the UK. Amazingly, this figure includes almost 15,000 people aged 100 years or more. And as [...]

Home Delivery Food: Take a Bite with a Franchise Business

As sofas get more comfortable, TV screens get larger, and the choice of home delivery food increasing, there’s no wonder that Brits are choosing to stay at home and eat, rather than dining out. And the trend towards choosing to stay-at-home to eat, drink a [...]

DOR-2-DOR Franchise: What’s Involved?

In this digital age, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the days of printed advertising are over. But you'd be wrong. The door drop market is worth almost £1 billion with 80% of top advertisers using this more traditional type of marketing to compleme [...]

Home Help Services: What Franchise Businesses Are there?

The home care franchising sector is one of the most promising industries in the country. Boasting an impressive growth rate that shows no sign of slowing, the industry is home to some of the country’s top franchises. Here, we take a look at the state of the [...]

Outdoor Signs: How You Can Do It Yourself?

Starting a business in the sign making industry is an attractive prospect for many budding entrepreneurs. Requiring a unique blend of creativity and business smarts, it’s a sector in which only the best survive and thrive. Here, we take a look at how you ca [...]

Become a Sign Maker and Create Your Own Business

If you've always wanted to manage your own business and have an interest in marketing and signage, the franchising sector is home to some appealing investment opportunities. Here, we examine what sign making involves, what direction the industry is heading, [...]

What Does B2B Mean?

What does B2B mean in business? Though it’s a commonly used term, we’re still regularly asked the question, “what does B2B mean?" While it has various connotations outside of the business world, in corporate culture B2B stands for "business to bu [...]

Could You Be a Caregiver? Become Your Own Boss with a Franchise

If you believe yourself well suited to managing a caregiving business, the franchising sector is home to some exciting investment opportunities. Here, we take a look at what caregiving services consist of, what franchising has to offer, and how you can inve [...]

Automotive Industry: Develop Your Own Franchise Business

If you love cars, you can turn your passion into a career by opening a franchise in the automotive industry. Starting your own automotive business can be expensive and complex, but franchising gives you all the support you need to get your business on the r [...]

Want a Banners Business? Start Your Own Franchise

Are banners and signs still in demand in this digital day and age? Well, according to the British Printing Industries Federation, the answer is yes. The UK printing industry contributes £13.8 billion to the economy and employs 116,000 employees in 8,40 [...]

Local Electricians: Create Your Own Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business as an electrician but wondered what local electricians actually do? The truth is that the job can be very varied; from repairing a light socket to a sizeable re-wiring project in a factory. But what many peopl [...]