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Why You Should Start a Courier Franchise

Originally posted on 11/09/2017. Updated on 12/04/2019. Letters as a main means of communication are on the decline, with the younger generation favouring communicating by different mediums, whether that be text, email or the various social media platforms. [...]

Zara's CEO: Who's in Charge?

Zara is a Spanish fashion brand that aims to deliver on-trend pieces worthy of the catwalk for affordable prices and with minimal environmental impact. As a chain of more than 2,000 stores in 96 countries, it is one of the largest international fashion compa [...]

Are Chili’s in the UK?

There is an undeniable American influence on our food outlets in the UK, with big name burger chains, hot-dog vans at events and doughnut shops providing American-inspired foodstuffs nationwide. Research by Statista found that the top three foodservice brand [...]

What to Consider When Starting a Restaurant

Restaurants are one of the most popular types of businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, only a small number of restaurants stand the test of time, so it is vital to plan, plan and plan some more before you take your first steps into the food industr [...]

Does Millie’s Cookies Franchise?

What is Millie’s Cookies? Millie’s Cookies is a bakery brand that sells sweet treats to customers in the UK and across the world. The brand’s freshly-baked goods are served to hungry commuters at train stations across the UK, as well shoppers in retail park [...]

Aldi Franchising in the UK

Supermarkets are a staple in every town and city and, due to their essentiality, will always be in demand. The Market Up until 2014, the UK supermarket industry operated under a three-tier system, with Waitrose and Marks & Spencer being a more high-end [...]

Does Chopstix Franchise?

Chopstix is a national Asian food business that specialises in fresh, tasty dishes that can be eaten in or taken away. The restaurant company prides itself on its ‘innovative fusion recipes’ that can be prepared in a flash and served to time-poor customers l [...]

Blinds Franchise Opportunities - What are the Best in the UK?

Blinds feature in many different types of buildings. They are widely used by homeowners, educational institutions and businesses across the world. Why? Because they are a more practical alternative to curtains, as they take up less space and block out light [...]

Costco Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Costco is a supermarket chain that uses its buying power to offer exclusive discounts to its customers. In order to benefit from Costco’s range of discounts, consumers must purchase a membership subscription. This will give them access to Costco’s membership [...]

Point Franchise Infographic

Originally posted 05/01/2018. Updated 09/04/2019. Franchise for sale UK Are you thinking of becoming your own boss and starting a franchise in the UK in 2019? See our infographic below! It covers tips to start your own franchise and interesting statistics fr [...]

Does Turtle Bay Franchise in the UK?

Eating out is becoming less of a special occasion or treat in the UK, with it becoming a regular, weekly occurrence for many households. One of the main reasons for this is the huge variety of restaurants on offer nowadays. In every town and city there is an [...]

How To Finance a Franchise With No Money

Originally posted on 13/10/2017. Updated on 09/04/2019. Many budding entrepreneurs dream of setting up their own business but quite often finances get in the way of making this dream a reality. Becoming your own boss is an expensive business venture and und [...]

Will Owning A Franchise Make Me Rich?

Originally uploaded on 31/12/2017. Updated on 08/04/2019. There are so many questions people ask about franchising: What are the most successful franchise sectors? Do I need industry or managerial experience? How much control will I have over business decis [...]

2019 Franchise Shows and Exhibitions

Originally posted on 11/02/2018. Updated on 08/04/2019. If you’re considering opening your first franchise or adding to your franchise portfolio, the best way to get new ideas is to meet with other franchisees. So, here are some of the main franchise exhibi [...]

Top 5 Home Care Franchises for 2019

Originally uploaded on 02/04/2018. Updated on 08/04/2019. Why invest in a home care franchise? According to recent data from the Office for National Statistics, there are over 15 million people aged 60 or over in the UK, representing almost a quarter of [...]

Top Fitness Franchises in the UK

Originally posted on 20/09/2017. Updated on 07/04/2019. For many of us, the list of reasons for not going to the gym is nearly as exhaustive as the benefits of exercising. Expensive membership fees, complicated machinery and feeling intimated are the most-u [...]

Are Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities a Good Investment?

Originally uploaded on 08/09/2017. Updated on 07/04/2019. Entrepreneurs with the ambition to launch and run their own business could realise their dreams by investing in a franchise business. As the amount of low-cost franchises is on the rise, the dream of [...]

What Is A Royalty Fee And Why Do I Need To Pay It?

Originally posted on 14/12/2017. Updated on 06/04/2019. A royalty fee is an ongoing payment that franchisees make to franchisors after buying into a franchise. The fee is generally paid on a monthly or quarterly basis and is usually calculated as a percenta [...]

Franchisor Definition - What is a Franchisor? A Complete Guide

Originally uploaded on 03/08/2017. Updated on 06/04/2019. A franchisor is a person or company that grants the licence to a third party for the conducting of business under their brand name. The franchisor owns the overall rights and trademarks of the compan [...]

Franchise Definition: What is a Franchise?

Originally uploaded on 02/08/2017. Updated on 06/04/2019. You’ve dreamed of running your own business, choosing your own working hours and managing your own workload. A franchise offers all of this, but you’re not quite sure what it involves. Let’s take a l [...]

Who’s the CEO of Travelodge?

The UK hospitality industry provides scope for countless potentially profitable business opportunities - whether that be lodging, event planning or food and drinks services. The lucrative sector is thought to be worth between £100 billion and £130 [...]

5 Things You Didn't Know About énergie fitness

Found in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, énergie Fitness is a recognisable chain of gyms that stretches around the world. The business utilises the franchise model for national and international expansion and prioritises the customer experience above eve [...]

Does Panera Franchise in the UK?

With baking shows like The Great British Bake Off becoming more prevalent and notably more popular among viewers, more and more people are shopping for ingredients to replicate the tasty treats baked on the show. The UK’s bakery market is worth £3.6 bi [...]

Franchise Territory Defined

Originally uploaded on 02/12/2017. Updated on 04/04/19. The benefits of the franchising model are clear to see, but some of the issues that can affect independent businesses can also have an impact on individual franchise units. If a single high street wer [...]

Jack in the Box Franchise in the UK

The UK is undeniably a nation of fast food lovers. Even with more and more Brits opting for healthier, locally-sourced, often vegetarian food options, the preference for cheap, on-the-go food has persisted. There are almost 57,000 casual food diners on Engli [...]

Jimmy John’s Franchise- Do They Franchise in the UK?

It all started in 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich demanded that his food be placed between slices of bread so he could continue his card game - the sandwich has been adored across the UK ever since. The firm favourite is a go-to choice for lunch - with its v [...]

Does Ace Hardware Franchise in the UK?

Ace Hardware has been ranked as one of the 100 most recognised brands in the world. With more than 5,000 stores in over 60 countries, the home improvement business can be found across the world in places such as Indonesia, Nicaragua, Anchorage, Alaska, Miami [...]

Men’s Clothing Franchise Opportunities

The men’s clothing industry is surging. The rise of the style-conscious male has grown menswear into an industry that is competing with sales in womenswear. With menswear sales being estimated to grow even more in the coming years, there has never been a bet [...]

Does Choice Hotels Franchise in the UK?

Do Choice Hotels Franchise in the UK? Choice Hotels is the world’s largest hotel franchise chain. It owns a string of different hotel brands that offer a pillow to rest on right across the globe. Choice Hotels owns 11 brands that collectively own over 6,80 [...]

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Signs Express

Signs are implemented for a variety of different purposes - the most obvious being to describe what something is. There are still numerous different occasions when more traditional signs are needed, such as exterior company branding, interior wayfinding sys [...]