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How to start a Business to Business Marketing Company

Good marketing can mean the difference between a company’s success and failure. Most companies’ primary aim is to make as much money as they can, pulling customers in with shiny adverts and clever marketing ploys seeded online and in the real world. But whil [...]

Sandwich Shops – State of the Market in 2018

  Fast food has always been franchising’s forte. However, few types of food have proven as popular as the humble sandwich. Here, we examine the state of the sandwich industry in 2019 and take a look at five exciting franchising opportunities. Sandwich [...]

Preparing For Franchise Success In 2019

Whether you're considering opening your first franchise or expanding your franchise portfolio, the market in the UK is thriving. Despite the political and economic uncertainty of Brexit, the UK’s franchise sector has shown tremendous resilience in the p [...]

What’s In Store For Franchising In 2019?

This year, the British Franchise Association (BFA) confirmed that in 2018, there were 48,600 franchise units across the country, contributing over £17.2 billion and 710,000 jobs to the economy. It’s encouraging to see the industry continuing to be succ [...]

Start a Recruitment Franchise in the UK: The Top Opportunities In 2019

  The UK recruitment industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years and looks set to continue this upward trajectory., Despite the uncertainty that Brexit has caused over the last two years, the value of the industry to the UK economy is & [...]

Master Franchises in the UK in 2019

Master franchises can be a fantastic way for ambitious business leaders to break into new markets. Though the role of master franchisee holds a lot of responsibility, those that take advantage of the opportunity to expand a given business can reap great rewa [...]

Open an Estate Agent Franchise In 2019

2018 has been a busy year for the housing market. Although things slowed down towards the last quarter of the year, the much-predicted bursting of the property bubble never really happened. Despite all the uncertainty over Brexit people are still buying an [...]

How to Set Up a Care Agency Business with a Franchise

If you’re looking to start a potentially very profitable franchise, the home care business is a good place to start. Here, we discuss the industry in more detail.Consider your options If you’re considering taking your first steps into the home care busi [...]

Start a Graphic Design Business Franchise

According to Micro Creative, the average person’s attention span when visiting a new website lasts 6.8 seconds. As businesses compete for customers, an eye-catching brand identity can make all the difference. With 67 percent of small businesses prepared to p [...]

Vegan Business Ideas: Start Your Own Franchise!

Veganism is on the up, and is a ripe, rapidly growing market. Increasingly, people are choosing to go plant-based for reasons beyond just health, such as to help protect the environment and to resist animal cruelty. A recent survey estimates there are more t [...]

Start a Driveway Franchise with Daniel Moquet

Garden design or ‘Outdoor room’ designing is hugely popular. Everyone wants to make the most of their little patch of greenery, but if you’re busy or just manage to kill every plant you touch, then it’s best to leave things to the experts. However, if you [...]

How to Start an Online Mortgage Broker Franchise

Worth a huge £1.3 trillion, the UK’s mortgage market is the biggest in Europe. While most Britons cannot afford to be cash buyers, a large majority of UK sales are made with the help of a mortgage. With 11.1 million mortgages in the UK, 2016 saw more th [...]

Swimming School Franchises: Start Your Own in 2019

Come on in, the water’s lovely! If you have a passion for swimming, why not make it your career as well as your hobby? The popularity in swimming has exploded in recent years, and with the success of Team GB’s swimming squad at the Olympics, and the huge [...]

Go Digital with an Online Franchise in 2019

  There’s no doubt that we’re living in a digital age. According to the Office for National Statistics, 89 percent of UK adults have used the internet in the last three months, a figure which rises to 99 percent when considering 16 to 34 year olds. Jus [...]

Who is the CEO of Greggs?

Greggs is one of the UK’s favourite bakeries. For over 70 years, it has been providing people across the nation with indulgent bread and pastries, growing from a single store in Gosforth to a company with over 1,850 stores. Known for its sausage rolls, Gregg [...]

Pet Store Franchises in the UK - What is There?

We’re a nation of animal lovers. From dogs to iguanas, we adore creatures big and small, and thousands of households across the UK aren’t complete without their own miniature friend. Recent findings show that 49% of adults own a pet. With steady numbers of [...]

Our Top 5 Unique Franchise Ideas For 2019

It’s the start of another busy year, so are you ready to make the break from the usual 9-5 and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit? At Point Franchise, we have hundreds of franchises on offer across all industries and sectors, just waiting for passionate, dyn [...]

How to Open a Tyre Shop Franchise

With car production triumphing a 17 year high this year, the tyre market in the UK has soared after a tough few years. From 2016, sales figures have significantly increased, especially in the light commercial market, with sales rising higher and higher each [...]

Tea Store Franchises in the UK

The British are renowned across the world for their love of tea, so much so that it is thought that 165 million cups of tea are consumed every day in the UK alone. With more than 1,500 varieties of Camellia sinensis, the plant from which tea is derived, the [...]

Women in Franchising 2019

According to the UK Government, women accounted for 19 percent of SME owners in 2017. Between 2017 and 2018, 5 percent of the female population were involved in the ownership or running of a start-up business. Although this figure is lower than other countri [...]

The Pizza Company Franchise - Do they franchise in the UK?

With so many pizza restaurants and takeaway outlets, it can be hard to distinguish between individual brands. Here we take a closer look at The Pizza Company and what it offers.The Pizza CompanyOriginating in Thailand, The Pizza Company was opened i [...]

Your Guide to UK Franchise Exhibitions this Spring

If you’re looking to develop your understanding of the franchising sector and explore the diverse investment opportunities on offer within it, the best place to start looking is a franchise exhibition. Bursting to the brim with expert key-note speakers, dom [...]

Top New Franchises UK in 2019

Each year, the franchise industry sees an increasing number of established and fledgling companies expanding their brands through franchising. While those who’ve been around for a while have cemented their customer-base and stick to tried and tested business [...]

Start A Pet Franchise

Gone are the days when pets are banished to the dog house. Animal-loving Brits are gradually evolving the relationship with their pets, depending on them for friendship and a sense of satisfaction from being loved unconditionally. People want their pets to f [...]

Open an Estate Agent Franchise In 2019

The average cost of buying a home in the UK rose unexpectedly by 1.1% to £222,293 in August 2018, according to the Halifax. This increase is down to record levels of employment and a lack of available properties, which goes against the predicted slowdow [...]

Start a Gardening Services Business with a Franchise

The UK is known for its passionate love of gardening. We’re a green country, and even in the heart of our towns and cities, gardens provide tranquil oases of greenery for humans and a sanctuary for wildlife. It’s no surprise, then, that the gardening sector [...]

Thai Takeaways - Are There Any Franchises?

Delicious, exotic, and incredibly healthy – it’s no surprise that Thai food has become a firm favourite in the UK. Its combination of fresh ingredients, spices and that kick you get from a tasty blend of lemongrass and chilli makes Thai food one of the fa [...]

Care Home Jobs - Do It Yourself with a Franchise

An ageing population means that over the next 20-30 years more pressure is going to be put on social care for the elderly. Care home jobs in the public sector are also notoriously difficult to fill, and the demand for carers is at an all-time high. The ai [...]

Sports Coaching Companies - What Franchises Are There?

  It’s the New Year, and you can pretty much guarantee that every single gym, spin class, swimming pool and yoga class will be subscribed up to the limit. It’s part and parcel of our ‘New Year, New Me’ commitment that we take 1st January as our cue to [...]

Start A Car Cleaning Franchise In 2019?

If you’re looking for an affordable franchise that provides you with a flexible and profitable business, there’s perhaps no better option than a car cleaning franchise. Here, we take a look at why such an investment is a good idea and which franchises o [...]