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Nursey Franchises - From Play School to Childcare!

Childcare provision plays a fundamental part in the UKís infrastructure. It allows parents to work and is beneficial for the development, both physical and mental, of future generations. And this is reflected by the fact that childcare continues to be high o [...]

Top 5 Cleaning Opportunities to Start In the UK

The cleaning industry is diverse. Whilst some businesses focus on domestic cleaning, others target the larger commercial cleaning opportunity. Thereís also a huge market for the speciality cleaning services concentrating on areas such as windows, carpets and f [...]

Is the Franchising Model Right for Me?

Running a franchise business is easy, right? The franchisee just has to follow the franchise business model thatís been put into place. The franchisor just needs to support the franchisee, who is paying them a monthly royalty fee to do just that. Simple. Now, [...]

Top 5 Working From Home Franchise Business Ideas

Have you ever fantasised about quitting your 9 Ė 5 job and earning an income from the comfort of your sofa instead? Well, youíre not alone. Over 4 million Brits, 13.7% of the working population, choose to work from home according to research by the Office of N [...]

Our Top 5 Franchise Business Ideas

Article updated 26/12/2018 08:00 Franchising had a big year in 2018 and all signs point towards an even better 2019. With more and more businesses adopting the franchise model as a means of facilitating impressive growth across the UK, would-be franchisees [...]

Our Top 5 Franchises You Can Start for Under £10k

Being the boss and running a business is a dream for lots of people, but many are put off by the planning and funds that are needed to start a business of their own. This is where franchises offer the perfect solution. Not only do franchises give the chanc [...]

The Best Retail Franchises in the UK

The retail industry is big business. The value and volume of UK retail sales is so vital to the economy, that the monthly data collected from businesses in the retail sector is used to determine the financial health of the nation. And although times have been [...]

The Top Coffee Shop Franchises in the UK

We're a nation of coffee drinkers In a world of Ďgrande no-whip white chocolate mochas with an extra shot, made with soyí, itís reassuring to know that the unassuming latte is still a favourite with coffee loving Brits. And boy, do we love coffee? In 2015 [...]

Why You Should Start a Courier Franchise

Posting letters may be on the decline with the younger generation choosing to communicate via text and email, but the parcel delivery market is set to grow. The Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index 2017 reported that 2016 was a great year for the industry with [...]

Best Pizza Franchises in the UK: The Top 5

Pizza and TV football games, pizza and a girlsí night in, pizza and the kidsí sleepover. Itís difficult to think of an occasion or social event where pizza isnít the answer to the catering dilemma. The UK has fallen in love with the Italian doughy circle of [...]

Are Low Cost Franchise Opportunities a Good Investment?

Being your own boss is a dream that can be achieved by buying a franchise business. And with the number of low-cost franchise opportunities on the rise, this dream is more attainable for even more budding entrepreneurs. Be mindful though that not every franchi [...]

What is the British Franchise Association?

The British Franchise Association (bfa) is the trade association for franchising and acts as the respected voice of authority for both franchisors and franchisees. The primary objective of the bfa is to offer impartial advice and guidance for people looking to [...]

How Investing in a Franchise is Worth it

Franchising has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and this is partly because itís considered a much safer investment than owning your own business. This makes perfect sense. Naturally thereís less risk involved. Youíre buying into a business [...]

What is a Master Franchise? A Complete Guide

Master franchising. This is a form of franchising thatís as grand as it sounds, but what is a master franchise? Itís basically an arrangement in which the master franchisor (the brand name owner) gives permissions and responsibilities of their brand to a maste [...]

How to Develop a Franchise Business Plan

A prerequisite for any successful business, is the plan to outline how itís going to achieve its goals. A well thought out business plan is one of the essential foundations for the starting point of any business and a franchise venture is no different. The pu [...]

How to Franchise Your Business

  When youíre running a successful business, deciding whether to expand via franchising is a big decision to make. Itís difficult to know whether itís the right thing for you to do for your employees, your customers and for you. So, before any decision [...]

Franchise Finance: How Do You Get it The UK?

The benefits of having access to an existing brand and operating system when buying a franchise are widely accepted, but when it comes to financing your new venture, there are even more advantages to franchising. Firstly, based on experience, franchisors ten [...]

Home Based Franchises: How To Do It Successfully

Donít be fooled into thinking that a home-based franchise is an easy option. There are plenty of opportunities for you to start your franchise business from the comfort of your living room, but you still have to work hard to make it a success. Nevertheless, th [...]

How Do You Run A Successful Franchise In The UK?

Running any business is hard work, and owning a franchise business is no different. Sure, youíve bought into a franchise with a tried and tested business model and you get support and training from the franchisor, but franchising can still be tough. Youíve inv [...]

How Does the Franchise Model Differ to Other Business Models?

Franchising is a great way to start your business venture. By building a relationship with a successful business, you can benefit from their systems and take advantage of their existing brand awareness. But how does a franchise really work? It's worth apprecia [...]

The Real Cost Of Running a Franchise in the UK

When most people dream of becoming their own boss, they think about being in control, flexible working hours and a sense of job satisfaction. But with the perks, come the concerns. Starting a business from scratch involves developing an idea, building up a cus [...]

How And When Can You Resell Your Franchise?

When youíre excitedly researching franchise opportunities and considering your future as a successful franchisee, selling on the business you havenít even started yet is probably the last thing on your mind. But, businesses need to be sold for a whole host of [...]

What are the Key Differences Between Brand Licencing and Franchising?

If your business is booming, then you may consider buying rights to a brand that you think could make you even more money. But what if the licensorís performance targets arenít met? What if the business doesnít have the experience to market the licensed produc [...]

A Guide to UK Franchise Shows and Exhibitions for 2018 Ė 2019

Want to know more about franchising but havenít got a clue where to start? If the answer is yes, then you can find a tremendous amount of information by attending franchise events that take place across the country. Hereís a run-down of upcoming British Fra [...]

Franchise Costs and Fees Explained

Buying a franchise can be a dream come true. Being your own boss and running a business with a proven concept and brand is the perfect scenario for budding franchisees. But, what about the franchise costs and fees? How much does it really cost to set up your [...]

What is the Franchise Agreement?

Youíve researched franchise ideas, youíve chosen the right franchise for you and attended a great discovery day. So, what happens next? The responsibility lies with your chosen franchisor to give you a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document. As the name s [...]

Franchisor Definition - What is a Franchisor? A Complete Guide

A franchisor is a person or company that grants the license to a third party for the conducting of a business under the franchisor's marks. The franchisor owns the overall rights and trademarks of the company and allows its franchisees to use these rights and [...]

Franchise Definition: What is a Franchise?

Youíve dreamed of being your own boss, giving orders rather than taking them and being in charge of your own workload. Running a franchise allows you to do all this, but what is a franchise? Hereís the definition according to the International Franchise Asso [...]

Franchisee - What is a Franchisee? A Complete Guide

The thought of entering the world of franchise ownership may be daunting, but in truth itís a great way to start a business with an established reputation and brand. So, what is a franchisee? Simply put, the person who permits the franchise license is called a [...]

How to Start a Franchise in the UK?

The idea of running a business with the backing of a successful and strong brand is the perfect way to start being the boss. But, as with any business, there are steps that need to be taken when becoming a franchisee. So, how do you start a franchise? 5 top [...]