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Buying a Franchise: Finding The Right Location For Your Franchise

When choosing a location for your franchise, you must ensure it will attract enough customers to make your business viable. From demographics and the volume of people, to transport links and competition, it's important to do a comprehensive analysis before y [...]

Which Professionals Make The Best Franchisees?

The roots of modern-day franchising run back until the 1800s, and the opportunities and range of franchises available are now more diverse than ever. There’s a reason that generation after generation find themselves wondering which franchise to invest in. [...]

Ovenclean Franchise - Start a Lucrative Oven Cleaning Franchise Business

The only oven-cleaning brand you'll see on TV. Ovenclean, part of the international Franchise Brands plc organisation, specialises in eco-friendly, high-quality cleaning products for ovens. This is a brand with very low overheads and excellent business support [...]

Good Franchises: How To Choose A Franchise With The Right Culture For You

Good franchises are run by business owners that are naturally entrepreneurial. They prefer to think outside of the box and may be less likely to conform, as they tend to be very strong minded. Business wise, this is the perfect set up for two reasons. Fir [...]

Wiltshire Farm Foods: Delivering Franchise Success

Since 1991, Wiltshire Farm Foods has been cooking and delivering delicious and nutritious frozen ready meals to customers across the UK. This takes all the stress and hassle out of day-to-day cooking so people have more time to relax and enjoy life. Why i [...]

Women Are Flying High In Franchising

The research is clear: more women are flying high in the franchise world. Studies from the Small Business Administration found that women-owned franchises represented only one in ten companies created from 1975 to 2000. However, according to the US's State o [...]

Choosing The Right Social Media Platform To Promote Your Franchise

In the last ten years, social media use has risen at an exponential rate as more business and online franchises have taken advantage of digital networks to reduce their marketing costs, improve brand recognition, and achieve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). [...]

Franchise Brands: Why Is Brand Consistency So Important?

Brand consistency is one of the most important elements, as well as one of the biggest challenges, for franchises. Brand consistency is the key to continued growth and the vehicle to attracting new franchisees and customers. When franchise brands are consist [...]

Drain Doctor: Unblock Your Franchise Potential

Drain Doctor is a growing plumbing franchise with ambitions of becoming the national leader in the emergency plumbing and drain cleaning industry. Drain Doctor have built a reputation for being a reliable service for both domestic and commercial customers, a [...]

Are All Franchises Turnkey Businesses?

With more and more franchise business opportunities being labelled as ‘turnkey’, it’s a concept that has got many prospective franchisees interested. But what does a turnkey business opportunity mean? Well, the term turnkey describes a package that is so [...]

Become a Franchisee: What All First-Time Franchisees Should Know

For many, buying a franchise is the accomplishment of a lifelong dream to be the boss. And while it’s true that there are many benefits when you become a franchisee, it’s very different to any job you’ll have previously held. As a franchisee, you’ll need to [...]

What Is A Royalty Fee And Why Do I Need To Pay It?

What is a royalty fee? Well, it’s an ongoing payment that franchisees make to franchisors after buying into a franchise. The fee is generally paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, and tends to be calculated as a percentage of gross sales. In other words, [...]

Franchise Investment: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Buying a franchise can be a life-changing event. The opportunity to be your own boss and in control of your career progression is an attractive proposition. However, the success of any franchise investment depends upon your ability to complete thorough resea [...]

ActionCOACH Franchise: Build Your Business By Helping Others To Improve Theirs

ActionCOACH was founded in 1993 by Brad Sugars, and was developed into a franchise opportunity in 1997. This fast-growing company now have over 1,000 business coaches representing the brand in 40 countries worldwide. The journey started when Brad began t [...]

The Best Franchise Model For You – And Your Pocket

When you decide that the franchise model is right for you, you’ll have only answered the first of many questions that need to be addressed before you invest. But the most important of all the questions that you need to consider is ‘what franchise opportunity [...]

Franchising - 5 Things To Get Right For Your Franchise To Succeed

There are many successful franchises, but just as with any business, they take hard work and dedication to become profitable. Whilst it’s true that the benefits of the franchise model include a higher rate of success with a comprehensive support structure in [...]

Driving Miss Daisy: Try This Different Road To Franchise Success

Driving Miss Daisy is a unique franchise model that offers driving and companion services for anyone who is unable to drive and requires transportation. Clients of Driving Miss Daisy tend to be the elderly and children with special needs, but is available to [...]

Buying A Franchise - Can Buying One You Love Make You Money?

Can money make you happy? This is a question that has been pondered for centuries, and we’re still no closer to getting an answer. But, can being happy make you money? Now that question is a lot easier to answer. Like any business, buying a franchise [...]

5 Tips For Running A Successful Franchise With Your Spouse

For better or worse. Your wedding vows can certainly be tested when you choose to run a franchise with your life-long partner. That’s not to say that successful franchises can’t be owned and operated by spouses, but it definitely takes patience and understan [...]

Learn How To Run A Successful Franchise With Kumon

  Kumon’s objective is simple: for every child to become an independent learner with a positive attitude towards study. This was the vision of Toru Kumon in 1954 as he designed a self-learning concept for his son; which more than 69,000 students b [...]

The Importance of Discovery Days

Discovery Days provide a great opportunity for franchisor and franchisee to meet and get to know each other in a relatively informal environment. For years, franchisors have seen Discovery Days as a crucial part of the recruitment process as they play a mass [...]

Successful Franchises: Seven Steps To Promote Your Business

It may be stating the obvious, but to become one of the most successful franchises, you must have a robust marketing plan to attract franchisees. To build an appealing franchise business for sale, you need to grab the attention of prospective franchisees and [...]

Franchise Resales: The Advantages of Buying One

The British Franchise Association / NatWest 2015 survey, highlighted some impressive statistics which demonstrate the growing appeal of franchising. The franchising industry continues to contribute to the UK economy with a rise of approximately 46% in the la [...]

Capture The Moment With A Photography For Little People Franchise

Photography for Little People was founded 12 years ago by Jan Massey and Melanie Armstrong, a mother and daughter duo from the North East. The business was started after the founders opted to fill a niche gap in the marketplace by capturing pregnancy, new-born [...]

Completing A Self-Assessment: Is Franchising For You?

Franchise businesses are an appealing proposition for those who want to be their own boss. And whilst many understand the process involved in how to become a franchisee, the means of appreciating if their personality is suited to a franchise model is less co [...]

What Is A Pilot Franchise?

Franchising is the simplest and quickest way to expand a business for entrepreneurs who want to grow their empires to a size that they can’t manage on their own. However, the most successful franchises excel at replicating the same model across different loc [...]

Franchising - The Rise of the “Mumpreneur”

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of working mothers in the UK has grown by massive 1.2 million over the past 20 years. There are now 4.9 million mothers with dependent children in the workplace, an increase of almost a third from 3 [...]

Marston’s Pubs Franchise: Take A Look At What’s On The Menu

With more than 180 years of brewing experience, Marston's have managed to create the perfect pint. Customers in over 1,700 pubs across the country get to enjoy the tipple alongside a wide range of other drinks - there's something for everyone. And, if you’re [...]

Starting a Franchise: Top 5 Things You Must Do

Franchises are a great way for budding entrepreneurs to become their own boss whilst enjoying the benefits that come with buying a franchise business for sale. With the reduced risk of a proven business model and support from an experienced franchisor, the c [...]

Franchising: Planning Your Exit Strategy

When you’re thinking of opening a franchise business, it seems strange to start considering how it will all end too. But that’s exactly what should happen. Your franchise goals, whether they’re big or small, should be documented in your business plan, alongs [...]