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Meet the CEO of Premier Inn

Premier Inn is a huge hotel chain with over 800 hotels and 76,000 rooms providing guests with a restful night’s sleep across the UK and Ireland. It is the UK’s leading budget hotel brand and you are never too far from its purple crescent moon logo, with hote [...]

Does LEGO Franchise in the UK?

LEGO is the family-owned company that is behind the colourful children’s bricks and toys we know and love across the world. Since being established in 1932, LEGO has built on its core product – the LEGO brick – to create a whole line of products that can be [...]

Franchisee - What is a Franchisee? A Complete Guide

Originally posted on 07/06/2017. Updated on 03/05/2019. A franchisee is a person that purchases the right to use an already existing business’ trademarks, proprietary knowledge and associated brands from the franchisor. The franchisor owns the brand and set [...]

Fancy A Cuppa? Here Are Our Top 3 Tea Franchise Opportunities

Originally posted on 20/02/2018. Updated on 03/05/2019. Tea is one of the most popular hot drinks in the UK, in fact, the UK’s reputation is based around it. This is no surprise, given that Brits consume around 100 million cups of tea every day. The versati [...]

Does Holland & Barrett Franchise?

Holland & Barrett is a chain of shops specialising in health and wellness products. It is Europe's leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, providing natural products and specialist food that will help customers feel at the top of [...]

Pub Kitchen Franchise Opportunities

Pubs are a place where old friends can meet for catch up over a pint, families can enjoy some quality time over a roast dinner and footie fans can congregate to watch the match. The pub industry has suffered a little offer the past five years. However, it ha [...]

What are the Best Car Leasing Broker Franchises in the UK?

Car leasing is becoming more popular than ever in the UK, with drivers tempted by the lower monthly payments and the room to change models every few years. The vehicle rental and leasing industry contributes a staggering £50 billion to the UK economy e [...]

Neighbourly Pursues ISO Accreditation

Neighbourly wants its ethical approach to business to be officially certified. Over the next few months, Neighbourly will be chasing ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) accreditations for its UK brands that reflect its commitment to the env [...]

Does Chuck E. Cheese’s Franchise in the UK?

While many of us will have heard of Chuck E. Cheese’s, you may not know exactly what it is if you’re living in the UK. Chuck E. Cheese’s is a family fun centre, restaurant and arcade that provides children with a place to play arcade games with their friend [...]

Is Wetherspoons a Franchise?

Originally posted on 23/09/2018. Updated on 01/05/2019. We’ve all popped to our local Wetherspoon at some point in time. Whether it be for a full English or a cheap pint, the pub company provides a diverse menu offering something to suit everyone’s tastes. [...]

IHOP Franchise in the UK

IHOP is an American multinational restaurant chain that specialises in, yet is not limited to, serving breakfast. Since 1958, hungry customers have been popping to their local IHOP to connect over some tasty pancakes, have a study break whilst sipping some c [...]

Car Valeting Franchise Opportunities in the UK

With the UK car valeting industry contributing £1 billion to the British economy every year, it’s hardly surprising that many are looking to start up their own car washing franchise. After all, there’s no shortage of demand. There are over 16 million p [...]

Primark Franchise Stores – Do They Actually Exist?

Originally posted on 06/12/2018. Updated on 30/04/2019. Primark is a fashion retailer with a huge presence in the UK. It is notorious for supplying a diverse range or products, from clothing, to homeware, and beauty products to accessories, at an incredibl [...]

Should I franchise my business?

Originally posted on 01/01/2018. Updated on 30/04/2019. Franchising can be a great way to expand a business, but it’s not the right strategy for everyone. Whether you’re an aspiring franchisor or a franchisee looking to sell their franchise unit, you need t [...]

Evolve Or Die: What Franchisors Can Learn From Toys R Us

Originally posted on 17/03/2018. Updated on 29/04/2019. Even the most established, iconic franchise brands can struggle to keep up with emerging trends and customer demands. It is paramount that businesses evolve to give the consumer what they want in order [...]

The Benefits of Starting a Part-Time Franchise

Originally posted on 05/03/2018. Updated on 28/04/2019. Full-time jobs aren’t for everyone. If you are interested in starting your own business but don’t want to commit to a 9-5 timetable, there are many franchises out there that can be managed part-time. H [...]

The True Cost of Franchising Your Business

Originally posted on 17/04/2018. Updated on 29/04/2019. Franchising your business can be a great way to expand after thriving for a good few years. Going it alone can be intimidating and costly; therefore, adopting the franchise model allows you to use fran [...]

Child’s Play Franchise Opportunities in the UK

From language lessons to art classes, cookery schools to sports activities, nowadays, you can find a franchise to cater to a huge range of children’s extra-curricular activities and their overall learning and development. The children’s activity sector is on [...]

Does FedEx Franchise in the UK?

FedEx is a well-reputed courier company with depots across the world. With a collection of over 5,000 vehicles and 17,000 employees, and a presence in over 120 countries, FedEx offers next-day, late collection and early morning deliveries to consumers across [...]

Does Coca-Cola Franchise?

Coca-Cola is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic drink concentrates and syrups. Everyone has heard of the soft drink company, but what you might not know is that it owns over 500 brands. In the UK, these include Coca-C [...]

Healthy Franchises- Start Your Own!

For a good few years now, Brits have started to change what they eat and how they perceive food. Whether it be the surge in health foods, veganism, vegetarianism, locally sourced produce or organic produce, it is safe to say that the number of UK consumers l [...]

Golf Club Franchises in the UK

Sports franchises often prove to be profitable businesses as they benefit from a fairly consistent customer base. Most people enjoy a game of sport, whether it is with the intention of having fun, relieving stress, maintaining fitness or a combination of the [...]

Who’s the CEO of Deliveroo?

The fast-food delivery service Deliveroo is led by company CEO, Will Shu. Since founding Deliveroo in 2013, William has grown Deliveroo into one of Europe’s most popular food delivery services. He has expanded Deliveroo into 200 cities internationally, rang [...]

The Top Hand Car Wash for Sale in the UK

Hand car washing companies can be extremely profitable for those looking for a flexible and reasonably affordable business opportunity. The major plus point, of course, is the sheer number of cars on the road that will inevitably need cleaning. Research sugg [...]

Delivery Franchise Opportunities – What's Out There in the UK?

As technology improves, consumers increasingly have access to products from across the world. Customers can purchase these products and wait for them to arrive at their door or drop through their letterbox. Today, there are hardly any items too big to send [...]

Specsavers Franchise - Is it a Franchise Business?

Originally posted on 27/10/2018. Updated on 25/04/2019Research has indicated that Britain has become a nation of glasses wearers, with those with 20/20 vision being the minority. Six out of ten of us rely on corrective eyewear or contact lenses (Dail [...]

Car Dealership Franchises - The Best Opportunities in the UK

Many people across the UK who are hungry to start their own business in the motoring industry are becoming car dealership franchisees. This isn’t something that is particularly surprising. As a car dealership franchisee, you can enjoy the benefits of owning [...]

Cricket Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Cricket has been around for centuries - since the 1500s, in fact. It is incredibly popular across the globe, with 104 nations as official members of the International Cricket Council. The Cricket Industry at a Glance The industry consists of cricket acces [...]

Start a Retail Franchise With Our Top 3 Convenience Stores

Originally posted on 12/04/2018. Updated on 24/04/2019. Whether you need some more milk, an extra egg or your favourite magazine, convenience stores offer the products we all need and use on a daily basis – plus a few more! Located on the high street, in pe [...]

Does M&S Franchise?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Marks & Spencer. The retail giant has stores in every major town and city across the UK, as well as in international markets. In fact, there are 1,035 UK stores and 428 international ones in 56 [...]