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Start a Garden Nursery Business

According to the Horticultural Trades Association, two-thirds of Brits visit one of the 2,300 garden centres and nurseries at least once a year. In fact, the garden nursery market is worth around £5.7 billion a year to the UK economy. Garden nursery r [...]

Gourmet Restaurant Franchises: What Is There?

It’s a tough time for restaurants at the moment with more casual-dining outlets and fine dining chains closing than any time in the last decade. A combination of growing business rates, the increased price of ingredients, the rising minimum wage, and reduce [...]

Creperies - What UK Franchises Are There?

Since the emergence of franchising as a popular and commonly employed business model, it has been predominately associated with the food industries. However, over time, franchising has adapted itself to new cuisines and wildly diverse styles of restaurant. [...]

Mobility Aids Franchise- Join a Sector Worth Billions!

If you’re looking to make your mark on a growing industry while it’s still relatively young, look no further than the mobility sector. Here, we take a look at why a mobility aids franchise makes for such an appealing investment and what specific franchises [...]

Language Schools - Create Your Own with a Franchise!

In today’s globalised economy, there’s no skill more valuable than being able to speak another language. Though, there are many obvious benefits to being able to speak French or Spanish, language learning at a young age is also shown to boost a child’s lear [...]

Chipotle in the UK - Do They Franchise?

There can be no doubt that Mexican cuisine has quickly risen to become a fast food option of choice in countries such as the US, Canada, France, and the UK. At the forefront of the Mexican fast-food movement is the popular outlet Chipotle. Here, we take a l [...]

Poundland Franchise - Do They Actually Franchise?

In recent years, Poundland has become one of the country’s most recognisable and popular discount retailers. This makes it a tempting target for those looking to open their own franchised business. Here, we take a look at whether the company offers franchis [...]

Primark Franchise Stores – Do They Actually Exist?

Associated British Foods – you may not have heard of them, but they own brands such as Ryvita, Jordans, Ovaltine and Twinings. However, by far ABF’s most well known brand is Primark. The fast-growing discount fashion chain has taken the UK by storm and now [...]

Natural Food Business: Start Your Own with a Franchise

The food industry has witnessed some significant changes in recent years. Many health-conscious Brits have now replaced highly processed, sugary foods with natural foods. This trend is partly due to greater awareness of the benefits of healthier eating and [...]

Papa John’s CEO – Who is it?

Papa John’s is a pizza franchise with a focus on quality. No cheap or processed ingredients are used to create the signature Papa John’s sauce, toppings, or original fresh dough. That’s because the best ingredients produce the finest quality pizzas. This p [...]

Recognition Express Franchise: What’s Involved?

Recognition Express was established almost 40 years ago and is a business-to-business franchise that specialises in corporate branded merchandise. Whether it’s producing promotional products, personalised name badges or a branded clothing range, this franch [...]

Food Catering Business: Franchise Your Own!

If you’re passionate about cooking and customer service, starting a food catering business can be an affordable and enjoyable way to become your own boss. It can be tough to build a reputation and customer base as there is plenty of competition in food cat [...]

Outdoor Fitness: Start Your Own Fitness Business!

There’s no denying the health benefits that come from regular exercise. Being physically fit helps to prevent heart disease, improves mood, reduces stress, enhances sleep, plus much, much more. According to NHS guidelines, to stay healthy, adults should do [...]

Hummus Restaurants: The New Franchise Craze?

Not so long ago, hummus was viewed as a niche food that only vegetarians ate. Now it’s considered to be the best thing that chickpeas have ever given us and even has its own International Hummus Day celebration, which takes place on the13th May of each year [...]

Say ‘I do’ to a Wedding Shop Franchise Business

The UK wedding industry generates a considerable amount of income for a diverse array of businesses up and down the country. While some specialise in wedding photography, others provide decorating and venue design services. However, one of the most popular [...]

In-N-Out UK Franchise

In’N’Out Burger is something of a cult brand in its home country of the USA. However, it's yet to reach the UK and make its mark. Here, we take a closer look at In’N’Out Burger, whether it franchises, and whether it's likely to break into the UK market anyt [...]

Cheesecake Factory in the UK – Do They Franchise?

The Cheesecake Factory is a big name on the US fast-food restaurant scene, but it is yet to make its way to UK shores. However, for some years, there have been rumours that the company’s first restaurant will soon arrive in London. Here, we take a look at w [...]

The Best Businesses Come in Small Packages

Not every business venture will result in the development of an international commercial empire. Some of the best ideas start small and grow steadily and surely. Small businesses typically give their owners a greater degree of flexibility and control, allow [...]

Shell CEO – Who’s In Charge?

The oil industry faces many challenges going forward, and all petroleum firms will need to ensure that they're under good leadership if they're to retain their positions at the top of the rich list. Here, we take a look at what Royal Dutch Shell has done to [...]

Promedica 24 Franchise in the UK: What’s Involved?

Promedica 24 We Care Specialist 24/7 care at home services from Promedica24 enables you or your loved one to live at home for as [...] £20,000 Minimum investment [...]

Mortgage Companies: Franchising Could Be For You

Thanks to fewer houses being built but demand remaining constant, the UK housing market is highly competitive. The average first-time home buyer is 30 years of age which now make up more than half of all house purchases in the UK, compared to just 36% a dec [...]

Wendy’s UK – Do They Franchise?

For many Wendy’s epitomises what it means to be American. In 1969, the iconic brand was founded by Dave Thomas in Ohio and is now the world's third-biggest hamburger fast food chain. With more than 6,500 locations, Wendy’s comes in just after Burger King an [...]

Crepes London: What Franchises Are There?

Brits love a crepe, and this is probably because of the similarities that they have with the humble pancake. Traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, pancakes offer a chance for people to use up all the rich food in the house before the fasting for Lent start [...]

Give Your Career a Makeover with a Beauty Shop Franchise

Looking and feeling good can be addictive and British women up and down the country spend a fair bit to get the look they desire. A survey commissioned by Fragrance Direct discovered that women in the UK on average spend £482.51 a year on beauty produc [...]

Catering Companies: Feed Your Ambition with a Franchise

The UK catering industry is thriving. According to data from IBISWorld, revenue for the catering services market came in at £1 billion in 2017 and had grown by 1% annually since 2013. Catering companies also make a considerable contribution to the UK e [...]

Garden Design: Grow Your Own Franchise

Image from Adam Harris, Landscape designers take the ideas and needs of their clients and turn them into reality. With a focus on garden design and maintenance, this is a highly rewarding career and one that demands creativity and a hig [...]

First Class Learning Franchise – What’s Involved?

If you’ve had previous experience of the education sector and want to continue teaching in a more relaxed and flexible environment, a First Class Learning franchise may be the ideal opportunity. However, the business is also well suited to those who are pas [...]

Wedding Consultant: How Do You Do It Yourself?

If it’s always been your dream to be a wedding consultant, a consultancy franchise may be your best opportunity to do so. However, starting a franchise requires a great deal of dedication and commitment. If you think you’ve got what it takes, take a look at [...]

Pizza Express Franchise - Do They Really Franchise?

Over the years, Pizza Express has become one of the country’s most popular pizza restaurants. Though it has gone through a number of transformations, it has cemented itself as the most recognisable pizza restaurant on the high street and is looking to expan [...]

Accounting Firms: Figure Out which Franchise is Best for You

Though the franchising system was once restricted to a handful of industries, it has now been adopted by a diverse array of businesses. One of the key areas of growth for franchising in recent years is accountancy services. Here, we take a look at the big p [...]