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Evolve Or Die: What Franchisors Can Learn From Toys R Us

You could be the most established of franchise brands, but if you fail to evolve to keep up with customer demand, then you’re doomed to fail. If you want to survive, you have to keep up with the times, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Fortunately [...]

Can You Be A Good Mum And A Good Franchisee?

Often being a working mum is a constant cycle of guilt. If you’re at work, you feel guilty for not spending time with the kids. When you’re at home, you feel guilty for not being in work. Add being a business owner into this equation and it just magnifies th [...]

Clean Up With a Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Jani-King has been established since 1969 and became a cleaning franchise just a few years later. Jani-King franchise then came to the UK in 1992 and is now the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company. The success of this recognisable brand ha [...]

Why Franchising Works For All Kinds Of ‘Preneurs.'

The word entrepreneur is used almost synonymously with business owner in the world of franchising, but what does it actually mean? Well, the word was first created by a French economist Jean-Baptiste Say in the 1700’s, and is actually translated as ‘adventur [...]

A Guide To Interviewing Franchisees

When you’re testing the suitability of prospective franchisees, it’s important to focus on more than just their financial situation. To find the right candidate for you and your franchise model, you need to spend time and effort developing a quality intervie [...]

Avoid Franchisee Burnout By Taking Time Out.

Taking on a franchise business opportunity can be likened to having a baby. Being kept awake all night, thinking and talking of nothing else, and feeling like you're on an emotional rollercoaster; the similarities are endless. And just like having a newborn, [...]

Make Your Voice Heard: Learn To Become A Confident Public Speaker.

Successful franchises are led by confident, experienced and knowledgeable franchisors. The ability to share your qualities and recruit prospective franchisees may rely on your capacity to stand out from the crowd and give compelling reasons why they should j [...]

How To Help Other Franchises With A B2B Franchise

When considering a B2B franchise, you may be surprised at the number of opportunities that are available and how many benefits are associated with owning a business franchise. Advantages of a B2B franchise A business franchise tends to be profitable for th [...]

Prepare Your Franchise To Weather The Storm.

The UK has recently been battered by blizzards, strong winds, and snow which has caused death and disruption all over the country. The weather system labelled the ‘Beast from the East’ combined forces with storm Emma to produce the most challenging weather c [...]

Which Is Best? Big Brand Name Or Niche Franchise?

In most instances, bigger means best; but does this apply to franchising? From a security perspective, the answer is probably yes. After all, the safety net that a big brand name can offer an inexperienced franchisee is pretty appealing. However, the best f [...]

What Happens If Your Franchisor Goes Bust?

You did everything right. You followed advice and performed your due diligence before signing the franchise agreement. You entered the contract feeling confident that the franchisor had developed a robust franchise system and established a trusted and recogn [...]

Taking the Lead with a Dogknows Franchise

Dogknows has been established as a dog walking franchise since 1999. During this time, the business concept has evolved to above and beyond offering a dog walking service. Franchisees are taught how to train dogs and how to read a dog’s body language and be [...]

Is Franchising A Risky Business?

Buying into a franchise comes with many benefits, but it's far from bulletproof. Even the most successful franchises face risks and potential pitfalls. So, what are the risks associated with the franchise business model? The franchise business model cannot [...]

Improve Your Customers’ Lives While Building Your Franchise

A 2017 report by Mintel found that a third of adults in the UK believe that they’re healthier now than they were 12 months ago. This boom in healthy living is partially attributed to the increase in wellness bloggers sharing content with audiences via social [...]

Overcome the Barriers to Becoming a Franchisor

For many entrepreneurs, franchising is the perfect way for them to expand their business. It's relatively risk-free too, as franchisees are responsible for the entire cost of opening locations and therefore are more determined to succeed. This enables franc [...]

The Do’s And Don’ts of Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is a huge commitment. You’re investing a lot, both financially and emotionally, and a contract should only be entered in to after thorough consideration and research. Failing to do your due diligence may lead to buying a franchise that is [...]

The Benefits of Consulting a Franchise Accountant

The advantages of franchise investment opportunities are well known. It’s a proven concept and offers products or services that have been tried and tested. You benefit from brand awareness, and you have the support and training from an experienced franchisor [...]

Make A Clean Sweep With A Wilkins Franchise.

When it comes to sweeping chimneys, Wilkins know their stuff. After all, Tom Wilkins started the business way back in 1895 as a ‘one man and a bicycle’ operation. Over the last 120 years, the business has been handed down through generations of the family, [...]

A Franchisors’ Guide to Supporting Franchisees

The focus that franchisors place on franchise development is vital to prospective franchisees. This is particularly the case for those who have never managed their owned business before. Franchisees choose to join a franchise because they want to be their o [...]

Franchise Discovery Days: How to Prepare to Attend Them

In your quest for the perfect franchise business opportunity, you’ll have considered your budget and completed due diligence to find the right franchise for you. Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to just one franchise, things are about to step up a l [...]

Fresh Air and Franchising: 5 ‘Out Of The Office’ Franchises

There’s a common misconception that business owners need to be based in an office staring at a computer screen all day to be a success. But this isn’t the case and shouldn’t put you off starting your own business. Working outside can have many advantages, i [...]

How Likes, Shares And Retweets Can Help Build A Franchisees’ Business

If you’re like 64% of the UK population, you’ve got an active social media account. Whether you’re fanatical about Facebook, inspired by Instagram or transfixed by Twitter, chances are you spend time visiting one or more social media platforms on a daily bas [...]

The Benefits of Starting a Part-Time Franchise

If you’ve always wanted to run your own business but don’t want to commit to a full-time job or commute to work every day, here are some of the main advantages of opening a franchise and running it part-time. Work from home Many part-time franchises can be [...]

Cheers to Our Top 3 Bar Franchises

Have you always dreamed of opening your own bar business under an established franchise brand? If so, here are some of the most popular franchises in the bar business for 2018: Our top 3 bar franchises: 1 - Bar Sport A renowned international bar franchise [...]

The History of Franchising

Considering a big leap into the franchising world? Whether you’re investing in franchising your business or becoming the owner of one or more franchises in the UK, find out how this sector has evolved over the years. The definition of franchising Before lo [...]

Start a Franchise with Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agent.

One of the leading estate agents in the UK, Nicholas Humphreys is one of only five property franchises to become a full member of the bfa. About Nicholas Humphreys A specialist in student lettings, this franchisor has branches in 28 locations in England a [...]

Budgeting For Success: Understanding the Cost of Franchising

Choosing to become a franchisee is exciting and scary in equal quantities. Not only do you have to come up with enough capital to fund your new venture, but when you’re up and running, you must navigate the first couple of years carefully to avoid failure. T [...]

Understanding the Importance of an Operations Manual

An operations manual is an extension of the relevant material contained in the franchise agreement. It gives franchisees everything they need to know about how to duplicate the franchise business model. All the elements that have been previously tried and te [...]

Five Reasons Why Women Make the Best Franchisees

It’s easy to see why franchising appeals to women. The flexibility and freedom that comes with being the boss are hard to find in more traditional employment. This is why women are increasingly leaving their corporate jobs behind and becoming entrepreneurs w [...]

Top 6 High Investment Franchise Opportunities

The beauty of franchising is that there's something for everyone. From low-cost franchise investment opportunities under £5,000 to buying a franchise that costs over £500,000 - and everything in between. There are top franchise opportunities availa [...]