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Franchise agreements and the law

The franchise agreement is possibly the most important document in the entire franchise system. It provides franchisors and franchisees with a means to define their future relationship and sets out all of the terms that will bind them for the duration of the [...]

Go green with a FiltaFry franchise

FiltaFry is a franchise opportunity that has little or no competition. By introducing micro-filtration to the UK in 1996, FiltaFry is firmly established as the industry leader worldwide and one of the pioneering green franchises. Now over 60 franchisees up [...]

Step by step guide to becoming a franchisee

If you’re contemplating becoming a franchisee but aren’t sure what the process is for doing so, you’ve come to the right place. Our handy, ten step guide will walk you through all of the various preparatory stages you’ll need to consider if you’re to become [...]

Weighing up the pros and cons of a part-time franchise

For many people, the idea of owning a part-time franchise is incredibly appealing. For others, the arrangement poses its own unique set of problems. Here, we take a look at part-time franchise arrangements and weigh up the pros and cons of this type of agree [...]

How to develop an effective relationship with your franchisor

The relationship between franchisor and franchisee can be a complex one. It’s often been compared to a marriage because both parties are dependent on each other. Just like a marriage, successful franchisees rely on dedication, support and respect to thrive. [...]

Franchising and profitability: How it works

For the franchisor If you’re a successful business owner and you have ambitions of growth, franchising can be the perfect solution if you do it right. However, the most profitable franchises require you to invest significantly in building a robust system an [...]

Tell-tale signs that a franchise isn’t worth your effort

A franchise business opportunity can be an attractive way for budding entrepreneurs to become business owners. And it’s easy to understand the appeal. A franchise company has a proven business model which can save you time, energy and money compared to start [...]

Multi-level marketing or franchising? You decide

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming your own boss but don't know where to start, you may want to consider alternatives to creating a business from scratch. Two options which are growing in popularity are franchising and multi-level marketing. The franchise [...]

Invest in a franchise or go it alone?

Fear, anticipation, excitement. These are just some of the feelings that many entrepreneurs have experienced when they’ve considered becoming their own boss. After all, becoming a business owner is a huge career step and will impact your personal, as well as [...]

Franchises fit for a royal wedding

The wedding of the year has taken place. On Saturday 19th May at 12 pm, Ms Meghan Markle married Prince Harry at St George's Chapel in Windsor. Opting for a much more intimate venue than his big brother Prince William, the chapel is significantly smaller tha [...]

How to tell if a franchise opportunity is too good to be true

Though there is an enormous number of legitimate, successful franchises out there, there is also a small minority that only wants to make some quick cash from franchisees and doesn't care about their success. This kind of franchise often tries to market itse [...]

Jargon buster: 10 common franchising terms explained

Over the years, those involved in franchising have developed their own specific terminology to describe different types of processes, roles, agreements, and concepts. Though this occurs in all specialist areas to some degree, franchising jargon can be partic [...]

How franchisee satisfaction could signal the right opportunity for you

When you’re looking to buy a franchise, there’s an enormous number of things to think about. Amongst other things, potential franchisees must consider whether they can afford the franchise, whether they’re well suited to the industry, whether they’ll make [...]

Keeping mum: know your rights about maternity leave

As a franchisee, your relationship to your work is often considerably different to those who pursue more traditional working arrangements. While you’re not quite an employee, neither are you a completely independent boss. Being caught in the middle can have [...]

Are you ready to become a franchisee? Check out our checklist

If you’re thinking of becoming a franchisee, there are a few things you'll need to consider before you sign up. The decision to start a new franchise will commit you to an extended period of hard work and long hours. It requires that you be absolutely sure o [...]

Go barking mad for a PetStay franchise

If you've always loved dogs and are considering ways you can translate this affection into a well-paying job, a PetStay franchise may be the ideal solution. With over ten years of experience in the pet care industry, PetStay is one of the world's leading dog [...]

How to find fantastic franchisees

Becoming a franchisee often requires balancing skills. On the one hand, a franchisee needs to successfully operate their own business while, on the other hand, adhering to your rules and business model. This is a skill that not all budding entrepreneurs poss [...]

Run your digital franchise from absolutely anywhere

The benefits of working from home are becoming increasingly appreciated by small business owners all over the UK. In fact, according to research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research and YouGov, home businesses have grown from strength to stren [...]

Keep it in the family: Top 5 tips for running a franchise with family

The thought of working with your family, let alone starting a franchise with them, maybe enough to fill you with dread. But for many, the comfort of working alongside a family member who they can trust completely is the recipe for success. If you’re consi [...]

Why buying a franchise is a good choice in times of economic uncertainty.

The last 12 months have seen some significant political changes taking place in the UK. This can create uncertainty and apprehension for all business owners, including franchisees. With Britain’s imminent exit from the EU, is now a good time to consider buyi [...]

Train the next generation with a Progressive Sports franchise

Progressive Sports is a well-established and proven sports franchise that provides physical education to children between the ages of three and 13-year-olds. It’s the mission of Progressive Sports to make sports and exercise accessible to all while inspiring [...]

Top 10 frequently asked questions about franchising.

1. What is franchising? Franchising is the granting of certain rights by one party (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which enables the franchisee to own and operate their own business based on the franchisor's franchise business model. For the r [...]

Make do and mend: Our top 5 home improvement franchises.

A new study by Queen’s University Belfast, based on census data over 40 years, has shown that renters and homeowners in England and Wales are far less likely to move than in the 1970s. The research has found that at least a million fewer people moved up the [...]

Tips on how to be innovative as a franchisee

One of the biggest myths about franchising is that creativity and innovation cannot be achieved by franchisees. Many people believe that for a franchise system to be a success, franchisees must adhere to routine, standardised and predictable processes and pr [...]

Start A Gem Of A Franchise With Diamond Logistics

Kate Lester was working for a courier company back in 1992 when she had a lightbulb moment. She thought “I can do better than this”, and so she decided to start her very own 24/7 courier service. Ten years later she had grown such a successful business that [...]

Get Moving And Start An Online Estate Agent Franchise

In recent years, online estate agents have proven an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to manage their own franchise. Digital technology has advanced to a point where a brick-and-mortar business is no longer necessary, and many franchises h [...]

A Guide To Writing An Excellent Operations Manual

The franchise operations manual is an essential document that all franchises need to put a great deal of time and effort into perfecting. If you're new to the concept of a franchise operations manual, we've constructed this helpful guide to creating a great [...]

How self-confidence can equal success for franchisees

Self-confidence is an integral factor in the success of most entrepreneurs. It allows individuals to believe in their decision-making abilities and push onwards, even when times are tough. Here, we take a look at how self-confidence impacts franchisees and w [...]

Go Digital with Activ Net Marketing

Opening a franchise with Activ Net Marketing gives you the opportunity to run a successful and profitable web marketing business from the comfort of your own home. You’ll join the growing number of Activ Net Marketing franchisees up and down the country who [...]

Join the UK’s Number 1 Commercial Finance Network with Brokerplan

Brokerplan A Unique Opportunity to Launch Your Own Commercial Finance Brokerage£4,995 Minimum investmentFinanceRequest information Read moreThe Brokerplan Network was established in 2004 and operates under th [...]