Franchise Spotlight: 5 Reasons Why Running a Wooden Floor Store Franchise is a Great Investment

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The Wooden Floor Store is a national franchise that started out as a stand-alone store in Belfast in 1998. Two years later, a second branch in Glasgow was launched. In 2018, England got its first store, situated on Fulham Road in Parsons Green, London. Today, The Wooden Floor Store has 10 outlets, including Belfast, Lisburn, Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh, Falkirk, London, Reading, Peterborough and Manchester.

The successful retailer sells wood, laminate, vinyl and artificial grass flooring from a range of big-name brands including Bois De Vie, Causeway, Floored and Balento. These flooring solutions aren’t just sold to the public, however; The Wooden Floor Store has supplied its products to the retail market, developers, shop fitters, restaurants, film sets, councils and colleges. In this article, we are going to consider five reasons why running a Wooden Floor Store is a good investment, including exploring the franchise opportunity in more depth.

So why not consider investing in a Wooden Floor Store franchise? What with the franchising industry employing around 710,000 people and generating a turnover of approximately £17.2 billion (BFA/NatWest Franchise Survey 2018), running your own business with a franchise is an exciting, relatively low-risk career move.

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5 reasons why running a Wooden Floor Store franchise is a great investment

The Wooden Floor Store has 20 years of experience in the flooring sector and has established a highly successful franchise model that stretches across the UK. Let’s take a look at five things you might not know about the interior decorating franchise:

1. It works to provide the perfect service to each customer

From the start of the customer’s selection process to the final moments of installation, The Wooden Floor Store aims to provide the best possible flooring and service to each and every customer.

To aid shoppers in their decision-making process, the flooring franchise has a range of samples, which can be taken away completely free of charge. Every building has different light, décor and requirements, and consumers can experiment with as many different samples as they like to see whether they work in their own home.

These samples can even be delivered for free to any address in the UK, after being dispatched the same day they were ordered. If customers are unable to decide on their flooring, The Wooden Floor Store offers a bespoke design service, which tailors flooring to individual specifications, allowing customers to select and combine their preferred colour, size, format and finish. The flooring franchise even aims to beat its competitors by offering to replicate flooring by bigger companies that may have caught customers’ eyes at a lower cost.

2. It delivers fast service in all aspects of the business

The Wooden Floor Store claims that if a customer buys flooring in the morning, the company can dispatch it the same day. If customers opt to pick up their purchase from the store’s warehouse collection point, staff are on-hand to load the order into the vehicle to ensure a quick and simple collection process.

The Wooden Floor Store knows that once customers have decided on their favourite flooring, they want to get it installed in their home as soon as possible and without delays.

To this end, all the store’s real wood flooring comes pre-finished, so that it can be immediately fitted on arrival and walked on without further treatment. This ensures a hassle-free installation process.

Customers can choose whether their floorboards have a matt, satin, gloss, stained, brushed, hand-scraped lacquer or oil finish. The Wooden Floor Store does the hard work on behalf of its customers, providing flooring that is attractive to look at and easy to maintain.

3. It cares about the environment

We live in a world where one and a half acres of forest is cut down every second and, if deforestation continues at the current rate, there will be no rainforests left in 100 years’ time.

As a business that provides real wood products, The Wooden Floor Store is proud of its ethos of integrity and the high operational standards by which it abides. The franchise sources all its wood products sustainably and has total control over the supply process, with the ability to trace every plank of wood back to the forest from which it originated.

The Wooden Floor Store fully supports the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which prohibits the selling of illegally harvested timber on the EU market, and has passed the EUTR inspection that is carried out by the government.

4. It has been recognised at numerous award ceremonies

The franchise has been the recipient of various awards that mark its status as a leading flooring provider. The awarding bodies that have recognised the company include the Scottish Home Improvement Awards, Scotland’s biggest yearly industry trade event, which last year acknowledged more than 1,000 businesses, and Ulster Tatler, which holds its annual award ceremony every September to promote Northern Ireland’s best talent.

Ulster Tatler hosts over 400 businesspeople and local celebrities for a drinks reception, four-course meal, awards ceremony and after-show party. The Wooden Floor Store was a winner at the Scottish Home Improvement Awards in 2015 and a finalist and winner at the Ulster Tatler Awards in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

5. Testimonials from existing franchisees and the co-founders

Cajetan Kii, the franchise owner of the Fulham location praises the Wooden Floor Store: “Richard and Ross just have so much energy and passion. I wanted to buy into someone else’s business because they’d done it before... with Richard and Ross, not only had they done it before, but wood flooring was their life and their passion. Their passion meant everything, it’s exactly what I was looking for. If someone doesn’t have passion for their own business, then why should I? Infectious is the word I’d use to describe it. The support has been amazing.”

But who are Richard and Ross? These two ambitious entrepreneurs co-founded the franchise and developed the business without having to borrow to finance its expansion. The two childhood friends were dedicated to building the brand with solid foundations and therefore over the 20 years made sure to do things properly and not cut corners. This is supported by a quote from Richard:

“We don’t rush, we do things properly and always establish solid foundations before pushing forwards. We have complete supply chain ownership from the forest to the floor, because sustainability matters to us. And we have a solid business model to share that can deliver you very healthy returns.”

Ross draws on how being a successful franchise owner really has the potential to transform your life:

“We want successful franchisees to enjoy the same lifestyles that we do. We are all family people who work hard and play hard, enjoying the rewards of our efforts. Everyone has dreams, whether taking control of their time, building a business empire or enjoying nice holidays, cars and the rest!”

You can franchise with The Wooden Floor Store

The flooring brand is looking for franchisees to expand the business across the UK. The Wooden Floor Store is right behind its franchisees and provides guidance to ensure that any new franchises are a success.

Those who choose to invest in the business will gain a number of benefits. These include the right to use the brand names, trademarks and products, access to the company training scheme and support with site selection, fit-out, launch and web presence.

You and your team of employees will also receive training in all aspects of the business and you will be provided with a business launch package. This is on top of extensive marketing and branding support, a localised and managed website and shop fitting advice.

The total investment needed for the fit-out and launch of your very own Wooden Floor Store location is around £80,000. However, due to the brand having established solid relationships with lenders, you will only need £40,000 in liquid capital.

Investors interested in joining The Wooden Floor Store should send their CV and a cover letter to with the subject title 'Franchise', and provide details of their chosen location and why they are the right person to launch and run a successful franchise branch of The Wooden Floor Store. Or you can visit its client page here.

Wooden Floor Store - the perfect franchise opportunity for me?

Investing in a franchise is a big decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. If these five reasons have tempted you to learn more about the Wooden Floor Store franchise opportunity, click here. We have many more interior decorating franchise opportunities for you to choose from, including window blinds retailer Apollo Blinds, repair franchise Surface Medic and design and renovation franchise Refresh. In our franchise directory, we have opportunities to suit every investment level, including under £10,000 and over £200,000.

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