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Found in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, énergie Fitness is a recognisable chain of gyms that stretches around the world. The business utilises the franchise model for national and international expansion and prioritises the customer experience above everything else. énergie Fitness ensures that its branches represent a local alternative to the many intimidating gyms found across the country. Regardless of whether they are a complete beginner, infrequent visitor or a fitness fanatic, each visitor receives a warm welcome from friendly staff and can rely on excellent customer service throughout their visit.

énergie fitness boasts first-class fitness equipment in every single one of their gyms. Customers can benefit from cardio machines, strength equipment and fun classes which will keep attendees motivated. State-of-the-art facilities include swimming pools, spin studios, steam rooms and saunas and refreshment spaces. Furthermore, a number of wellness facilities serve to boost gymgoers’ wellbeing, while qualified personal trainers are on hand to perfect gymgoers’ techniques and provide vital support.

Members of énergie Fitness gyms can record their achievements with the gym’s dedicated app, which can also be used to establish fitness goals and find class schedules, énergie Fitness challenges and exclusive member deals.

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énergie Fitness could be a lucrative business opportunity if you’re looking to get involved in the fitness sector. Here are five things you may not know about the gym franchise:

1. Its status as a fitness business means that it is stable. Businesses in the fitness industry are always in demand, as they are not subject to consumer trends. énergie Fitness states that the industry has grown over the last seven years to be worth just under £5 billion today. In fact, the fitness industry makes up 38 percent of the entire private sector. Also, once a solid customer base has been established, regular income can be expected, as most members will pay for use of the gym services with a monthly direct debit.

2. Franchisees are in very safe hands. énergie Fitness has over 15 years of experience and operates more than 100 gyms across Europe. As a result, prospective franchisees can feel safe in the knowledge that the brand has all the know-how and expertise to support them throughout their franchising journey – you don’t even need an interest in health and fitness to open an énergie Fitness gym. Firstly, the franchise provides an exhaustive, 3-day training package, which briefs new recruits on every aspect of the gym business through the énergie Basic Management Course (EBMC). Next, an in-house property acquisition team will help with site selection, lease negotiations and fit-out.

Existing relationships with industry-leading suppliers ensure franchisees’ access to high-quality equipment, signage and marketing materials. What’s more, because of énergie Fitness’ reputation and national promotional activity, franchisees can expect to launch their gym with an already-established customer base of over 1,000 paying members. Famously, énergie Fitness Ipswich opened with 2,300 members – a record for the brand. Once the new franchise is up and running, the gym’s award-winning support team will be close at hand to provide helpful advice and guidance on key areas such as marketing. The future of the branch is in safe hands, as énergie Fitness launches national marketing campaigns in high-profile publications, ensuring that the brand remains as recognisable and reputable as ever.

3. It is one of the best franchises out there. énergie Fitness has been ranked highly by Elite Magazine. It was listed as the second-best franchise overall in the magazine’s prestigious Top 100 UK Franchises ranking of 2019. This makes énergie Fitness the UK’s top fitness franchise, reflecting its inclusive approach to membership and focus on high-quality facilities. Therefore, investors who are looking for the right opportunity in the fitness sector should look no further than énergie Fitness for a well-thought-out and successful gym franchise.

4. There are opportunities for larger expansion. The gym franchise is building on its successful business model and maximising its potential by offering master franchise licences to investors outside of the UK. This is good news for prospective international investors and domestic investors alike, as a higher global brand awareness can only mean good things for any franchise unit. Master franchisees must be able to invest a minimum amount of £130,000 to start franchising abroad.

5. Open a franchise in Ireland with Point Franchise. énergie Fitness is actively looking for franchisees to increase its presence in Ireland by adding to the 20+ sites across the country. If you are interested in opening your own gym, you should attend a free ‘discovery day’ to find out more. Here, you can see a gym in full swing and meet the énergie Fitness Ireland team as well as existing franchisees, who will be able to answer any questions you have. The brand is on the lookout for investors with experience in business management and multi-departmental roles such as excellent mathematical aptitude and communication skills, the patience to undertake the comprehensive training scheme, an interest in supporting others and sufficient capital to make this happen.

However, the criteria for new franchisees is strict and, typically, just one percent of applicants are selected to open an énergie Fitness franchise. However, if you do pass the test, you can expect support with site selection, staff recruitment, sales and general operations. In order to open the franchise, a minimum investment of £140,000 is required, along with franchise fees of £30,000. The proven business model of énergie Fitness gyms means that franchisees who follow it can expect to see a revenue of £340,000 after just two years.


As the fitness industry continues to grow as a result of increasing consumer interest in physical and mental wellbeing, investment in a fitness franchise is sure to bring positive outcomes if done well. énergie Fitness is one of the most well-regarded gym franchises in the UK, so adherence to its business model should allow investors to benefit from the brand’s perfected strategies and sustain profitability in the long-run.

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