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BT Local Business helps companies of all sizes to find the right kind of communication for them. Whether it be a small start-up or a household name, BT has a solution for all businesses that want to improve the way they interact with clients, colleagues and customers.

BT Local Business stands side by side with thousands of UK-based local companies. Whether youíre an antiques dealer in Shropshire or an electrician in Cornwall, BT can assist you in streamlining your business to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

By combining local knowledge with national resources, BT Local Business prides itself on offering an unbeatable service. If you need help with your broadband, mobile or network systems, BT has a range of products that can boost the performance of your business.

What is BT Local Business?

BT Local Business is a communications service that helps local companies to stay digitally open. BT Local Business is a network of local franchises that are each responsible for their own area. There are currently 34 operating across the country, covering all major cities and rural territories like Devon, Cornwall and Cumbria.

Each BT Local Business franchise is run by a team of 20+ employees. These technology advisors work with local businesses to boost their productivity by bringing their communication systems into the 21st century.

Each BT Local Business is run by a Local Business Director. They are responsible for directing their team and ensuring that the BT standard of service is being upheld across their territory. In rural areas, their work is essential in helping businesses off the beaten track to gain a sturdy internet connection.

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But BT Local Business also has solutions for SMEs and corporations based in urban areas to take their business to the next level. Its conferencing technology, for instance, helps companies to seamlessly communicate with clients and wrap up important business deals.

Alongside its range of technological services, BT Local Business can also connect companies with ISDN to make sure that they can take voice and video calls with clients across the world without any interruptions. This is the technology that is behind many intelligent tills in shops, and is a lifeline for businesses operating in areas with patchy broadband coverage.

5 Things You Didnít Know

1) BT has been rated as the worldís #1 network provider. On the consumer review site, Gartner, BT has held the title of the most highly-rated worldwide network provider for the last 11 years in a row. That places BT above the competition, which is led by huge telecommunications corporations like AT&T and Orange. As this is an accolade that comes directly from reviews of customers themselves, other consumers can be confident that BT really does a service that is better than the rest.

2) BT Local Business has a huge customer base. This is a company that caters to a market of over a million businesses. This is a market worth £20 billion, which all partners can make the most out of with uncapped commission. Each BT Local Business on average has a customer base of over around 25,000, which offers the potential to generate over £1-2 million of turnover. When everyone uses the same technology, everyone wins. With one million businesses being connected on the same network, all clients in the UK enjoy the perks that come from using the same communications systems.

3) Customers have access to largest public Wi-Fi network in the UK. When you become a BT customer, youíll be given a log-in that will get you into any BT Wi-Fi hotspot across the country. There are over five million of them getting people online from Penzance to John Oí Groats. If youíre a small business, you are going to want your team to be as accessible as possible, regardless of where they are. Being able to connect with them while theyíre travelling the country can be the difference between winning and losing clients.

4) BT Local Business can help you to protect your data. With market-leading server solutions on offer, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with their business having a secure data system. BT helps companies to virtualise their first servers, move to private cloud data centres or find public cloud solutions. Once your chosen data system is up and running, BT can also help you to administrate it and make sure that itís being used in the best way possible. BT also holds an ISO 270001 information security accreditation, so you can be sure that the service it is providing is fully protected. Thatís important when the personal information of customers, clients and employees is on the line.

5) Franchisees donít have to come from a technology background. You donít have to have had a previous career in tech to help businesses in the local area to get online. What matters is that you have business experience that proves that can handle the demands of running your own company. Once youíre onboard, BT will provide you with the telecoms training that you will need to become an expert in your field.

BT Local Business Plymouth

Plymouth customers are served by the Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset branch of BT Local Business. Their Local Business Directors are Richard Gore and Chris Nash, two telecommunications experts that head a team of 60 local advisors. This BT Local Business franchise specialises in providing secure cloud technologies, bespoke communications systems and mobile coverage and internet that you can rely on.

Does BT Local Business Franchise?

Yes. BT Local Business is actually looking for new franchise partners here on the Point Franchise network. In return for a minimum investment of £150,000, you will have the privilege of having your own exclusive customer base that canít be accessed by other franchisees. With BTís range of cutting-edge products, you can expect to have generated revenues upwards of £1 million two years after you start your franchise.

On top of large annual turnovers, franchisees can also earn from BT Local businessí annual incentive programmes. From the scheme, you can earn up to £250,000 per programme and greatly improve your business results. If youíre interested in becoming a BT Local Business franchisee, you can find out more information here on Point Franchise.

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