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Signs are implemented for a variety of different purposes - the most obvious being to describe what something is.

There are still numerous different occasions when more traditional signs are needed, such as exterior company branding, interior wayfinding systems and livery on vehicles and trucks - which are now created using the most advanced technology and printing systems.

Many signage companies also produce an array of multipurpose digital sign systems that are increasingly in demand and have a wide customer base. An industry survey found that 84 percent of UK retailers were confident that digital signage can establish better brand awareness as it, of course, plays an important role in gaining consumer attention and, as a consequence, sales. Therefore, baring all this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the UK signage industry is valued at an impressive £1.1 billion.

There are a number of innovative uses for signage that are starting to be utilised. Digital signage can be used to reduce queuing and bottle necks at till points, along with gaining customer attention and keeping them updated. They are an incredibly versatile way of communicating messages and controlling visitor movements at events. With there being a variety of niche signage sectors - and a constant demand - the signage industry provides scope for numerous lucrative business opportunities.

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Franchise vs Independent Start-up Route

Like with any new business start-up, starting from scratch can be challenging. In order for your company to thrive, it is vital to make a great first impression and compete effectively for contracts.

Having the support of a well-known and respected signage franchise with an existing customer base will set you off to a great start. Using an established business model with a proven track record, you’re likely to start making profits much sooner.

Signs Express

With more than 28 years of sustained growth, Signs Express has become the largest signage company in the entirety of the UK and Ireland. And this comes down to the company being ‘proud to franchise’.

There are over 65 Signs Express centres, each providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Each local franchisee has the expertise to offer its clients the most useful and effective sign solutions, and every branch is equipped with innovate technology and staffed with knowledgeable and talented personnel who can perform the most demanding of jobs.

Services range from simple individual signs to entire sign systems, with the company accommodating the requirements of both large and small contracts.

Signs Express Grimsby

The Signs Express in North East Lincolnshire was established in 1992 and is co-directed by father and son, Ken and Matt Bevis, alongside Director, Claire Lindley. As one of the most successful franchises in the network, the sign-making centre just keeps growing and growing.

3 Things You Didn’t Know

1. Premium and Greenfield Territories

Signs Express is currently offering prime locations currently available as premium and greenfield sites, as well as a number of established businesses for sale. Premium sites are areas with over 15,000 businesses, which makes them an ideal location for a Signs Express outlet. The franchise primarily works with the B2B market that includes everything from retail to public services to commercial.

Premium territories are ready for a new Signs Express centre to open. They are premium because of the density of businesses in that area. With a larger amount of businesses in a smaller area, you eliminate much of the ‘green space’ necessary to travel to service the businesses within the territory. This, in turn, improves efficiency and stimulates higher profit margins. Existing Signs Express franchises with a similar number of businesses within their territory often turn over an impressive £1 million, illustrating how profitable these premium sites can be with the right owner. Some of the premium sites available are Bolton, Eastbourne, Luton and Perth.

On the other hand, ‘greenfields’ are areas that have never had a Signs Express Centre but have business potential. Its ‘greenfield’ territories have over 10,000 businesses, making them ideal locations for a centre. There are ‘greenfields’ available across the UK, but there is a particular demand in the South East and Midlands.

2. National Award Recognition

Signs Express’ success hasn’t gone unnoticed in the world of franchising. Most recently in 2017, it was a finalist for the BFA Franchisor of the Year and, in 2016, as Customer Service Franchisee of the Year finalists.

3. Signs Express Head Office

The company has a franchise support centre based in Norwich, Norfolk and a team of industry professionals who provide ongoing support and expertise to the brand’s franchise network. The franchise support centre is led by a board of directors, who each boast their own unique skillset and experience. Managing director, Jonathan Bean, has worked for Signs Express for over 13 years, having previously overseen the financial aspects of the franchise as a finance director. He has experience in the bucket loads, which makes him an invaluable asset to the franchise.

There is also the network development director, Aaron Davis, who became part of the business in 2017 from Accenture Marketing and who works together with Johnathan Bean to make sure the company is constantly building on its strong legacy to achieve their vision.

They are supported by three further non-executive directors; chairman, Carl Fisher; specialist consultant IT director, Mark Poole; and marketing specialist, Mark Harvey.

The Franchise Package

If you’re looking to invest in a franchise with high rewards in a fun and rewarding sector with all the benefits of a brand with an established customer base, then look no further than Signs Express. The rewards for franchisees are incredibly high; a recent survey by the British Signs & Graphics Association found that a Signs Express franchise achieves, on average, a 47 percent higher turnover than the industry standard.

The business is eager to give franchisees the best possible start so promises to invest its entire franchise fee and a further £10,000 directly back in all new business’ start-up costs, saving you a massive £30,000 on your investment.

The franchise capital requirement is between £40,000 and £45,000 and the total requirement is £115,000.

Signs Express Plus

This is a locally-owned and operated sign shop in Stephenville, Texas.

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