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Avant Healthcare provides quality care and support services to people of all ages both at home and in care environments.

Avant Healthcare

Avant currently provides its services in Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow in London, as well as Manchester and Worcester. It provides a flexible and varied care service that can be temporary or permanent and range from a 15-minute visit to a live-in service.

We can all appreciate that when weíre in need of care we would rather stay in our homes for as long as possible. This belief is shared by Avant, which has many talented and compassionate care professionals in its books to help make this a reality for many individuals in need of care and support.

The care franchise works alongside numerous organisations and charities to make sure it always provides exceptional care for people with mental health problems, dementia, Parkinsonís, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, brain injuries, spinal injuries, motor neurone disease and other conditions. It also cares for people who have had stokes and provides palliative care.

What are Avantís values?

There are five values that are at the centre of everything that Avant does: Aspirational, Virtue, Accountability, Nurturing and Trustworthy. Working through each respectively, Avant firstly strives to provide a remarkable quality of care to each and every individual. Secondly, in every process it operates with moral excellence. As a brand it is trustworthy and takes responsibility of and learns from every mistake made. It is always compassionate and caring with every person. And lastly, everything it does is done with the upmost honesty and transparency.

Avantís Team

To make sure that Avant maintains its pristine reputation and abides by its values, it only hires employees who are passionate about the brand and providing the best possible care. For this reason, to work for Avant, you need to be caring by nature, honest and willing to learn. You need to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve, be eager to develop your own skills and genuinely want to make peopleís lives more enjoyable.

On top of this, all employees have been DBS checked, reference checked and had their employment history checked. They are then trained to an impeccable standard.

3 Things You Didnít Know About Avant Healthcare

1. Where it all began

The company was launched with an aim of providing care services that are not only high quality, but also sustainable. Avant Healthcare is the brainchild of Sally Graham, who has a wealth of experience under her belt in the care sector.

She started her first business back in 1996 as a franchisee and, having seen great success, was running a multi-site operation across nine locations in no time.

Almost ten years ago, she sold her business to one of the biggest home care companies in the UK and set her sights on her own venture. She worked alongside Deepa Dungar, the Operations Manager, and a shareholder in the project. They had worked together for eight years and Deepaís role in the previous business was instrumental in its success.

2. Quality pledge to staff and customers

Avant personally introduces its customers to their care and support worker that has been carefully chosen to meet their needs. Customers or their loved ones will then get to meet with a member of the Avant team and create a personalised support plan. There is a strong support network around every customer and their family: your field-based manager, service manager and care and support workers.

Avant vows to match care and support workers with customers who are in close proximity, to reduce the amount of travelling that needs to take place for each visit. Not only does this reduce CO2 emissions and help the environment, but it also makes life easier for the staff.

There is also a call logging system in place so Avant can manage its customersí services efficiently and reliably. And to ensure that services and systems are constantly evolving and improving, Avant continually invests money back into the business for these purposes.

3. How Avant can help

Avant provides its services 24/7, including bank holidays, so customers can rely on the brand to be there when they need it most. There is also an Ďout of hoursí service and a Ďshort noticeí service.

Avant can help with all aspects of day-to-day life. From the minute you wake up, you can get help with showering, eating breakfast, taking medication and looking after your pet. Then, at lunch, its care and support workers can either make your food for you or help you. In the afternoon, you can get some fresh hair and head to the theatre.

Then in the evening, similar to breakfast, you can get assistance with tea, washing, taking medication and ensuring the house is safe and secure. Whatever you need and want, Avant can help, and thatís what the specialised planning process is for. So, whether youíre after live-in care, sleep-in nights, companionship, housekeeping, palliative care or specialist care, Avant can provide it all.

If youíre keen to be part of a brand that truly makes a difference and is led by a highly experienced and knowledgeable Care and Support Team and Management Team, why not start your own Avant franchise?

Avant Franchise Opportunity

When you become an Avant franchisee, you can look forward to an initial training course that covers everything from the business set up, the launch day, the expansion of the brand and managing your team.

Even when youíre up and running, you will receive constant support and coaching to make sure youíre confident with the operations and are up to date with any developments in the business model. You will also attend conferences where you can mingle and share experiences with other franchisees.

To invest in this franchise, you need to make a minimum investment of £35,000. To get more information about the opportunity, visit its client page here.

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